Orlando shootings an act of war

For those that don’t know, this picture of my platoon in route to Iraq is my angry picture and I only use it to represent honest righteous anger.  One hardly knows how to break down such a complex attack with so many politically charged variables and write about it in a manner which makes any sense. Yes, the 50 people killed were presumably gay and that has caused many to point out the fact that hardline Islam has always been less than friendly to gay people. Yes, the shooter used a rifle with a high magazine capacity which has led some people to renew their calls to prohibit such weapons. And yes, the shooter was Islamic, he was most certainly radical, and he was an agent of a foreign state with whom we are currently at war. You might have a harder time believing that last statement, but in the wake of the shootings in Chattanooga, San Bernardino, and now Orlando I’m simply hoping this nation wakes up to that sad and profound reality.  Spare me your talk about gays, guns, and religion and give me a little more Churchill who famously said “We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

Gays and Guns

Okay, let’s get the social nuances out of the way first. I have no idea whether all 50 of those killed at the gay nightclub were in fact gay. I’ve never been to a gay nightclub and truthfully not making a joke, everything I know about gay nightclubs is limited to a scene from the American Wedding movie where Stifler has a dance off and Vito from Sopranos who kept saying it was just a joke. But to be entirely honest it doesn’t matter, for as I said in the title 50 of my countrymen were killed in an attack by a foreign state and my righteous anger is not less for what a citizen might do with their private parts. They were men and women living free lives under the same part of the Constitution as you which said we will band together for our common defense.


Secondly, let’s talk about the rifle specifically those of the AR and AK variety.  For lovers of the Second Amendment, there is no worse tragedy than what we witnessed befall our fellow countrymen last night. Once we heard the news, I’m sure each of us went and looked at our own rifles to be sure they had not woken up in the middle the night and killed our fellow man. Fortunately for me and I hope for you, they were sleeping peacefully oblivious to what an evil man was doing with one of their cousins halfway across the country.  There are over 300 million guns in America and only a couple of them were involved last night.

What took place in Orlando is not about private parts and it’s not about guns.  It’s about evil men committing an atrocious act of war and if America is going to be mentally prepared for the subsequent and inevitable attacks to come we had best start labeling it as such.  Currently in my Marine Shadowbox is a medal that says “WAR on Terrorism Exepitionary Medal.”  Say what you want about the war in Iraq, but I know exactly what I was doing there and it helps.

Currently, America is slow playing the war against ISIS to build up regional forces to do the actual fighting and that strategy has honest merit.  However, it also comes with a cost as for as long as ISIS persists sick men will be inspired to act on its behalf.  Paris, Brussels, Chattanooga, San Bernardino and now Orlando were outward acts of that war and a direct casualty of the chosen strategy.  All partisan politics aside, the long-term plan might very well be fine, but America needs to know for what they are in store.  Orlando is not the last attack people.  Whether Gay or Straight, male or female, Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner, Americans need to see to their individual defense for as long as this war should persist.

Radical Islamic Terrorism

Quick side note, let me speak to those of the Islamic faith. I’m a firm believer that the average Muslim in America wishes no harm to their fellow man. When a mass shooting of this style is reported, I understand there is a tense standoff between crazy white people and Muslims hoping that it was the other which committed such an atrocity.


Sorry Muslims, but the douche bag in Orlando left no question in our minds why he did this and in whose name he believed it to be done. You can disown and disavow him as you rightly should, but if you want to advance a positive narrative on this issue in America you would be better off acknowledging what most Americans are thinking in their heads but are simply too polite to say.

I know white Christians commit mass shootings in America, but I’ve never heard them scream Jesus is awesome while they do it. Muslims are not bad people, but bad people are springing forth from the Muslim faith and committing atrocities specifically in that name.  If you could get them to stop that would be great, but since you can’t what do you say you help America have that conversation and do not shame us for contemplating the obvious.

Time to Go on a War Footing

Now that we’ve gotten what half of social media has been set ablaze about out-of-the-way let’s talk about the real problem. We are at war with a foreign state and have been for some time.  Sure we might not like to declare it as such but as if often said, the enemy always gets a vote in that matter.  When the most-vile of politicians take this tragedy and start talking about gun control, sexuality, and the mass demonization of all Muslims they shield our true enemy from our genuine righteous anger and turn it inward on ourselves.

