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That is correct world, today is Unprecedented Mediocrity’s one year anniversary! From time to time, I like to take a break from commenting on World and human affairs to just to check in with those who have followed this blog and supported it along the way to give them a SITREP. After all, the entire premise of the name Unprecedented Mediocrity was that there was a certain joy in simply the state of being rather than chasing someone else’s standards that they likely just made up. So I just wrote what was on my mind and trusted the audience to interpret it as they may. As a result, I have even had my opinion changed on certain matters from the conversations I have had with you. For I don’t claim to be right about everything, but to simply say that this is where I am at this point and time and I have nowhere else to be. And I have always said the highest compliment you can pay me is to tell me you loved the article, but disagreed with everything I said.  Then there was the guy who told me to go choke on a bowl full of Michelle Obama penises.  That was a sweet.

The Journey

My first blog post was written at the height of last year’s Israeli and Palestinian War in Gaza and my topic was such. Then after writing about a variety of random topics from family life, to war, by the end of 30 days, this blog had received about 9,000 views. And let me tell you, that was about 8,900 more than I would have ever expected in my first month. Then, at my 6 month SITREP I reported to you my blog had reached a total of 190,000 page views at that checkpoint. Now, I would love to say it is because I am such an awesome writer, but truthfully it is because the world is clamoring for a General Mattis Presidency and my Top 5 Reasons he should article took off. Thanks, General Mattis, you did me a solid there!

So here we are at one year and at the time I am typing this article, Unprecedented Mediocrity has received 799,723 views. And with that, I just want to say to the 277 people who didn’t read my blog and caused me to fall just short of 800,000 to go suck it. I like even numbers here at Unprecedented Mediocrity and you totally ruined it. Then again, that makes me pretty grateful for the 799,723 times someone did read this blog and my OCD rage clams down. I give a serious and earnest thanks to each one of you.

World and Human Affairs

So on this blog, I write about most anything and you should know by now that absurdity is my muse. Sometimes a writer could struggle for a topic when all of a sudden a white lady is caught pretending to be a black NAACP leader and voila, inspiration. Thus my article, Thanks to Rachel Dolezal, I Self-Identify as Batman. Then other times it is just me expressing the interests of Veterans, their struggle with suicide, and the need to pursue passion and purpose on this side of war. That will always be dear to my heart and if I ever stop supporting my brothers and sisters in arms my entire audience has permission to give me a wedgie if they ever see me in person.

Best blog

And then there is ISIS. Oh ISIS, I fear we will always be linked. For my blog started shortly after their rise to power and I have had some less than pleasant things to say about them. Some might call that foolish given the threats, but I do operate with some security and staying quiet out of fear has never suited me well. Plus, if they are coming after a guy writing on a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity, I feel like a whole lot of more important people are safe. I am a grunt after all, isn’t that my job! Plus if you google Jeff Edwards military writer, some other guy pops up first. Sorry fella, stay safe.

The Future

So whereas I don’t know what the future holds for Unprecedented Mediocrity, I do know what it holds for me. In 3 days, I am quitting my job as a non-profit manager in the area of Foster Care and Adoption to take a swing at full-time writing. It makes it sound dramatic when I say quit. I don’t plan on throwing my computer out the window and storming off in style. Rather, I gave a polite 3-month notice and am finally leaving a company I love after 13 years. They welcomed me back with open arms and purpose when I returned from Iraq in 2003 and I will forever be grateful for the experiences I have enjoyed here.

I never mentioned them by name before because I didn’t want to drag the company down with me to some of the places my mind could go on this blog. But screw it, I’m leaving and I think the world should know by now that my opinions were always my own. Youth Villages has been home to me for over 13 years and they are literally revolutionizing the child welfare system nation wide with evidenced-based approaches and unprecedented accountability. Plus I met my wife while working for this company and we got together and procreated and stuff. So that was fun, thanks, YV.

how to start wordpress blogBut to the future! The blog itself is not a great source of revenue, but through this blog has come opportunities to write across the spectrum. I have written blogs, articles, email campaigns, sales letters, product descriptions, web copy, newsletters and pretty much anything with words I can write. Except dirty stuff. So, it’s still a no. Yet, if you are business, particularly a veteran owned business, feel free to hit me up as I still have a few writing slots open. We can put some powerful words together for you. In addition, if you are someone who owns a business that caters towards freedom loving, patriotic, and well-thought individuals, then ad space will be available for sale on this blog. You saw my stats above and I have full analytics to back them up.  And perhaps someday with a little bit of the grit and grind famous to us grunts, I can be an old man writing.


But that is enough about me and let’s wrap this up with you. The blog started as a fun idea to write funny stuff to my friends and yet it turned into a window where I can try this passion for a season of life. Whether this season is followed by a season of homelessness remains to be seen, but who cares. Don’t be bashful about what you want or where your purpose lies. Particularly my fellow Veterans. War was always meant to be a part of us and not the sum.

writing for a living

If you want to write, then write. If you want to start a business, then start a business. If you want to work your average job and just love your family every day, then do it. But pick up purpose and passion and see how alive you feel this side of war. If I can help, I will do so. If I can’t, then well, what did you expect from a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity. Every expert I have talked with told me the name Unprecedented Mediocrity doesn’t let people know what to expect. And yet, I kind of like that. Find your passion World. Keep reading and I’ll check in with another SITREP at year 2. Next Step if you don’t want ISIS to win! Follow this blog below on Facebook or sign up above to receive new posts directly to email. Your mother would approve.

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  1. Glad to see you making a go at this for a living Jeff. We survived 29 Palms, how many times? , Iraq, and a 1st Sgt affectionately named Fudd. Surely you will survive this, and thrive as well. Love you Bro, Semper Gumby

  2. You’ve got great writing talent and I enjoy and appreciate the sense of humor you mix into some very heavy topics. Please keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Angela. It is going well so far. Some wins and some losses, but I am making it and learning along the way.

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