So it was 8th grade band class and I found myself on one of the most profound lessons of my life. A kid walked in and bumped shoulders, inadvertently, with a friend of mine. The next hour consisted of myself and a friend convincing that friend, why he should fight that kid after band class. Not my proudest moment, but far from my worst. We had a substitute that day and well, you know how that goes. After band class, at the encouragement of myself and my friend, my other friend proceeded to beat this other kid silly. I was scared. I was ashamed. I was culpable. The next week, the regular band teacher returned and spent zero time admonishing the kids in the fight. He laid into us and rightfully so. 

You see, I was the aggressor, though I was too cowardly to act as such. My friend who engaged in the fight was not innocent. However, his greatest transgression was that he did not guard his heart and mind from words that would easily manipulate him. We live in a country of 350 plus million people. A few thousand stormed the capitol last week, but that in of itself was not the biggest transgression or tragedy. My fellow Americans, I am going to admonish you like my 8th grade band director did. Americans, both left and right, have failed to guard our hearts and our minds. As such, our children will pay the price of our failure. The storming of the American Capitol was our corporate failure as a society and it started the moment we ceased to guard our hearts from the words of those that would influence us. We are never in a neutral state as our minds are under constant assault. Guard it poorly and we will all pay the price.

What Does It Mean To Guard Your Heart

The phrase “guard your heart” comes right out of Proverbs and was spoken by the wise King Solomon himself. Now, I realize not all of you believe the Bible, but I think you will find timely wisdom from this encouragement. “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” In the days of King Solomon, they would use heart to describe what we really now know to be the mind. You see, they thought our being derived from the organ that we now know just pumps blood. As such, you can easily take this admonishment and make it a call to guard your mind.

You may like some things Donald Trump did and I do as well. However, the primary reason that I was an outspoken “Never Trumper” if you will is because I could see at an early stage that the man was laying siege to your heart and mind. It was with dismay that I watched many of my fellow veterans who would easily fight to the death to protect a COP or position in a foreign land and simply lay down when the President began that siege on the mind. It was as persistent and relentless assault and sadly, it worked.

It started with, “of course this is the largest inauguration ever” or “I would have easily won the popular vote if it wasn’t for millions of illegal votes” and has now ended with otherwise good men and women storming the Capitol Complex and ruining their lives as they try to stop the peaceful transition of power that has forever marked this country. How did we get here in 4 short years? DO NOT FORGET THAT THOSE WHO STORMED THE CAPITOL LOWERED AN AMERICAN FLAG AND RAISED A FLAG IN HOMAGE TO ONE MAN IN ITS PLACE.

We Have Lost Many Good Americans in this Failure

I’ve been having conversations with one gentleman I know regarding election fraud, Trump, and this whole ordeal and it is evident that this man is permanently lost. He is so far down the rabbit hole and Qanon that I honestly do not see a path back to the truth for this man. On paper, he would look like an otherwise good man and American. Yet, he’s lost now and I fear it’s permanent. I don’t see how he gets back and it is as much a sad sight to see as looking at a homeless person under a bridge and know that this lady was someone’s daughter or mother before addiction took over. We have lost a lot of good Americans because of our failure to protect our hearts and minds. Listen, there comes a point where you have failed to protect your mind so much so that I can no longer call you a good American. You are lost and its hard to watch.

I’ll be honest when I say I am shocked at how easily manipulated modern minds can become. I guess I thought we had evolved just a bit more beyond this, but then again, the passage of time between the days where Hitler manipulated the population into killing 6 million Jewish people is but a small blip of time in human evolution. Have you seen the videos of Japanese women and children jumping off of a cliff to their deaths in Saipan because the Japanese Army told them the Americans were demons? The soldiers are pleading with them to stay alive and that it’s all not true!

That’s how I feel watching my fellow Americans ruin their lives because their minds have been left unguarded. Friends, your DNA is the same DNA that ran through any population or any mind that has been warped in human history. What makes you think that you are so different? If a modern Jihadi can convince his fellow man that he needs to blow up women and children in a market, then why do you think you can’t be manipulated into storming the Capitol with flexcuffs to arrest and hang the Vice-President? King Solomon had it right! Above all else, guard your hearts/minds for it is the wellspring of life.

Social Media has been the Missing Ingredient

I recognize this is a bit ironic as you are most likely reading this article via social media. However, I’m now of the opinion that social media was the missing ingredient behind every tyrant’s failure to manipulate humanity. When you see a questionable truth, you do not pursue inquiry. We go to our Facebook groups and pages in desperate search for affirmation. We cling to blatant misinformation that those who would manipulate us are too quick to provide. We do not guard our hearts, but instead, we cut the razor wire and just quit the fight for intellectual pursuit and inquiry.