50, most likely more, of my countrymen were viciously slaughtered this morning in an act of war and I want vengeance for them.  I take no solace that the victims were gay, that it took place in a gun-free zone, or that the shooter was a Muslim.  One can extrapolate all the various political implications from that they want, but in the meantime, I just want to fight this war in which we find ourselves.


If you want to talk about common-sense gun control, fine, but let us wait until after the war which turns the workplace or nightclub into a target.  If you want to talk about Gay Weddings and bakers we can do that, but let us first rid the world of the men who would happily slaughter both gay and straight alike.  If you want to talk about the role of peaceful Muslims in America, then I support that.  But first, let us Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist alike all band together and kill the Muslims who are slaughtering our fellow countrymen in the name of their self-declared foreign state.  We are at war America and it’s not over.  Do not turn your righteous anger inward, but direct it outward as in generation’s past and make sure this enemy understands they have not even yet begun to wake this sleeping giant. I know with all my heart that America knows how to fight a war if we would but acknowledge it.

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69 Replies to “50 of My Countrymen Are Dead, They Were Killed by a Foreign State on Our Soil, and I’m as Pissed as Ever”

  1. Agreed. Unfortunately the king of amerika would rather speak about limiting the access to the weapon used then to accknowledge the problem with the radical islamist using it…I no longer have any delusions that he will ever understand that it’s the user, not the tool.

      1. Shut up stupid! He’s being called the King because he ignores the Constitution of the United States of America, and the laws of the land!

        1. He was not elected twice. To be president of the U.S. You have to be born here. Obama has already admitted to being born in Kenya, Africa. He was appointed twice by Satan. There’s your problem!

        2. Because the majority of Americans are too lazy and irresponsible to be informed citizens. They let the media decide for them due to their laziness and apathy and the media is complicit with the left in pushing the “progressive” agenda. That’s why, dumbass.

    1. I got called a racist and a hate monger by a lifelong friend (we met in 1984!) because I was rightly sickened by the murders. I said that we can’t pretend that muslim terrorists are at war against US. My friend tried the moral equivalency excuse that black, white, and Christians are doing the same thing. So I asked when was the last time Christians bombed a full children’s park, or a Jew opened up on a military base, when did black people start shooting coworkers because they were offended by a Christmas party, take an entire school filled with mothers and children as in Beslan, crucify people, throw homosexuals off high roofs & have a gun man on the ground incase the victim lived, rape, kidnap, sell/buy Yazidis, Nigerian school girls, and Christians, blow up the USS Cole, etc, I must have given 2 dozen examples, websites, books to read, and her comeback is that I hate muuslims, and that I’m a racist, bigot, that I never used to be racist and btw other people say so too but she’s the only one who loves me enough to get in my face and call me a racist (despite my repeatedly saying ISLAM Is NOT A RACE!!!)
      I gave her example after example & it’s not credible to claim that random muslims in countries around the world at the same time, just as their forefathers did. I gave at least another dozen attacks and atrocities that she tried to rationalize then claimed that I hate all muslims, which I did not, however, I hate islam with a passion born of nearly 20 years of study, listening to the stories that my friends were helpless in stopping the rapes, physical and sexual abuse of young kids, were told to stand down “because this is their culture “!with the anguished screaming of the victims almost like background music. Our military had to somehow close their ears, hearts and minds to the suffering purposefully done in front of them (including the horrific things done to dogs)!and don’t even get me started on the child brides, rapes and beatings endured by females . I’ve been studying since WTC deux. Tennessee , Arkansas and of course, Fort Hood. My friends and acquaintances have been killed. I gave her 2 long lists of atrocities and who committed them. I never claimed to hating every race (again, islam is not a race🙄🙄🙄). I do not. I even trust my considerable medical problems to a very sweet (though sometimes a bit clueless) muslim woman doctor who one day showed up in a hijab on our military base.
      My friend didn’t even attempted to refute anything I listed other than to claim that I hated all muslims (already proven a lie), that I never used to be a hateful racist despite all the information that I provided, going back to at least the late 500s-600s, that this is nothing new and has been since mo started hearing voices in his head, and again, by their own words, they did it because their book tells them that it’s all good and actually their duty. Despite all the evidence and sources provided, she came back with the hater bs. I even admitted that some people committed atrocities also but it was ANTI Christian, meaning Jesus/God/Holy Spirit specifically taught against it, however, mo not only advocated them, demanded them from his followers AND participated himself. Since he is believed to be the greatest man in the history of the world and everything he did or say is worthy of emulation forever period.
      But I’m the racist hate monger? Uhm Kay. I simply ended it with my eyes being open for 15 years of study, watching attacks and murders being committed in every clime and place while the PC Card constantly gets thrown out to stifle dissent so they can go back to being ostriches and blame everyone and everything for it except where the blame truly lies, the doctrines of islam. My poor friend is also Jewish and also blames Israel. Smdh Now my son, who turned 17 Saturday, is signing his delayed entry papers to continue the war his dad fought for 23 years. But it’s ok, really, because somewhere there are vast numbers of black, white, Christian and Jewish people burning people alive, kidnapping and raping children & women, blowing up restaurants full of customers and massive concert halls turned slaughterhouses by those who must never be named. The icing on the cake? My friend is Jewish and has no idea that hitler got the Star of David patches from sharia dhimmi laws or that the G mufti of Jerusalem was planning a holocaust to rid “muslim lands” of any and all Jews or that no matter how much she defends the indefensible, the jihadists want her dead too

