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Did you know that the future predicted in Back to the Future 2 took place in 2015? Its true and now we can all be disappointed we don’t have flying cars or hoverboards.  But that is not the point of this post.  If you have paid attention to Facebook at all the past week, then you know Facebook is pumping out these “Year in Review” slideshows where an algorithm predicts what you want highlighted from your year. It apparently does so by examining likes, shares, and other Facebook data to determine what was most important. In fact, there was one tragic case highlighted in the news where the algorithm actually highlighted the death of a man’s daughter as an event worth celebrating. Now, it wasn’t a callous move by Facebook, just the type of error that occurs when we let others do the thinking for us. You see, more than I believe in my ability to write, I believe in the ability of my readers to think. The prize is not my word, but your thoughts. So with that being said, let us all jump in and ponder this Future without Precedent that awaits us all.

It’s All Made Up

Consider all that has taken place this past year both in the world and in your personal life. How much of it was actually anticipated on December 31st, 2013. You see, on that date in 2013, I only had 2 kids with not much anticipation I would have a 3rd. Then, within the same year, a son was both conceived and born before the year was out. Now here I am with 3 kids and life will never be the same. Now I can say with near certainty that 2015 will not hold the same for me as in full disclosure, I fully plan to get a little snip snip medical procedure to take the zippidy out of my doo dah. But I’ll write about that in a blog when it happens.

So what gets you excited about this New Year? Are you the operator of an emerging business ready to break through? If so, how much greatness are you willing to grant yourself this New Year as you pursue a future without precedent? Are you a Veteran non-profit seeking to save the lives of your brothers before tragedy befalls them? If so, how much greatness are you willing to grant to those you seek to save as you help them pursue a future without precedent? Consider the following. For all the talk about what you will do in the New Year over the next 365 days, consider what can be accomplished in 90 days. It takes about 90 days for a 17 year old kid to be transformed into a United States Marine and join the world’s elite fighting force. Granted, he is still a stupid boot at 90 days, but give them a little time get used to their new skin. 90 days people.

Boot camp 90 days

I take a lot of these thoughts from a book entitled, “The Art of Possibility” by Rosamund and Ben Zander. In the book, they promote the premise that most of what we are chasing in life is all made up anyway. And if it’s all made up, why not make up our own course. That’s right, its all as made up as that Facebook algorithm telling you how your year went. So why let something so arbitrary define you? Are you going to live this next year to just wait and see if the Facebook algorithm tells you this year was a good one? Or, are you going to shed the made up realities others are trying to put on you and pursue a future without precedent? There is no greater enemy to our greatness that the abdication of our independent thought to others. But that is all the motto for this article. Go ahead and make up your mind about it whether this year holds that future for you.

Lies and More Lies

Ok, so the world also brought about some unanticipated events as well. First of all, what happened to Ebola Nurse? You remember her as Kaci Hickox, the nurse who returned from Africa and refused to be quarantined. My article Ebola Nurse: The Most Selfish Hero You Will Ever Meet was a huge hit getting viewed over 16,000 times. I had some great follow up material on her, but then she just kind of disappeared. Thanks a lot Kaci, we could have be great together on this blog. But honestly, weren’t we supposed to be vomiting all over each other in a rage of Ebola by now? I wonder what next year’s panic will be?

Now as far as next year goes, I don’t know what President Obama will do, but I know that people will hate it.  However, I am taking names and making a list of every pundit and person who said Obama was going to take over America. You know, the ones who said he was going to use the current racial strife to disband the constitution or perhaps confiscate every gun in America and establish a caliphate. Professional pundits made these explicit claims. No middle ground.  Well here is the thing, if Obama goes quietly into the night without making himself a dictator, then no one should listen to these pundits ever again. Take names and bookmark what they have said so you remember who they are.  Again, fight for your own independent thought. Obama will no longer be President in just two years and all the worst rhetoric about him will prove to simply be just a lie. Hate his policies all you like, but don’t discredit yourself by repeating those same conspiracies. We will know for certain soon and if he is going to take over America he needs to get started in 2015.

Place Your Bets

Lastly, let’s ponder a few items and take odds? In 2014, ISIS overran Mosul. Who thinks the Kurds take it back in 2015? Any bets on whether or not the leader of ISIS comes out hiding long enough to meet his doom? Will Russia invade another country to distract from its collapsing economy?  Will General Mattis run for President?  We can only hope as the stats for this blog someone Googles General Mattis for President every single day.  I don’t know, but 2015 will bring with it all the new and exciting news that will be covered here on Unprecedented Mediocrity.

independent thought

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