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Ok, viral might be a little bit of an exaggeration considering there are over 6 billion people in the world, but I’m going to stick with the self-proclaimed title.  Last night I posted the article, Its On Us Memphis, No One is Coming.  Within 12 hours of posting it had been viewed 2,000 times and is as I type this post now 24 hours later, well over 3,000 and climbing.  Again, maybe not viral by internet standards, but considering I had only gotten 4,000 in the previous 4 weeks, its viral to me.  Sure a video of a cat twerking while riding a horse would get that in an hour, but for me, not so.

I don’t think I can promise the same level of  support for every post, but follow me and lets see what we can make happen.  Never have I said anything that was simultaneously digested by 3,000 plus people at once.  So if viral is a relative term, I’ll officially declare it viral in my small little world.  However, the question is Why? Why did this post take off like none of the others.  I would like to offer 3 reasons as I see it.

1.  The Memphis Police and Memphis Fire Department are still not settled about it all.  Sure the news about blue flu and red rash have subsided, but when you have a family to support, you are frequently reminded of money that was once there and is no longer.  I don’t know about you all, but my kids have gotten used to eating every day and not just some.  Moreover, those bills that come due one month, tend to come the following as well.  So there are constant reminders of the slight given to them as they simply try to take care of their families.  The public may have moved on, but they can’t seem to forget and neither would you.  If any would like to pay off all my bills so I can see what the other half, or 1% that is, live like, feel free.  But until that happens, I will forever empathize with those struggling to do the same.

2.  The common man always wants a voice.  City Politicians can take to the microphone at their leisure and they have a certain way of dictating the conversation.  It was ultimately firefighters and policemen sharing this post and expressing what they wanted to say.  That is a liberating experience, and the more that join in, the more potent that voice gets.  In addition, I am not a police officer or fireman.  I have people close to me that are, but I am not.  I am an unprecedentedly average/mediocre guy.  So I believe there was some hope that If I get it and can express it, maybe others will as well. These heroes desire a voice and are often not afforded the opportunity to express it at will.

3.  Individuals took action.  It really was individuals who took action and shared it.  Once I typed it, my part was done.  I submitted it to the community made it work.  Never underestimate you influence as an individual.  You can share this post and others will read it simply, because it came from you, not because I typed it.  The 3,000 views I got in the past 24 hours may seem insignificant, but when I look up 2011 Memphis City Council election results, most council person’s won with a total of well under 10,000 votes.  Moreover, some council would have lost had the 3,000 that viewed my post voted for the opponent. Consider that Memphis, if a blog post can rally more support than it would take to defeat an incumbent, image what happens if we all become involved in the political process.  I myself have been previously disengaged and disillusioned with the political process, but maybe its time we wake up for a minute to remind people that individuals matter.  Just a thought.

So those are my quick 3 reasons.  I sincerely thank every reader and hope that you stay engaged.  You can like my page on facebook, follow me on twitter or even google plus.  Seriously, I didn’t even know google plus still existed, but the internet said I should open a page with my blog so I did.   However, Memphis, imagine a world of possibility.  Imagine whats possible when we engage and live each day to be a contribution.  Its not about winning and losing, its about being a contribution.  For that would be a future without precedent and a future without precedent is something Memphis desperately needs.


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