Listen, I believe that social media giants do have a bias to suppress conservative information. However, I don’t blame them one bit for no longer wanting to be a part of what we saw at the Capitol. I think that they, along with the rest of America, are a little afraid about what they have unleashed. Much like how scared I was when I realized I prodded that kid to beat the other kid silly, many of us are looking at what is and has happened and saying, “no thanks, I’m out.”

If We Do Not Guard Our Hearts America Cannot Win

My fellow Americans, we can not be this easily manipulated. I know I’ll get comments calling me a sheep, but I am very comfortable with my pursuit of inquiry and truth in coming to these conclusions. I guarded my heart well for nearly a week before I chose to type these words as I chased truth. We can’t make it this easy for our foreign adversaries to manipulate us. We can’t make it easy for one President to come in and in 4 short years have Americans, who said they want law and order, beat a Capitol police officer with the American flag and try to capture members of Congress.

We just had an election and though I would have chosen some different members of Congress, those are the people my fellow Americans chose. If you are thinking about heading to one of these capitol protests with your AR in tow, I would plead with you to thoroughly examine whether or not you have guarded your heart well enough these past 4 years. You and I are no different than any human that has been manipulated throughout history. Donald Trump will spend the rest of his days a billionaire, regardless of what you choose to do. You may spend the rest of your days in jail, or find the end of your days arrive, all at the behest of his manipulation.

Do you remember that General Mattis guy that we all loved until Trump didn’t. That might be the most mind blowing failure to guard our hearts of it all. You had posters of St. Mattis on your bedroom ceilings until Trump told you to hate him. Maybe this is what the warrior monk was warning us about when he called Donald Trump the first President in his lifetime to intentionally divide the people. Maybe some of those books he read actually made Mattis smarter than Trump. Just a thought for you to ponder in hindsight.

Guard Your Hearts Above All Else

Trump lost the election because he lost. In hearing that, the pain you are feeling right now is called cognitive dissonance and it’s a human trait. When you feel it, that is a warning sign to guard your heart. Don’t run to like minded persons to soothe the pain. Pursue inquiry and chase truth. Fight for your mind. Guard your heart above all else for it is the wellspring of life.

ammo law

Yes the Democrats lie too. Yes, there are far too many who would invite socialism in America. Riots of the past year that saw rampant destruction and assault on police were indeed a result of people failing to guard their hearts from calls to violence as well. These are crazy events, but let the words of Marcus Arielius enter your mind. He said, “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

I’m talking to my fellow American who is booking a plane ticket and getting ready to do something irreversible and treasonous. Don’t do it. Please don’t be like my friend who I think is too far gone. You’ve failed to guard your heart and it is about to cost you big time. But it hasn’t yet. Step back and pursue inquiry. I’d ask everyone who comments on this blog, when I’m called a sheep or some other name, don’t get mad at them. Fight for their hearts as well.

Be Your Brother’s Keeper

Liberals and Conservatives are not mortal enemies and if you believe this, it is a result of failing to guard your heart. They are the people you go to work with everyday. They are in every family in America. Stop fighting your fellow Americans and fight the fight that will help them guard their hearts above all else. Humans get manipulated. It’s kind of our thing. There’s only a 1% difference in DNA between us and chimps and somehow, I think the chimps might be the ones that got it right. Sitting in the jungle peeling bananas sounds oddly peaceful right now.

Fight for one another and if you were thinking about doing something stupid this next week, don’t do it. You’re not a freedom fighter and you’re not a patriot if you do. You’re simply a human being who failed to guard your heart. If you are mad about the outcome of the election, but are still reasonable enough to know the election was not stolen, please stop doing what I did to that kid in 8th grade. Quit sharing stupid stuff to rile them up when you have no intention of ruining your own life over this. Be your brother’s keeper rather than the enemy of his mind.

In fact, I’ll do you all a very final and practical solid right now. When the President of the United States tells you all media is false and directs you to only media outlet, OAN, that he says is true, that is an assault on your heart. Consider, my brothers, that if you are mad Twitter booted Trump and you join Parler or some other version to only chat with like minded people, you may be assaulting your own heart.

Look, this article is about the best I can do for America right now. I’m not foolish enough to think it will change the future, but if we can get one person to walk back from this ledge it will have been worth it. Then again, I guess that’s not so bad for a blog called Unprecedented Mediocrity. Don’t do something you can’t undo next week. This isn’t 1776 and Donald Trump sure as hell isn’t George Washington. Guard your minds while you still can and once again, don’t do something stupid. Don’t fight that kid cause he bumped your shoulder, it really was an accident. Don’t jump off that cliff, I promise the Americans aren’t demons. Don’t commit treason because my friends, the election wasn’t stolen. Above all else, guard your hearts.

