Perhaps that title is a little bit of a misnomer as I have already in fact #FeltTheJohnson via mail in ballot, but noting would have changed that outcome.  Far back in the primaries I pleaded via this blog for the conservative party to nominate anyone other than Donald Trump and they would have my vote.  The voters spoke and I respectfully went looking for another candidate.  I turned to look at the Democratic ticket only to find out the Dems have literally nominated the female version of Lex Luther.  Clearly this was a place I could not rest my head.  I prayed that General James Mattis would be visited a time traveler from the future letting Mad Dog know he was our only hope.  However, the general’s perimeter defense was too strong and I can only assume the man from the future was knife handed to death before speaking.  So that left me with the quirky pot-smoking popular two-term Governor of New Mexico.  And more than thinking to myself, why not, I finally found my clear constitutional duty in this election season.  5% is why I’m voting for Gary Johnson and you should too.

Here’s What I Mean

If you live in Florida, Ohio, or North Carolina then you should definitely vote for Donald Trump if you want the man to be President.  There really isn’t a case for anything else and you could say the same thing of Clinton supporters in those states.  So I’m really not talking to you as there is not much I could say that would honestly get you to listen to me.  So you are hear by excused while I keep the rest of America in detention to hear me talk.  You see, I live in Washington State now where the election map looks something a lot like this.


Before you think that encouraging for conservatives, let me remind you that the blue area is home to millions of coffee drinking, tree hugging, social justice warrior, safe space loving hippies via Seattle.  And they dominate state politics.  Never mind that I live in a portion of the state that more resembles Montana, my electoral votes will be heading to Clinton no matter what.  On the other hand, my former state of Tennessee couldn’t be more different.   Trump will win the state by double digits and the dude could literally eat a baby on live TV and still win in Tennessee.  So what’s an honest person to do if you know your vote for President will not sway the outcome?  You double down on the future my friends and vote with the 5%


Why 3% When You Can 5%?

Often used as a rallying cry for the regularly misguided patriot movement, it is said that only 3% of Americans overthrew the British.  Partially true in that only that amount fought, but they were supported by at least a third or more of the general colonial population.  And while I consider myself a Patriot as any, you’ll not find my hand on my musket as a result of this election.  You will, however, find my hand on the ballot that can bring about a true revolution to the tyranny of the two party system and there are bi-partisan reasons for all to support it.



You see, if the Libertarian Party were to reach 5% in the General Election they will achieve major party status in America making them eligible for federal funding in the future.  And how is that a bad thing for any American of any political stripe?  Imagine a world where a guy like Ron Paul had a serious shot at the Presidency.  The only thing keeping half the voters in the camp of either Clinton or Trump is fear of the other.  So I ask again, how is doubling down on a future choice a bad thing?  You can run up the scoreboard for the losing candidate in your state if you want, but it wouldn’t it be better to cast a vote that mattered?  Yes, I intentionally said “vote that mattered” so stick with me to find out the irony.

Come Join the 5 Percenters

If you live in a state dominated by the opposition party and not in play during this election, then I am pleading with you to help me get Gary Johnson to 5%.  You lose nothing, but we all just might gain everything.  Think of it as being really nice the homely looking girl in Junior High because you are pretty sure she is going to be a hottie in High School.  Seriously to all my Junior High readers out there that is a really solid strategy.  The girl no one talks to now is going to be smoking hot in the future and you better get in on that early.  You’re welcome for the life lesson kids.


But this strategy is more than applicable to pre-pubescent hormones and actually brilliantly applicable to the survival of American Liberty.  No one likes the candidates we have put forth my friends and this truly is political rock bottom.  We are being pandered by each camp telling us to cast a vote that “matters” when in reality there is only one vote that “matters” for non-swing state voters in the minority.  A vote for Trump in Washington and California will literally do nothing for your candidate or America.  A vote for Clinton in Tennessee or Mississippi will literally do nothing for your candidate or America.  If you want to vote for either out of principal I’ll not ask you to abandon that.  But if you are voting out of fear might I encourage you to inexplicable resolve that 5% can actually change the future of American Liberty.