      1. I just had a much needed cry. Thank you for posting this. Spoke to the soul of the matter.

    2. Maybe because it’s those weapons that have caused 6200 shooting deaths in the US this year. ISIS is responsible for 700 deaths in the entire world this year. So…where is the problem really? Clearly, you do still have quite a few delusions.

      1. It was t the weapons that caused those 6200 shooting deaths this year, it was the people pulling the triggers on the weapons that caused them. And while there were 6200 shooting deaths, most of them were single victim deaths. Each and every one of the deaths caused by ISIS’s bullshit mindset has been multiple victim atrocities. I think then that you’ll find more deaths attributed to ISIS than those here in America, and that’s not counting those of the 6200 that were committed in the name of ISIS.

      2. Yep, those weapons just marched by my house on their way to kill again. Someone needs to stop those damn guns from killing!!! IDIOTSSSSSSS

  2. To the writer. I don’t know who you are, and as far as I can tell we have generally different political beliefs. But I agree with just about everything said here, and I think it might be the smartest approach I’ve heard yet to this tragic incident. You are correct, this isn’t a gay thing. People do immediately want it to either be gun thing, or exclusively not a gun thing, and both are probably correct in some way. But the bigger thing that this actually is, is a terror thing. The one counterpoint I’ll offer is this: you said that radicals are springing forth from the Muslim faith. In my view, perhaps a better way to word that is , they are springing away from the Muslim faith and taking on a radical identity. Just my two cents.

    1. I’m afraid not. This has been going on around the world ever since the invention of islam and, according to them from the beginning, it will never end “until all religion is allahs and everyone believes in his prophet mohammad and the last day (judgement day)”. This is what is meant when people say that islam is a religion of peace. We will finally have peace when islam rules the world. They divide the world in two, the dar al islam (house of islam) and dar al harb (house of war) and only when dar al harb is no more and islam rules all will there be peace.
      I have no doubt that there are peaceful muslims (I’ve known many all my life) but those who will not “fight in the name of allah and his prophet mo are cowardly apostates” and the penalty is death. Western and middle eastern history are filled with the stories. The modern ones (just as in the past) have clerics telling them it’s all good and they’ll be rewarded. Those who don’t fight or at least give money are executed for apostasy 😔

    2. But doesn’t Sharia Law and the worldwide spread of it not come from the Islamic religion? That seems to be more the crux of things. If you are Muslim, do you believe in Sharia Law? It’s a simple question that over 300 million so-called ‘moderate Muslims’ have said ‘yes’ to.

    3. The shooters father specifically said the motives were homophobic in nature. The man was in no way a practicing Muslim. This is insanity.