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22 Replies to “A Strongly Worded Letter to My Fellow Americans”

  1. If you truly think the election was fair and fraud free you might be right! But by failing to really look at it you become a hypocrite who refuses to look at both sides. There were some huge issues with the election that should have been investigated, not blow off as no fraud/nothing to see here. I am not a Trump fan, he is not a nice person and has a deeply flawed personality, but he wasn’t a monster either. The push that is being made has created a massive rift in our country. I hope it can be healed but as I listen to both sides I am deeply afraid that it cannot.

    1. I looked a great deal at the fraud and ultimately, I looked at Republican officials, judges, legislatures, and even the Attorney General, much like one looks at stewardess when a plane is going through turbulence.

      If the stewardess doesn’t freak out, not reason for you to freak out. But, if the stewardess freaks out, its time to bring on the drink cart.

      Republican judges wrote unanimous decisions refuting Trumps claims. In total about 60 lawsuits were pushed back by the courts. The republican controlled Supreme Court turned it down twice. Every single Republican controlled legislature in swing states like Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania certified the vote.

      Trump’s own Attorney General said there was no fraud. In every single case where you had a repubican with authority to act, none did so or even raised alarm.

      In short, no authoritative republican with the power to act were freaking out about this election. You don’t even need the Democrats.

      So, its a matter of how much can an individual citizen really “investigate” these claims. Dominion isn’t sending us evidence. So all we can do is listen to those who make the claims. I think those making the claims lacked credibility and couldn’t even win over Republicans with the power to act.

      So like the stewardess, I needed those making claims to do so boldy enough to get someone to freak out. The only ones that said anything are those with no influence on the actual process. So they could object like the Matt Geatz of the world, because they had no role.

      So we’ve got every Republican judge, legislature, governor, sec of state, attorney general saying its legit and just Trump saying its not.

      I really did dig and examine if there was something I was missing here.

      1. These “Republican judges” were almost exclusively threatened in heavily Democratic areas. Remember, during the summer- BLM and Antifa remnants stormed homes of mayors in Seattle , Chicago, and Portland. They actually held a rally and told the mayor of Portland to go home. Nationwide riots (mostly in large northern cities), with conservatives also threatened at eating locations – threatened at their homes, etc. Most judges are paid nominal salaries. In Georgia, the political winds are not in “Republican favor”— the governor barely won and the two senators won their seats and lost the runoffs! No case was decided on the merits. They were decided on process issues (late filing or standing). Who would be opposed to a forensic analysis live, on air, of some voting machine programs in the various states? With due respect, I feel you’ve been maliciously deceived by a fairly sophisticated psy-ops operation with clever multi-staged marketing in the media. Review how Hitler was democratically elected ; review how Hugo Chavez was originally elected. Many of the tactics aren’t new- they are simple fine-tuned and cleverly manifested to appear legitimate

        1. Only problem is that you would have to believe that not a single of the judges in the court cases had courage.

          One Republican Pennsylvania judge wrote the unanimous opinion and in his words, “charges of fraud require specific allegations and proof. In this case we have neither”

          Was Attorney General Barr scared?

          What about the Republican state legislatures?

          It’s not intellectually honest to look at all these people with an oath to uphold the law and when none of them agree with your position you claim they must be scared.

          1. Unfortunately there are a lot of “behind the scenes” facts we are all unaware of. AG Barr also indicated there would be charges in numerous other investigations – and in the end his Justice Department indicted a low-level attorney and Russians in absentia who will never see the inside of a courtroom . In my opinion- with Barr’s DC contacts- he was placed in position as a temporary shill seemingly to bring “justice”, but indicted no one instrumental in any level of corruption . This discussion is far deeper than a rudimentary comment section

  2. A. Obama was unquestionably the first American President to divide people intentionally.

    B. Chimpanzees will literally tear each other apart limb from limb when they feel socially threatened.

    C. We don’t have sufficient evidence one way or the other to determine whether the election was stolen or not.

    Everything else in this article is 100% true and important, and people will be better able to accept the critically important things you had to say if they don’t encounter the three reasons above that give then an excuse to write you off, so it might be worthwhile to amend that.

    1. Obama never intentionally divided us. America wasn’t ready for a black man to be president and our bigotry and bias(historical and current), began to tear us apart. Trump just continued the tear with his inflammatory rhetoric and narcissism. I look forward to the day we can be good neighbors to one another without personal injury due to political affiliation.

      1. I don’t think we will ever have unity again with media and Hollywood being one sided and now censorship on social media.

