This topic was a topic of request from one of the share contest winners, but truthfully it was a topic I wanted to address anyway.  Namely, Gun ownership in America.  This is a picture from the epic movie Red Dawn, a classic case for gun ownership in my mind.  It pains me that when searching for images the 2012 remake even comes up.  It should be banned from google and not allowed to share the same name as this 80’s masterpiece.  I want to be clear that I am not a gun enthusiast who owns an entire arsenal, nor am I an Obama conspiracy theorist who believes Obama wants all my guns, and lastly I am equally not a violent person.  However, I do own a gun, I do believe that citizen gun ownership has a role to play in the limits of government, and I do believe that persons must be ready to visit violence upon those who would bring violence to our doorsteps.  Not getting in to how many, or what kind, just that you should.  So lets jump in.

1.  By most estimates, there are over 300 million guns in America.  That’s it.  That’s reason number one.  There are 300 million guns in America and you don’t have one of them.  That should be reason enough to arm up.

2.  Home defense is easier with a gun.  There is not anyone out there who is against home defense.  No one, save the hooligans that is. But if you were to take a poll and ask do you support the idea of a person defending their home and family, I feel like its a high 90 plus percent in favor.  If one of the above 300 million guns finds its way in the hands of an intruder, I promise you that things are a little easier when you can shoot back.  However, they don’t even have to have a gun.  The could simply be better at fighting than you.  With their hands, knife, bow staff, whatever.  If they are better, then your home is at risk and so is your family.  Go back and check out my article Prepping for the Mediocre Apocalypse for some more thoughts on this.  I am not saying that a gun would stop an entire platoon of assassin ninjas if they wanted to get me.  I’m just saying a gun ensures things end poorly for ninjas 1 and 2.

3.  It facilitates the mutual defense of our communities.  The Police, FBI, SWAT, and even the National Guard will cover 90% of the threats to law and order in society as far as I’m concerned.  However, they have been proven to not be 100% effective.  Think the LA riots of the 90’s, Hurricane Katrina, and even the some of the recent Ferguson protest.  They couldn’t be everywhere.  Its just not possible. Let me step out on a soapbox for a second and say that as a Marine, I always laugh a little at the premise that the National Guard is a big deal.  Sorry, just known too many of them.  Moving on.  I believe there are more good average citizens than bad in America.  So an armed public allows the good to band up and meet any security threat with equal or greater force than the bad. It is also true of any Foreign threat as well.  If Canada wants to bring their niceness, cleanliness, and generally pleasant living down south, well, we are ready for them.  Truthfully, an invasion and occupation of America just is not feasible due to private citizen gun ownership.  Again, you can see my open letter to ISIS for more thoughts.

4.  The mere presence of high levels of citizen gun ownership does mean the government has limits.  Don’t get too excited here as I mentioned earlier, I am not a conspiracy theorist.  When Obama goes to the bathroom, I don’t think he is secretly filling a death ray to trample our rights.  He probably just had to go pee. But Obama aside, massive gun ownership means there is a limit to which the government can impose on the citizenry. I am not one of those who thinks we need to be able to topple the government if its getting to uppity.  There is no going back from that.  America almost didn’t make it when it was just 13 states to  bring into the told.  If the American government falls, there is no going back.  End of the world as we know.  However, it does mean that government cannot with any ease, physically impose something on the public like say, taking all the guns away.  Guns are here to stay.  If the government tries to take said guns away, said guns will have a response back.  Again, not here to overthrow the Government in my mind.  Just here to provide a limitation as far as I am concerned.

So those are my 4 mediocre reasons.  There are many more who could expound upon each premise further.  However, this is Unprecedented Mediocrity, not Guns and Ammo.  Bottom line, guns are here to stay in America.  So you might as well have one.  I invite you to comment on the specific reason you own a gun.

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  1. I always get a chuckle when people say the marine reserves are a big deal, sorry I’ve just known too many of them. But great article!

      1. Good fun, being a Nat Guard guy im used to the digs too, I appreciate your 0311 service! And this is my new favorite blog

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