      1. So is his father said so it has to be true? The guy called 911 while he was killing all these people and to the police he was doing this in the name if ISIS. This is nothing but Islamic Jihad.

    4. Have you ever read the Quran.? If not, you should. The Quran instructs Muslims to slay the infidel by striking off their heads, unless they turn and embrace Islam.

  3. Hello chad
    I agree that they are springing from the Muslim faith and taking on a radical identity but does that not make radical Muslims and look at the statics as to how many Muslims world wide support the supposed small number of radicals. No, I do not want to paint a whole faith with the crazy brush but then the lets get together all those Muslims who are appalled by this and do something about it. It is so very hard to separate the radicals from the moderates when it “seems” that the only group acting upon their threats / promises are the radicals.

    Yes I am sure there will be more calls to limit firearms and that is an expected reaction but the asshats who blew things up in Europe seemed to do ok within a very strict system.

  4. I am a Muslim who has always completely rejected extremism and will continue to always do so and speak out against it. I am saddened and appalled by this and the other acts of violence perpetrated in the name of Islam. There is simply no justification possible. None whatsoever.

    I wish I knew what to do about this in ways that could be meaningful and have a real impact for change. My condolences to the dead and injured victims and their families – I will pray for them.

    1. I appreciate you being willing to comment. I think the more honest conversations we have the better we will all understand one another and make it easy to separate the bad guys from the good guys.


    1. Spoken, and typed, like a true moron. What is your point? Do you want more stringent gun control or less? You say that every gun owner, myself included, has already been judged, and you’re maaaadddd! Then you say that the president didn’t do enough to prevent any of the numerous mass shootings we’ve endured, and you’re maaaaddddd! Well which is it you fucking idiot? You can’t have it both ways, dipshit.

      1. I think what Mike is implying about Obama is that he isn’t enforcing the gun laws that are already on the books. Also, the hands of the FBI are pretty much tied where investigations go. Not enough man power to do what needs to be done. My husband has told me (retired Federal Agent) that the FBI is shorthanded. Not enough agents to do all the investigative work and digging into backgrounds.

    2. Fuck Obama and his gun laws and I don’t even have a gun .the criminals are always gonna be able to get gunsyour laws will not stop them bUT let’s stop the innocent ppl from being able to protect them selves

  6. I understand your anger and I understand wanting vengeance. I would also like to thank you for your service and for protecting us. Saying that this is not a gay issue though I cannot agree with entirely. I think there is definitely a war issue here that needs to be dealt with but there is another issue going on every day in our schools, media and religious worship centers. The hatred for the gay community that is spewed on a daily basis from politicians, religious fanatics and even high school bully’s needs to stop. I think to ignore that issue is to overlook a key component to how this happened.

    1. I’m not saying there isn’t a problem with some against the LGBT community. I can say that I’ve seen huge progress being made for tolerance within the American community. However, this wasn’t an American that committed this act. This was an agent of ISIS. They have no tolerance for anything or any one outside their narrow beliefs. They killed a gay woman who was marching across their territories to show that islamaphobia is based on propaganda. I guess she actually proved otherwise, trying to have a conversation about tolerance with intolerant people. They’ve throw gay people from roofs. Burned Christians alive. Decapitated their enemies with explosive collars. Whatever our issue are within our borders with our people, let’s talk about them. But this act doesn’t not fall into any political narrative that we should dismiss. This was, yet another, act of a war that is being fought against the American people. And the American people aren’t really fighting back.

      1. Actually, the shooter was an American – born in New York. And thus far, officials can’t establish any ties between him and ISIS except for the fact he was inspired by them. So I’m not sure labeling him as an agent of ISIS is correct. But I get what you’re saying about it being an act of war, regardless.

          1. Of course they took credit. Why wouldn’t they? The point I was making is that he wasn’t ISIS trained and officially part of the cell.

          2. ISIS has asked all Muslims to attack, even if they are not directly affiliated with ISIS. If you say you are pledging your allegiance and carry out a deed then you are following ISIS’s directives. Three days prior to this incident there was a message to all ISIS followers to kill gays.

