write in mattis for President

General Mattis has explicitly said that he would not run for President and as fearful as I am at defying the General, I must do so out of duty.  Politics in America have gotten quite strange lately and I’m not going to delve into any partisan reason for it.  However, if the notion of being forced to cast a vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump disheartens you, I might be of some use. Before I went to Iraq, I would often dream of war and 10 times out of 10 when it came time to pull the trigger something odd would happen in my dreams.  My finger was too fat to fit in the trigger well or the trigger moved like molasses.  But after I actually pulled the trigger as a Marine in Iraq when I now dream of war, I pull the trigger every time all the time.  Ladies and gentlemen of America, in November you are about to be forced to pull the trigger for a particular candidate out of a sheer lack of options that might visit you in your worst nightmares to come.  Yet, I’m here to argue it doesn’t have to be so because while General Mattis might not be running for President, dissent is ready to roll.

A Voice of Dissent

Once again, General Mattis has explicitly said he does not want to be President, but if I can borrow the words of Marcus Aurelius from Gladiator, that is why it must be him.  Despite that desperate cry, I also acknowledge that it will likely not be him.  I understand the realities of American politics and yet, this is a rare case where the nature of the electoral college works to our advantage.  Let me explain.  My home state of Tennessee will vote for the Republican nominee in 2016 if it were Hannibal Lector.  Meanwhile, my current state of Washington hasn’t voted for a Republican since 1984.  So if your state is a lock for one party or the other and you simply can’t stomach to vote for either, why not cast a unified vote of dissent. And why not let us with one voice make that voice of dissent the man whose radio call sign in war was “Chaos.”  Do you ever notice how you can find lots of pictures of this General always carrying his own gear?

write in Mattis for President



If you are in a swing state, I honestly can’t tell you what to do as those decide elections in modern partisan politics and truthfully, if you love Hillary or Trump then do your thing because this is how Democracy works.  But for the rest of us in any state who feel lost right now and cannot bring ourselves to cast a vote for either, why not?  But more than why not, is it not our duty to tell modern politics that we are less than happy with the babies they have born in 2016.  It doesn’t matter who you think that ugly baby to be, whether Democrat or Republican, we can still unify in dissent.  The 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence all had different political leanings as history would demonstrate but they were unified in the belief that the status quo is unacceptable.

The Write-In Dilemma

Believe it or not, there is actually a process of becoming a write-in candidate for President.  I’m going to attach a link below and you can see the requirements along with who is currently registered to run for President as a write-in.  General Mattis is not there, yet, but take a look at who else is running.  Officially running for President with a filed FEC form 2 is none other than Deez Nuts.  Seriously, he is candidate 1034 on the list but don’t confuse him with number 1036 candidate, Hold Ma Nutz.  Here is the list:  http://www.fec.gov/press/resources/2016presidential_form2nm.shtml

write in mattis for president

If you didn’t read the list, let me give you some quick highlights.  Among those officially running for President are Darth Vader, Kim Jong Un, Kylo Ren, Dick Your Mom Pound, Banana Dank Reverend Kush, Obi-Wan Jedi Kenobi, Dr. Jekyll, and last but not least, Dat Ass.  I’m sorry, I rarely use profanity on this blog, but I do believe in truth.  I would be misleading you if I were not to tell you that in fact, Dat Ass is running for President.  Perhaps we can find a better candidate to represent dissent in America.

Am I Here to Amuse You?

When people ask me if I am joking about a General Mattis Presidency, I look at them with my best Joe Pesci eyes and ask them if they feel like I am a clown here to amuse them. The problem with a write-in vote is that it is often split between likes of Darth Vader, Kim Jong Un, and the Antichrist.  Yes, the Antichrist is an official candidate.  But what if it wasn’t?  What if there was a unified voice of dissent that you could actually celebrate and embrace if they won?  Sure, we could rally behind Deez Nutz but on the off chance we underestimate America’s sarcastic wit, we might wind up with this guy as President.

Look, I realize it is fanciful dreaming to long for a future with a President James Mattis and I am no fool about that.  And yet, if he were to win via a write-in I don’t imagine he would turn it down. Surely he wouldn’t break our hearts like that, would he?  But our dissent can always exist in the present here and now, so why not rally that dissent behind the man of which we could only dream in the Oval Office?  A dream that was once America and now just seems like a distant memory.  I can’t pull the trigger for either of the likely nominees and that is just me, but I can pull it for dissent.

