State of the Union 2015

If the picture above creeps you out, then I am setting the mood appropriately for the State of the Union.  Truthfully, I am a fan of Government, but something creeps me out about watching the State of the Union address.  Plus some believe our Government is run by Aliens so I thought I would throw those readers a bone. Presidents of both parties are notorious for finding ways to flex the constitution to justify what they either do or do not do. Now, if I were President of the United States, the first thing I would constitutionally attempt to find my way out of would be the State of the Union address.  I am certain that the founding fathers didn’t envision modern capabilities of transportation and communications. As a result, I feel the State of the Union is fairly pointless. However, the constitution requires it and thus we will all be subject to it.  You see, as a radical centrist, I can’t help but feel dismayed at what I see. Yes, I know I have my conservative leanings, but I am confident I have political and philosophical views that would rustle the jimmies of all sides of the political spectrum.

Unprecedented Mediocrity is about me telling you where I am at and then letting your brain do the work to decide for yourself what to think about it. I mean there are plenty of sites that you can subscribe to that will do nothing but feed you an incestuous line of thinking that simply rehashes what you already thought only to have it commented on by people who think the exact same thing. Well, you can masturbate your brain just fine without me.  For me, the greatest compliment I can get on a blog is for someone to tell me that they loved my article, but they disagreed with everything they read.  You see, that means they enjoyed the writing and thought for themselves.  For me, that is the win. So let’s move on to the SOTU.

1.  It’s All a Gross Lewd Act. Ok, that might be a little harsh.  However, stick with me here.  I think the thing I hate the most about the State of the Union is the standing ovations.  America, they are not really standing in rousing support of what has been said.  Rather, they are simply doing the dance that they think the American public wants to see. Honestly, they might as well be dancing on a pole for us all as far as I am concerned.

I guess that makes the after the State of the Union responses the political lap dances where politicians break off to private interviews to give you a closer dose of the political gyrating they think you want to hear. Hear me out America, there will never be a more condescending display of partisan debauchery than the State of the Union.  However, these strippers dance for millions not singles.

2.  Liars, the Whole Lot of Them. You see, I am convinced that neither party has it completely right. It simply can’t be that one side of America has everything right and the other side has everything wrong. Consequently, I am of the firm believe that at some point during the speech, you will see half of America’s elected leadership stand up and applaud a lie. Not only a lie, but a policy bought by interest much more wealthy than you and I. Again, true of both parties.

2015 Congress

I won’t take this blog post to tell you which ones I think are lies, but rather, I will leave it up to your independent mind.  Unleash your mind. Rather than watching the speech to see what things you like, look at the very people that you support, regardless of party, and try to figure out how they are attempting deceive you at this very moment. It’s happening and you just have to ask yourself are you free in mind enough to recognize it.

3.  It’s Always About the Money. John McClain from the Die Hard series is right. It’s always about the money.  Namely, someone is coming for your money and it’s not just Government. You see, I am generally a low taxes/free market kind of guy.  I simply think it works as evidenced by history and I think there is no better system as evidenced by history.  So yes, Obama wants my money.  However, so does Wells Fargo, Chase, Pharmaceutical, and oil companies.  They each just use a different premise to get it.

Now, if you have become wealthy in this country, then bravo to you. However, it is estimated that by next year, 1% of the population will own 50% of the World’s wealth. And here is the thing, it is only going to get worse.  Why?  Because money keeps making money faster than average people can earn it. I am of the opinion that this is simply unsustainable.  Look, I am not talking about the small business owner who makes hundreds of thousands or even a million a year working hard.  I am talking about wealth.  Billions and maybe hundreds of millions, although to the elite, if you only have hundreds of millions then you are just looked at like Rodney Dangerfield from Caddyshack.

Rich People Caddyshack

4.  Wealthy People Always Win. Did you know that if you worked hard to make a few hundred thousand a year, your income is taxed at 25 to 39.6% while those with enough wealth to let their money do the work for them via investments are only taxed at 15%.  That is right.  I am nowhere near the top tax bracket, like not even close.  However, if I get a second job to support my family to move up my income, that extra wealth will be taxed higher than Mitt Romney’s money.

Meanwhile, I have debt that I pay to a bank and instead of using that extra money to build wealth for myself, it goes to pay interest to a bank invested in by wealthy people. So whereas I don’t know the solution, I know that my second job income shouldn’t be taxed higher than rich people’s investments. Capitalism is amazing.  I love it.  However, the sad truth about the current state is that wealthy people win when middle class people borrow money.  Am I the only one with any debt out there?  I say we really stick it to the rich people and let us all pursue a debt free lifestyle.  Or if you are rich and want to pay off my debts, I’ll take that too.

So all that to say, please don’t watch the State of the Union with your Republican and Democrat eyes.  Rather, look at it with skepticism and honesty.  If you are a Republican and Obama says something you like, I won’t force you to admit it.  You have my permission to go into your closet and say it out loud first so no one hears you.  Democrats, just because John Boehner stands up to applaud it doesn’t mean it’s evil. Lastly, if you come away from this experience with an even more partisan view than before, then might I suggest you burn those clothes you are wearing because the Elephant and Donkey just gave you the grossest lap dance of your lifetime.

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  1. I feel like it’s a divide and conquer technique between the middle class and the poor. Essentially, we all have the same interests, aside from the 1%. This divide is created as a distraction, ie- welfare, Medicare/Cade, etc., so that the legislators and the people that help nudge these legislators into more advantageous rules create a landscape for more and more wealth accrual.

    While all this is going on under our noses, we’re too busy complaining about food stamps and reality television. And people seem to miss the billions changing hands and the rich getting richer.

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