          3. This isn’t really 2+2 now is it? If a man dressed as a police officer pulls you over and robs you at gun point did you just get robbed by the police? No you got robbed by a guy dressed as a police officer. Just because he claimed alliance to isis did not mean he received orders from them. That is actually the way that works. So no this is not 2+2.

  7. Great post and well written. You highlight many of the fundamental issues behind these atrocities. Although you missed an important element, specifically regarding Orlando. That the attacker was highly motivated by extreme homophobia. Why a gay nightclub? Makes no sense without serious hatred towards gays. Homophobia overlapping with radical religious ideologies (needless to say) including potential ties to radical Islam/ISIS. The latter might be true, though I think many terrorists who have no affiliation with ISIS claim they do for attention etc.


  8. Everybody wants to downplay the Muslims. Well look at Germany look at England look at Spain Look at Brussels which is off limits due to all the peaceful Muslims that arr terrorizing and killing and rioting. Its coming here just as bad. Heck we are importing them. Men in droves in the 30’s fighting age.

  9. I am a pilot with the Jordanian special operations, I am a Muslim and we are doing our best to fight ISIS with every single thing we got, I have lost colleagues, best friends and brothers, we even had one of our pilots BURNED ALIVE IN A CAGE by those barbaric beasts.

    One thing for everybody to understand is that these brutal inhumane massacres that occurred on American soil are happening everyday in Iraq and Syria to people of all religions including Muslims and they need our help, they need the support of the whole world united so they can be saved.

    I loved one of the comments said above by CHAD LOZIER ” In my view, perhaps a better way to word that is , they are springing away from the Muslim faith and taking on a radical identity. I don’t want to keep defending Islam as a religion, any person who has met a true Muslim will know that this is not Islam, and what these animals are doing has nothing to do with it and that this group is simply SICK.

    My advice to all the Muslims reading this post on what to do …. REPORT ANYTHING YOU SUSPECT, give the authorities a chance to save lives, because these rats can come out in any time or any place. even if your own brother or sister starts talking in an aggressive tone about these things or starts hanging out with suspicious people report it and be the one who saved a human life as if you saved all man kind.

    Don’t be the ignorant sheep who just listens, watches and does nothing, be a part of protecting the community you are a part of, people from all religions need to understand that this is a WAR and a fight must be fought by all of us against this EVIL.

    And always remember they are more afraid of us than we are of them. Let us unite and step on these cockroaches.

    1. brother, if you are who you say you are then I thank you for taking the fight to the enemy. I also thank you for commenting. I feel like more conversations like this are what is necessary for us to move forward. Trying to be polite about it just doesn’t work.

      Great advice you give and from this US Marine to a Jordanian taking the fight to ISIS, get some brother and aim true! You embody the warrior spirit.

  10. Using the logic in this article, white people commit mass murders, so therefore white people should not be trusted. Is that right?

    1. Hey Wood, if that’s your interpretation, using logic, you’re
      leaving out some of the data. Better research who’s lives really matter, yes?

  11. Wow you people are all over the place on this. There is a common thread that has to be found before any of this can be solved, I have to agree with the atrical, it is a war, but let’s go one further. If not controlled it will be another act of genocide. This is something that has been going since before the rise of Christianity. While it is not as common today it is still the same no matter how you look at it. There is one group out there that thinks that there should not be a free common wealth, they feel there should be a superior race, religion, person, or god. History as shown us time and time again, that the only way to stop it is for all of mankind to set aside their differences, team up and kick the shit out of the group that is wronging the rest of the world. Before you guys put me on blast and tell me I am wrong go re-read your history books, and stop listening to main stream media that is telling how to sheep. Think for your self for once.

    1. Wow, that is a huge contribution to this otherwise intelligent conversation.

  12. All I have to say is this…..Go get them, boys!! Show them who the Real badasses are …take care of business & get your butts back home…we may need you here.

