Trump Skips Debate for Veterans

Typically, I would associate any opportunity to raise awareness and funds for Veterans issues to be a positive unless you are Donald Trump with a fishing rod dangling a dollar in front of Veterans like in a Geico Commercial.  Oh, I got you a dollar, you almost got it now dance Veterans dance.  Well, I might be known to dance from time to time, but only after a healthy amount of liquid rhythm and I simply have not had enough of the good stuff today to stomach Trump patronizing my fellow Veterans. Rather than attend the Fox Presidential Debate on Thursday because he has a problem with Meghan Kelly, Donald Trump announced that he will instead hold an alternative event to raise money for Veterans because he apparently thinks we value a dollar more than our self-respect.  Sorry Mr. Trump, You Can’t Buy this Veteran’s Vote and I’m hoping my fellow Vets join me.

The Patronizing of a Generation

I already told you last week what I thought of Sarah Palin and her PTSD claims.  I said she made a whore out of Veterans, but I am starting to think that the person who wrote “Call a Veteran for a Good Time” on the bathroom wall was Donald Trump himself.  I am no fan of the Trump for reasons unrelated to my Veterans status and if you are a supporter of Trump for reasons unrelated to your Veteran status I can actually respect that.  You like who you like, this is America and that’s Democracy in action.  Personally, I’m about ready to write in Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Trump on Veterans debate

But I want a Veteran to look me in the eye and tell me that Trump’s alternative debate day event is motivated by his love and concern for us.  The guy has money, if he wants to donate to Veterans he could give a billion dollars today and not alter his lifestyle one bit.  Veterans are not going anywhere, so do the debate on Thursday and then hit us up on Friday, we’ll be here.  The simple fact is that he is fleeing the debate on Fox to avoid any missteps before next week’s vote in Iowa and when you do something controversial you need an alibi.  Perhaps that is good politics, I don’t know.  But please don’t call up Veterans for a good time and make us America’s political whores because the word is getting out.

Everybody Wants a Little Action

If that were not bad enough, apparently the other campaigns have heard we are up for a good time and they are starting to ring us up now.  The super PACs supporting Ted Cruz have now offered Veteran’s groups $1.5 million dollars if Trump will agree to a one on one debate with Cruz.  Carly Fiorina offered to donate $2 million to Veteran’s groups if she is included in the debate.  And while that might seem like a lot of money that can do a lot of good, they are making Veterans play the fool and it is totally unrighteous.  These politicians statements are about as close to buying a vote as you get.  Because it would appear the below image is what politicians think of Veterans.

Trump skips Fox debate


My hats off to Paul Rieckhoff of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America foundation for saying he will refuse any money that comes from these political stunts.  And since I’m pretty sure the Wounded Warrior Project will take the money, I am glad there is, at least, one organization supporting Veterans who won’t ask us to take one for the team and go spend 30 minutes in a seedy hotel with Trump, Cruz, or Fiorina.  I know all politicians do it to some degree, but there does come a point where it is just laughably insulting.  Before I was a Marine Veteran I was a man and last time I checked, I am still a man.

Veterans Think About Stuff Too

In fact, this blog is subtitled “A Blog About Stuff” and I don’t bill myself as exclusively a Veteran’s blog.  It is obviously a big part of who I am, but I write about politics, life, faith and the whole gambit of human existence.  Veterans are complex human beings not defined unilaterally by our service.  We think, love, laugh, and have passions that can not be bought.  It is fantastically insulting to waive a dollar in our face and ask us to dance for a billionaire.  I would have more respect for myself if I literally dressed up in studded leather and literally danced for a billionaire than I would if I offered my unequivocal political support for Trump because he “raised money for the veterans.”  I could actually use the money if there are any billionaires out there who fancy a literal dance, but metaphorical dance you can count me out sir.

The truth is Veterans issues are never going to be treated seriously until we assure politicians we are not a one-trick pony.  You will respect the sum of our being and not just the part that gets you applause on stage because of service.  I eat because I’m hungry, I drink because I thirst, and I think because I am a man, not a Veteran.  Having served is the silver lining to my humanity not the sum of it.  Stop pandering to Veterans by saying you are going to take care of us and talk about foreign policy and the economy because we understand big words too you know.

Trump skips debate for Veterans

Just stop it politicians, please just stop it. I’m not pissed or angy as it is really just laughable at this point.  More money isn’t necessarily what Veterans need, but we do like to look at ourselves in the mirror with respect.  You want to help a Veteran, don’t stuff money in our panties, give us a job and get out of the way.  I don’t really wear panties, that was a metaphor.  But if I did, they don’t drop for a dollar and I would encourage my fellow Veterans who may or may not support Trump to pull them up and command a little respect from Trump, Cruz, Fiorina and any other politician in need of a good time.

If You Are Looking for a non-dirty Good Time, Like the Unprecedented Mediocrity Page Below!

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5 Replies to “Sorry Mr. Trump, You Can’t Buy This Veteran’s Vote Because I Don’t Need a Dollar”

  1. Jeff,
    Good stuff! Keep it up! Some day we, Vets, are just going to have unite a little more if these oligarghing fucktardious O2 thievin candidates don’t improve.

  2. Great writing Jeff, keep it coming maybe some day these self centered SOB’s will get the idea. We as Veterans are not “For Sale” at any price. Thanks for saying what I do not have a platform for saying.
    Semper Fi

  3. As always, a great read, with a point well made! But, I want to also add a compliment. As the previous two comments noted, that was some great wrting! Jeff, you should be commended. I have been a loyal reader of the blog mostly because you always pick a great topic and one that seems to be simmering in my own mind. And, though my agreement with your opinion ranges from “Hell yeah” to “eh?” I always love that you don’t ask the reader to agree, just THINK! Again, I want to commend you on another fantastic article and for representing veterans so well. lately I keep thinking that this approach, a veterans take on life and world events should be a magazine. I’m thinking the Unprecedented Mediocrity magazine has a nice ring to it…

  4. While I can see your point, I’m not sure that I totally agree with your opinion that Trump is whoring veterans out. As a person who lives in Iowa, I am past tired of the politics, and don’t like any of the choices. I think you hit it on the head, that Trump’s alternate media event was a political move to prevent any missteps and avoid being the target for the others in the debate. In that regard it was a smart tactical maneuver, that can be appreciated by any military person. However, how did veterans become whores just because someone starts a fundraiser with less than pure motives. No the end does not justify the means, and yes if the fundraiser had been for “underwater basket weavers”, “homeless puppies and kittens” or something similar it would not have raised the amount of money this did. Would the national publicity(more cameras and satellite trucks than the debates) been any less, maybe, but probably not. The real story was Trump telling Fox to go to H***, who the recipient of the “collateral damage(donation)” was, in my opinion, less important than the good that might be done with the funds. It is a sorry state of affairs that the current political capital is helping veterans, I will take this over the Vietnam era any day. As always “your mileage may vary” Thanks for challenging us to think.

  5. You should look into–founded by a vet and joining by those working to provide you and your compadres with something more than cheap Republican flag waving.

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