Marine Andrew Tahmooressi

The world is looking a little rough these days.  There is much to look at and become filled with worry and dismay if all you read is the mainstream news.  I mean we have ISIS doing their thing as usual.  Reports are that they executed 50 former Iraqi Policemen this week.  Here is an idea Iraqi good guys, If ISIS comes to arrest you, you are going to die.  That would be an actual good time to pull off one of those suicide bombings for the good guys.  Die fighting or Die on your knees.  You pick which one is more appealing.  Then you have Ebola.  Ebola is in America and this crazy Doctor that rode the subway with Ebola has been outdone by the Ebola Nurse in Maine who is refusing quarantine.  I mean, does Ebola Nurse not understand that Maine has bears?   If she is out on a bike ride and gets eaten by a bear, then now we have Ebola Bears and I can honestly not think of anything more frightening than Ebola Bears.  Save us all lady, stay inside. So with all this news, I’d like to take a few minutes and give 3 Wins for the Good Guys this week.

1. Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi – He is finally home.  If you have been following the story, you know that that this Combat Veteran Marine was arrested after inadvertently entering Mexico with firearms legally registered in the US.  After spending 214 days in a Mexican Prison, he was finally released last night by order of a Mexican judge and honestly, this took about 213 days longer than it should have.

What good is American power and influence if we can’t wield it in our own backyard?  All we were asking for was for him to be released back to America.  This was an easy win for the President if he were able to exert a little pressure as this Marine had bi-partisan support.  So that only led me to the conclusion that Obama either wouldn’t or couldn’t make this happen and both are concerning to me.  I mean if transporting weapons into Mexico were such a big deal, shouldn’t Eric Holder be in a Mexican Prison right now?  The administration should have been a little more fast and furious in getting this Marine back home. However, he is home now.  So we call that a win for the good guys.

Erick Frein

2.  This Piece of Trash – Seen here in this picture from ABC news, this is Eric Frein.  We all know him as the self-proclaimed survivalist that shot two Pennsylvania State Troopers, killing Trooper Bryan Dickson. Well this guy was captured this week after a 7 week manhunt.   I don’t know this guys agenda or why exactly he did it. I just know that this State Trooper was simply serving his community when this crazy guy decided to end his life and alter his families life forever.  Eric Frein showed up with a few scrapes on his face that I am hoping were not caused by a slip and fall, but a good old fashioned, resisting arrest beat down. Making it more fitting, Eric Frein was shackled with the handcuffs from Bryan Dickson himself.

Look America.  I love freedom.  I too don’t want an overreach of authority and believe that Police and law enforcement should be checked to maintain their proper role.  However, understand this.  Its not just ISIS that can rattle the crazy cage in America to see who falls out to commit an atrocity.  When America’s own start demonizing police, referring them to as an oppressing power, and inferring that armed resistance against police is appropriate, your going to shake up some crazies like this guy.  The common law enforcement office is out there protecting us and in the end just wants to return home to their family at night.  So be careful of the words you use to stir up dissent against our local heroes.  There are always crazies waiting to jump on your words and take the life of the very men and women that would die defending you here at home. But this crazy was caught, and that’s a win for the good guys.

Unprecedented Mediocrity

3.  Unprecedented Mediocrity – Yes, I am referring to this blog.  Your very own.  I started this blog a little over 90 days ago, and thus after these 3 months have passed, I have been beyond blessed by the success.  Granted, its all relative, but in these past 90 days, I have received over 100,000 views of the blog and have more Facebook followers reading the blog than actual Facebook friends personally. Running a blog is the one time in life when you get really excited when a stranger starts following you.  Oh and also, Montell Williams favorited one of my tweets.  I assume that means I’ll be at his house for Thanksgiving or something.

However, I can’t take all the credit.  Certain news events and individuals have provided the material.  A special thanks goes out to General Mattis for being so awesome.  My article, Top 5 Reasons General Mattis Should be President, has been by far the most successful.  If you haven’t read it, click the link and lets get him on the ballot.  I’d also like to thank Michael Savage for being such a loser.  My Open Letter to Michael Savage allowed me to stick up for the Veterans that he was so quickly trashing.  Click the link to read that one as well. And lastly, I’d like to thank Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox for being so selfish and you can read the article, Ebola Nurse:  The Most Selfish Hero You Will Ever Meet for more on that.

In the end, this is a blog about stuff.  My stuff, your stuff, our stuff, but most definitely stuff.  I will continue to give Veterans a voice with this blog as that is something I am very passionate about.  My faith is important to me and that will be a constant as well.  However, I will write about all the stuff you ever wanted written about.  If anyone has a particular topic of interest, feel free to contact me in the comments or by email at . Thank you to all who have shared articles and helped spread the word.  If you are the admin of a Facebook page, sharing my page with an encouragement for your readers to like is a huge blessing.  As I build an audience, I plan to do all I can to send readers back to you.  However, individuals sharing my articles or page are just as effective.  So I would like to consider this, my 3rd win for the good guys this week.  Feel free to point out other good news that occurred this week in the comments.

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