  13. You watch too much mainstream media and read not enough of the truth. Although well spoken, unfortunately your article is full of misinformation. The man was not a practicing Muslim, nor do we have any real proof that he actually pledged himself to ISIS. His father came out and spoke on his son’s reaction to homosexuals, and made it pretty clear that it was a homophobic issue, not a religious issue. He was born in America, in New York, so he wasn’t some foreign terrorist. He was a product of homophobia and bigotry that perpetuates itself constantly in the United States. That’s truly what needs to be fought here.
    And of course they are going to politicize the gun issue, but all we want is some kind of process that will maybe, hey, flag people that are trying to purchase weapons that have been on FBI radar, how crazy is that? Maybe a waiting period so they can actually investigate that? That in no way keeps the law abiding ‘good guys’ from getting their firearms, but maybe makes things a little safer? I’m not sure why that is such a hard thing for people to get their minds around. I’m all for carrying a weapon for protection, I believe these things could be deterred greatly if more people carried, but that’s a personal choice, and I’m not saying that would fix what happened. It was a devastating event, but we need to get our facts straight and stop getting diluted by mainstream media and the government that wants to keep our heads in the clouds and distract us from the real problems.

  14. My Son was on that Plane,,,,, I see him in the Pic. CorpsmanDoc. Nick! If you knew him please message me…. Thanks…. His Mom.

  15. This is a very well written and heartfelt post. However I take issue with most of your conclusions. Islam is extremely heterogeneous and over 1 billion people on earth practice or identify with some form of the Islamic faith. As much as we experience rage against ISIS and radical Islam, a thoughtless, reflexive “kick ass” revenge effort towards the entire religion is pointless and ineffective – in fact counter productive. Frankly it was our (and by that I mean the neocons manipulating the president at the time) using America’s burning desire for revenge that got us into Iraq, a country that had no tie to 9/11, which has in many ways led to the resurgence of the Taliban and the growth of ISIS. It was not the only cause but it was one. In terms of guns, can’t America walk and chew gum at the same time? Can’t we go after radical extremism and another facilitator of mass killings at the same time? Right now there is no legal way to limit or even scrutinize the purchase of extremely deadly weapons and large quantities of ammunition by people who are legally in the US and on the no fly list or known to have ISIS sympathies. How f-Ed up is that? All because of a totally false paranoia that there is some kind of plan to undermine the 2nd amendment.

  16. I’d like to offer two thoughts.
    1. ISIS can only claim legitimate credit if they provided material or planning support to Omar. Otherwise anyone can claim credit. If we destroy ISIS, which is a state, but which had literally nothing to do with this attack other than a symbol of Islamic extremism, what’s to say that some other, harder to kill symbol doesn’t just replace it? I doubt that killing ISIS makes us safe from the radicalized folks already out there and on their way.
    2. Yeah we’re fighting a war against ISIS. Kind of… In the scheme of things, comparing ISIS to world war 2 and the threat they pose to the Nazis is frankly, insulting. And shows a general lack of understanding of just how much crazy worse that conflict was. Given that, I think we shouldn’t suspend our democracy to fight this “war”. 50 of my countrymen are dead. But just 7 days from now, 100 more will be dead from unrelated gun violence, 700 dead from drug overdoses. I don’t think this rises to the level of emergency where we should stop debating the important issues in our society to go kill someone else’s.

  17. Thomas Jefferson’s testimony to the current congress explaining the justification given to him by the barber in Bassett or to England Siri how are you doing terminology concerning their preaching on Christian ships in 1786 it is founded on the laws of the profit that written in there Karen at all nations who should I make knowledge their authority were sinners that there right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found and to make slaves of all they could take his prisoners and that every Muslim and Muslim who should be slain in battle are sure to go to paradise in 1787 John Adams on the Barbary pirates quoted we are not to fight them at all unless we determined to fight them forever I believe this war is a religious war and is never going to stop unless we who are in this country regardless of our relation come together to fight this Tierney if not they will continue until we are either slaves or dead

  18. ” but let us wait until after the war which turns the workplace or nightclub into a target. ”

    No, because the war on terror will never end. Especially because far too many of my countrymen are dumb enough to over-react to the terrorist’s flea-bite provocations, which is precisely what the terrorists want and precisely what allows them to recruit even more terrorists.

    Your LIFETIME risk of dying to a terrorist as an American is about the same as the risk you take driving across the country, one time one way. Quit pissing your panties. It’s what the bad guys want, and frankly it stinks.

