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You know I’m not talking about actual wolves right?  I mean I guess these 3 ways could equally apply to a literal wolf, but that is not really where I am going with this article. Rather, I am specifically talking about the ISIS call for radicalized Americans here at home to seek out our military and law enforcement personnel to murder here at home. ISIS views this as a way to intimidate our population and wreak a little havoc.  They would come over and do it themselves, but they are a little busy getting blown up right now. However, the premise of the strategy is not rested upon the damage the attack itself will do.  Rather, this is more of psychological tactic designed to drive us into our bunkers.  Consequently, I would like to offer 3 healthy ways we can respond to these threats.

1. With Reason – Here is a stat to hang your hat on.  Death will kill you till your dead from it 100% of the time that you die from it.  Its true, look it up.  However, if your sitting here reading this post tonight with a complete sense of security, I would like to dispel that notion for you.  Now I am not looking to scare you or anything or give you any sense of panic.  Rather, I am trying to simply get you to consider that there a million things more deadly than ISIS floating around America.

For to me, its hard to even call these lone wolf’s ISIS. To be honest that gives them way too much street cred.  All ISIS is doing is rattling the crazy cages in America until one falls out.  It is a horribly unfortunate thing demonstrated by the recent attack at the Canadian War Memorial, the beheading of the co-worker in Oklahoma, and perhaps the hatchet wielding guy in New York, not sure of his motivation yet.  However, it appears that this radicalization has given them the self perceived reason to jump over the edge.

Personally, I have resolved myself that the time of my death is in the hands of my creator and I fully believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ has given me true life.  Jesus himself stated in Luke 12, “I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more they can do.” You see, my soul matters while my flesh is destined for the dirt sooner or later. Consequently, I refuse to give these ISIS wannabes what I will not even grant to greater threats to my safety whether it be driving a car, flying in a plane, or shark attack.  For all 3 of those things are more likely to happen than a Lone Wolf Attack.  Sorry bad guys, but my trust rest in a higher power and you will not be listed among my fears.  Check out my article The Folly of Fearing Creation Alone.

2.   With Vigilance – While I submit that you should not respond with fear, I do believe we should all be vigilant.  If for no other reason than to make things a little harder on these guys. There are some great pieces going around the internet regarding ways military members can keep themselves safe on social media and at home.  Granted, constantly writing a blog about ISIS is not the safest thing in the world, but again, I refer you back to response number 1 for my thought on that.

However, what I really mean by vigilance is to remain vigilant to your purpose. The truth is, none of us no know on what day our ticket will be punched.  So before you hunker down in your bunker, I suggest you consider whether or not you are being your own worst threat to living a life with purpose.  So one person hears that Lone Wolves want to kill us at home and they respond with retreat.  I hear that Lone Wolves want to attack us and think that this is just one more thing that can kill us so its just one more reason to get serious about living a life that really matters.  Stay frosty, but more importantly keep vigilance over the reason you are living in the first place.

3.  With Violence – When I say with violence, what I really mean is, well, violence. No subtle meaning here. If these ISIS wannabes want to commit a violent act against one of our own, then we just need to be certain that is the last thing that they ever do in this life.  I am confident the good significantly outnumber the bad here at home.  Thus, while the nature of a surprise attack by a lone wolf means they will have some measure of immediate success, the response should be overwhelming and final.

I would have greater fear for our fellow citizens in America if the 2nd amendment were not fully intact.  However, it is and thus we have measures to defend ourselves.  We are not sheep waiting to be slaughtered. I trust my fate with my creator, but I do not trust the Government to be exactly where I need them to be when the moment strikes.  Consequently, feel emboldened.  Feel like the hunter, not the hunted.  If a Lone Wolf chooses you, with all your might strive to ensure that they chose poorly.

I am fully convinced that these are 3 healthy ways to respond.  Do not give Lone Wolves your fear.  Rather, look at it as a just another reason to live a life that matters now rather than later.  But should they come, let this act be their last.   Reason. Vigilance. Violence.

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4 Replies to “3 Healthy Ways to Respond to Lone Wolf Attacks”

  1. Dear Jeff,

    I urge all your readers, especially the ones that have not seen war up close or in person, or have not engaged in close combat, to see Fury, the new WWII movie in theaters now. You speak of violence, and that movie is unflinching in showing the level of violence in which we fought the “so-called” Good War. Aint nothing good about any war, it is about violence and murder, and bringing Hell On Earth, and destroying men’s souls and innocence, one obscene death at a time, enemy or friend. It is about the loss of dreams and lives that might have been lived. But above all it is about summing extreme violence to murder your enemy before he murders you. The former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit, Michael F. Scheuer was on Fox News today, and he said America is unwilling to bring that kind of violence to destroy ISIS. He is right, and without boots on the ground, calling in the airstrikes, making sure they are hitting the best targets, and reporting in real time BDA, we are fooling ourselves to think we are doing anything really significant against ISIS. The kind of Real violence that we are capable of, the level of violence that would crush ISIS means closing with and destroying the enemy by fire and maneuver as they taught us in the Marine Corps. Until that happens ISIS, is going to remain a threat to the region and the US. Sometimes you don’t get to choose your wars, and War comes to you whether you want to go to war or not. Ask Abe Lincoln about that. The enemy always has a vote in whether or not you are forced to go to war.

    1. I have seen the movie Fury. Great movie, highly recommend. You know at first as the ISIS business broke out, I was fairly opposed to boots on the ground. I didn’t see too much need for our men to die if the Iraqi army wasn’t willing to defend their own country. However, as this has progressed, I can’t help but think that a boots on the ground option is needed. Nothing should be off the table.

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