I want to be clear to all my readers that I am not an Obama basher.  I know I have made a few critiques of him here and there.  I do indeed hold our head of State accountable for the failure to bring home our jailed Marine in Mexico as evidenced by my article Unprecedented Impotence.  In addition, I was critical of his slow response to ISIS in my article, Don’t Make Me Look Stupid Obama.  However, I don’t think Obama is a tyrant or secret Muslim alien.  In my opinion, I just don’t think he has been a particularly good President. I think he has done some good things.   However, that is for history to judge.  That being said, I think his ISIS speech last night was a failure.  I am going to give you 3 personal opinion reasons why.

1.  I wanted a little more Braveheart.  Do you know what I am talking about?  I mean, last night was supposed to be a war speech.  It was the President of the United States coming on live TV to tell the world that ISIS is marked for death.  I’m not saying you had to put on face paint Obama, but delivering the Speech on a horse would have been a plus.  I mean the speech was just too technical.  To be honest, you looked annoyed that you even had to give that speech.

I am not even saying I disagree with Obama’s plan.  The plan sounds reasonable to me, but reasonable is not what the American Public was looking to hear.  I wanted to hear Obama rally America in its bloodlust for revenge.  Instead, we got bookshelf assembly instructions.  Come on Obama, surely you have seen Braveheart.  Tell us why we are fighting for freedom, or for that matter just yell Freedom really loud and long.  The public would get it and give you props for movie reference.  You missed the boat Obama.  Completely missed it.

2.  The location was boring.  I am not even sure where in the White House that was, but it didn’t serve you well.  The oval office behind a desk is where these serious speeches should be delivered.  You see the Oval Office desk says I am at work doing my business and my business is killing terrorist.  All the really good Presidential Speeches have been from behind the desk.

However, when you walk in, and give a 5 minute speech and then walk away, it doesn’t present as serious.  It says, I need to go pick up my dry cleaning, but before I do, let me tell you a few quick things about ISIS.  You give your little head nod and then walk away.  I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem serious.  Like I mentioned, you could have given it on the White House Lawn riding a horse.  Perhaps from a military base surrounded by Marines looking all serious and grim.  But no, you chose that room and hallway.  I know I could find it on google, but its not even worth that.  I want my war speeches sent from a serious environment.

3.  Obama completely missed several key moments for epic Presidential Quotes.  Think of some of the best Presidential quotes around.  I don’t think Obama has one.  That could have been your moment Obama.  But I don’t want to complain without offering solutions.  So here are a couple of key moments I think Obama missed.

Obama said a couple of times, “there will be no boots on the ground.”  Since this is or was supposed to be a war speech, let me offer this alternative.  State this next time Obama, “There will be no boots on the ground because they will be standing on the skulls of our vanquished foes.”  See the difference.  Man Obama, if you had pulled out that line, we would have quoted that one for centuries.

Lastly, I’ll offer this missed opportunity.  Obama said, “We cannot erase every trace of evil from the world.”   Of course we know that Obama, but let me offer this revision.  Obama should have stated, “We cannot erase very trace of evil from the world.  But we will start with you ISIS.  We will remove you not only from the face of the earth but it will be a crime punishable by death to even utter the name ISIS.”  Boom right there, instant quote for the ages.  That’s how you rally the country Obama.  Take notes and work these into your next speech.

So those are my thoughts.  Truth is I’m glad we are doing something and the plan seems reasonable.  All I want is little Presidential Braveheart when it comes to my war speeches.  Am I asking too much?


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One Reply to “3 Reasons Obama’s 9-11 ISIS Speech Was a Fail”

  1. Yeah Jeff, I am sick of hearing Obama sprinkle the fairy dust of “No boots on the ground” with everything he says in regards to ISIS and our military response. I know he is saying this to placate his anti-war left wing. BTW I am no War Hawk, I marched in the rain here in LA about a month i before we invaded Iraq, because I was not convinced by GWB’s WMDs as the justification to invade Iraq. That said I think we have a moral obligation to take out ISIS while at the same time, holding Qatar and Saudi Arabia responsible (and other Sunni Power centers, as well as Syria’s Bashar Al Asaad, the Butcher of Syria). After we get rid of Isis, I think we have to have a strong debate about taking out Asaad. He is also largely responsible for the rise of ISIS with his chemical weapons attacks on civilians and his indiscriminate use of Barrel Bombs. We get the Europeans to help us fund a Pay it forward Marshall plan to rebuild and stabilize Syria. While also getting the Europeans to help staff “Stabilization Forces” until the Syrian Forces get rebuilt.

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