  19. According to reports from his family and Ex Wife, he was a Muslim, but he was not a fanatic. He was however Bi-Polar, mentally deranged, and prone to fits of extreme violence and paranoia. This is a mental health issue, not a religious issue.

    Honestly, there are over 1 billion Muslims worldwide, if all of them wanted to kill the infidels, we would already all be dead.

  20. Regarding guns, of all caliber and rate of fire.
    I grew up in an area and at a time when most everyone (boys that is) hunted and carried a pocket knife. I have about 20 guns, mostly as collector items. I no longer hunt. I would gladly give up the guns if in fact it would have a positive effect.

    I really believe the opposite is true. Prohibition years provide a great illustration of what would happen. In those years the illegal production of alcohol sky rocketed, as did crime related to it.

    There are laws against illegal and often very potent drugs of various kinds, and the drugs permeate through all levels of society. Crime related to it, especially the influx from South America is terrible. I must add that by no means am I advocating the legalization of drugs.

    Guns are for the most part illegal in Chicago. Murders in that city are happening at an alarming rate.

    I wonder how the outcome might have differed if just one or two members in the club were legally carrying a hand gun. Hard to say.

    Am I proposing a solution? Wish I had a good one. I can make an observation though. We are still feeling the effects of 9/11. Screening at airports is monumental, but it is an inconvenience we must accept. Human rights organizations are constantly challenging what is perceived as unfair or biased actions. Consider that in light of the history of the gun man, his actions going back to high school, as I understand it two trips to Saudi Arabia and more. He was on the watch list.

    It is, IMO, an honor to be an American citizen. Is it possible that laws can be written which would ensure that certain actions, though not illegal, would remove the right of U.S. citizenship and with it, the right to live in this country. Just a thought

  21. So you all read this article and didn’t take any advice within it…why the inward anger?? Most of you are part of the problem

  22. The irony of this piece of writing attached to this image is pretty overwhelming. Cognitive dissonance is often itself a cause of violence. For instance gay men who insist they are straight and externalize that cognitive dissonance on openly gay men with anger and violence. Or for instance, a country that is purported to be the beacon of freedom and peace stifling and spying on its own citizenry and almost perpetually waging wars as a foreign state on the soil of other sovereign nations for really indefensible reasons.
    No, guns are not the problem, but they are a tool designed for killing (people specifically often) and they should be harder to get for people with certain backgrounds and mental health issues (including former military), they should require comprehensive training.
    No Islam is not the problem, but radicalized dogma is a problem and radical islam consider the west and specifically the US an enemy. But we might consider what are the sources of radicalization. (one might be unwanted assassination, war, and regime change from foreign powers from different continents)( we can see in countries with weakening economies, with surges in foreign refugees and immigrants, in corrupted infrastructure — in short, where the traditional population is insecure — that ultra-nationalism, extreme-right positions, bigotry, and fascism tend to percolate)
    No homosexuality is not the problem, but maybe misogyny is. One wonders why the victims of so many of these types of incidents are children, are women, are homosexuals. This is certainly not exclusive, but the striking pattern is that all. that is to say exclusively all, of these attacks are perpetuated by men against those who do not fit into the prevailing concept of what a man is and what everyone should be to a man.
    Perhaps the mad appeal to violence is really the problem as I believe it to be. Perhaps a society that issues violence out into the world, a society that has nothing to really fear from the world but the insecurities of its own mantle of power, a society that from its populace to its state sponsored police to its diplomatic force, sees violence as the answer to so many of life’s problems (I think problems is even too strong a word here. To life’s perceived threats and small slights and externalized insecurities) is the real problem.
    Perhaps violence is the real problem as simple as that might seem. In which case i would strongly disagree with your ideas here. We have (this county, the US), after all, recently been at war for a generation and I’m not sure anyone can say whats been improved in the world.

  23. We left the Middle East before the enemy was through. I felt in 03 that if we didn’t fight them there then they would come here. People need to realize these are not Germans, Japs, or VC. The war isn’t over until they say it is. Muslims in America may not agree with what is going on but I believe they secretly approve. It’s their nature and their religion.

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