Stop telling me to put down my principles and vote for someone that matters, because I am doing that.  No candidate gets extra points for running up the score my friends as it’s 270 or bust. Nothing else “matters”, or at least that was the case until Johnson gave third party politics a 5% hope.  A vote for Gary Johnson is not a vote for the man himself, but the national conscience screaming that we want another choice.  We will survive Trump or Clinton my friends, but we cannot survive the two party much longer as they continue to produce Clinton’s and Trumps.  Come join the 5% percenters my friends.  If you are in a swing state then do as you must, but if you are politically out place like me in WA State then perhaps we cast the vote that may create a place for us all in the future.  I Felt a Johnson and I liked it.  I know Gary Jonhson seems like an odd bird right now, but give the Libertarian Party a few years of political puberty to develop some uhm assets, and you might just find your self walking down the isle with the Prom Queen. 5% my friends, 5%.

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7 Replies to “5% is Why I’m Voting for Gary Johnson and You Should Too”

  1. Once again, Friendly greetings Jeff from the other side of the pond.
    I’ve said before, as a Brit, the machinations of your electoral process leaves me bewildered, as well as baffled. One thing I do know is, that whatever the outcome of the most fucked up, and important election in my lifetime ( I’m saying this as a patriotic Englishman ), the rest of the right thinking world is going to hold the present US electorate to account for whatever shitstorm results from the end result.
    I’m not a Trump fan by any means, but, if I had the choice, which I don’t, and had to choose between the two main candidates, I’d rather chew my own foot, leg, arm or any other extremty off than vote for H.R.Clinton. It’s a constant bafflement to me, and probably many millions of people around the World how on earth your DNC, justified selecting H.R.Clinton as the Presidential Democratic Candidate, let alone how many millions of American citizens can even contemplate voting for her. I mean, irrespective of how many women Trump is allegedly meant to have ” disrespected “, how many women has the Saudi regime that has donated to the Clinton Foundation disresprected?

    1. I’m with you in many regards. This is Jeff from UM by the way, just having some login issues here on this side of the pond.

      For me as an American it’s really put me into quite the connundrum. If you can remember the 1980’s movie War Games regarding a Super Computer and Nuclear War between Soviet Union and America, it came to the conclusion that the only winning move was “not to play.”

      That’s how I feel about this election. I just can’t go with one or the other and I feel our odds, be the long or short, are better left set with the possibility of the possible. It’s the Art of Hope perhaps, but when you hit political rock bottom what choice do we Americans have.

  2. Love this article. I too am a Washington State voter for Johnson, and wrote a very similar statement on my Facebook wall. However, upon research the cumbersome FEC regulations surrounding the 5%, I discovered two reality checks (please correct me if I’m wrong).

    1: Gaining 5–25% merits “minor party” status, while anything above that is considered “major party”.

    2: Doing the math (not my strong suit), it appears that 5% of the popular vote would only garner $2M and change, is that right?

    Still, worth it.

    Here’s a link to the FEC page:

    1. That might be true, and there’s actually a pretty spirited discussion to be had if the libertarian party can take government election money and not be slammed as hypocrisy, despite the fact the money is all donated via a check box on yiur tax form.

      The other important thing 5% gets is automatic ballot access in all fifty states.

  3. I like this line of thinking as I’ve told everyone I know who was going to vote for Bernie . If there
    ever going to get any kind of change they should not vote for either of the 2 party candidates… The response I get are from fro receptive since fear and anger seems to be a major motivator in a lot of people’s choices .

  4. Living in MD my vote won’t count, and as Rep who is ashamed my party nominated Trump I have been planning on voting for Johnson for months. You just gave me an excellent argument to counter all those family and friends telling me I’m “wasting my vote”. I think voting for the candidate I prefer is never wasted, but your point encourages me to spread the word to many others in my state that have no enthusiasm for Trump, but could never bring themselves to vote Clinton.

    We’ll get through this either way, and in 4 years we can clean up the mess. A viable 3rd party will be an important force for reform. Five Libertarians in the Senate and 20 in the House could provide the swing votes on many bills, and bring some intelligent, adult perspective to the process.

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