  3. JHS— I agree with most of what you said . Sophisticated criminals can “hide” crimes if intelligent enough . This is why prisons are disproportionately full of poor— not wealthy bankers . Food for thought : Why do most mafia killings remain unsolved forever ? Can you prove the wind blew yesterday in a court of law? What are the odds a president (in 168 years with 42 unique elections ) “loses” without winning the 19 ‘bellwether’ counties. Trump won 18 of 19. Also, this is the first election in 132 years the “winner” won without winning Florida, Ohio, and Iowa. I personality received a mail-in ballot in Albuquerque (for a gentleman who hadn’t lived at my address in at least 5 years) from the Bureau of Elections in NV. I’m one guy- receiving a single unsolicited ballot isn’t , alone, indicative of fraud— but when you compile anecdotal, statistical, affidavit testimony (over 5000)— it’s not beyond the realm of critical thought or human intuition for one to be a little suspicious. Systems fail all the time — the space shuttle crashes, corporations go bankrupt, businesses in existence for 100 years go bankrupt . Even Jimmy Carter (one of the worst, but wisest presidents )— said mail-in balloting would be fraught with fraud. Every single action taken by democrats and really the Bureaucratic political class was designed to oust Trump , period. Election laws in existence for over 100 years (in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia etc) were changed within 3 months of the election . Almost all were skewed in one direction — these weren’t intended to allow the public more access or convenience in voting . A few were to allow seniors (for instance) the accommodation of not having to go to the polls in person. In many cases— institutional fraud was legalized (eliminating signature requirements or audits, allowing 99% of provisional ballots, etc)

  4. I am 75 years old. Trump did NOT manipulate me. He did great things for this country, like jobs, help for small businesses and on and on. I have studied Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Liberalism long before Trump came along. So, your long drawn out post is just pablum. You are not concerned for us, you are scared of us. Rush Limbaugh voices my opinions, feelings and thoughts, he does not manipulate me. Same for Trump. Your sophistry is showing through.

    1. Supporting Trump is not evidence of manipulation. People have there reasons. However, an inability to recognize his lies is evidence.

      Chief lie among them, that the election was stolen and an attack on the capital is justified. It is the culmination of his lies.

    2. I hope you have study fascism as well. A lot of relevance and similarities to what DT has done and created through fascism. The elegance and class of being our President was lost through his narcissistic actions and nationalist beliefs. Compare DT to AH and you truly will see the same beliefs and narcissistic actions. Have a wonderful day, my 75 year old neighbor!

      1. You’re about to see the tentacles of fascism with the Biden “administration.” Sit back and enjoy . At First all will seem great . Give it time ..

    3. I’m a 25 year Accountant for small businesses which are going under at a rate of more than 30%. What do you imagine Trump did for small business?

  5. what a presumptuous article really.
    While it may give you comfort to lecture us about “guarding our hearts” as though we were easily enamored high school girls, hypnotized by the proverbial bad boy,
    many of us unconditionally defend Trump because we look at him as the last line of defense to something far more destructive.

    we are treated daily to watching how the left behaves, from physically attacking people’s families to seeking to destroy professional reputations. We are treated to daily servings of being compared to Nazis (irony there!) and other reviled symbols of historic evil.

    We experienced the Obama years and the bad after effects are still with us,
    we watched some states lock down their citizens, close their businesses, while the leaders who “ordered” these extreme measures were out dining and vacationing themselves.

    Many of us question at the very least the validity of an election where an uninspiring candidate who lost millions of his key demographics, the states of Ohio, and Florida, and whose party performed abysmally, come back at the last minute to win the most resounding victory in history.

    perhaps our fears are overblown. We will see. I would say thus far it does not look good, impeachments (for a guy leaving in 5 days) no fly lists, extreme censoring.
    We are sure we can look forward to “emergency declarations” and “Executive orders” which have become too familiar key words for “decree”.
    and all by a guy we are pretty sure was NOT chosen by the people

    while I do not condone some of the reactions to this, I certainly do not blame them.
    I am sure there were people in the late 1770s, who told our founders to “guard their hearts”
    we can all be eternally grateful they did not heed.

    1. While living in harmony seems almost impossible at this point, I would like to get back to classy and elegance in our presidents. DT really went too far with his lies and narcissism. I know there is no such thing as having the perfect president and presidency, but try to help people and own your mistakes. When DT was elected, the left complained and felt anxieties (to include myself). Now it seems the shoe is on the other foot. The right is complaining and feeling anxieties. (to include myself). The reality is most of us are moderates and we need to decrease the growing divide between liberal and conservative agendas. If we truly sit and reflect, we will see how damn far apart we have grown, in the name of political affiliation, and not truly in the name of our people. Are their differences with both parties…yes! But it doesn’t have to be the way we have grown! Here’s to wishing for more moderation and bring people back to the middle. While I don’t believe JB can do that, I am hoping and conversing with my family and friends to unite on moderation (because too much of most things is a bad thing).

  6. Wow! That post above! Oh well. Are you sure you wrote this. It read like I did? I didn’t see any grammer problems so I think you did wright this . Thanks Ken. I love you man.

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