Write in Mattis for President

I live in Washington State and I am here to tell you that there will be at least one vote for General Mattis in this state.  So what about yours?  I pondered staying home like many of you, but active dissent is better than passive.  Register to vote, go out in November and cast a vote for the man who doesn’t want the job and only makes us want him more.  If you are asked who you are voting for in a poll, say with confidence General Mattis and don’t laugh.  When someone tells you that he is not running you can simply reply, “That’s why I’m voting for him.”  If you walk into that booth ready to pick the lesser of two evils and then you just can’t do it, write James Mattis.  Imagine the reaction in November when the press is forced to acknowledge the votes General Mattis received and with that, dissent will have had its voice. But as for 2016, I’m writing in Mattis, what about you?  Spread the word and let’s let dissent have its day at the polls.

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29 Replies to “An Honest Case for Writing In General James Mattis for President in 2016”

  1. from the same state so let’s make it two. What is the official name? Gen. James Mattis (ret.)?

    1. James Mattis. We will keep it simple. that is at least 2! Welcome brother.

  2. As a Marine from Illinois, I’m writing in James Mattis…Hell, if “Chaos” doesn’t win the presidency, I’ll write him in for Mayor of Chicago…

    1. Is the old adage true in Chicago you can vote 3 or 4 times for the same person? If so, write him in everytime?

    2. I’m also a Marine in Southern Illinois, Rob. He will have at least 2 votes from this state. Semper Fi.

  3. You’ve got one vote from Idaho. The only way a Republican loses here is if he gets caught in bed with an underage girl, or an airport bathroom with a boy! I’d rather vote for CHAOS than any of the choices the Establishment has been kind enough to offer up.

  4. Well…..why don’t we file for him? I mean, look at Cincinnatus. Guy had total power over Rome, *twice*, and gave it up each time. I think that love of country and sense of duty would compel Mattis to serve, and serve well, should he be elected.

    1. I don’t doubt it. And it is the man who does not want power that I want in office. The guy who wants into the office to reduce it to its Constitutional authority, and reign in executive abuse of the economy by interference with the private sector, and eliminate the wrongful burdens it lays on the People – he’s the next best guy. But this is a learned man who has made his entire life one of service – he will do all that and more if he were to be elected. His election would a renewal of our finest traditions.

    1. Vice President would be the best job ever. No real duties but breaking ties in the Senate. I’d take it in a heartbeat.

  5. Do these primaries have you mad as hell? Join the Mad Dog Party!

    James N. Mattis, General USMC (Ret.)
    As Mad Dog Party Candidate for President of the United States
    • Obama doesn’t trust him
    • Iran is afraid of him
    • He’s pissed off Congress
    • He knows how to properly address and salute Marines
    • He’s personally fought in Fallujah against people like ISIS… both times
    • He’s performed REAL negotiations with Sunni rebels against al Qaeda
    • Marines never lost a battle with him; they’ve ALWAYS been great
    • Even the Navy would rather have him in charge (Naval Task Force 58)
    • He’s a self-taught intellectual who stresses thinking but shares the brutal facts
    • He cares about ALL his Marines; senior, junior, men, women, black, white, immigrant, naturalized, Christian, Muslim, it doesn’t matter. They’re all Marines. They’re all Americans.
    • He projects REAL leadership; from the front, in the cold, sharing the danger, by example
    • He’ll support those who deserve support, fire those who need to be fired
    • His nickname is “Mad Dog” and his call-sign is “Chaos”
    • Evangelical? Heck, they call him a “Warrior Monk”
    • He can’t spell “failure”
    • He’s risked his life to protect the Constitution, babies and apple pie
    • He’s got more foreign policy and national security experience than all other candidates combined, including the ones who dropped out.
    • He commanded NATO, Putin’s greatest fear
    • He was in the military for over 40 years, so he knows how much socialism sucks
    • He never lied about those who died under his command, and blamed it on a YouTube video
    • He never covered up his spouse’s infidelity; the Marine Corps never issued him one
    • He is in no way whatsoever associated with New York, Wall Street, or Billionaires
    • He doesn’t legislate; he commands, he leads, he conquers
    • He doesn’t make Marine honor guards hold umbrellas
    • He understands the importance of being able to “Do more with less”
    • Chuck Norris wishes he could be Mattis
    • He doesn’t need to build a wall
    • No better friend; no worse enemy

  6. Listing the general may be a laborious task, but our nation needs a leader who is as direct and focused as he is. Add another vote from WA State.

  7. I served under his command. Consistent. Never went in an A.O. without support and an exfil. As far as I can tell…every starred commander has went on to do incerdible things for America. And gracefully left. Hes got my vote .

  8. Devil. Like your stuff and opinions. Look what happened to James Webb-also an undisputed warrior. I’ve actually met both and can’t disagree with your premise. But as much as we all would like it…never gone to happen. Keep up the good fight. S/F.

    1. Semper Fi brother, I thought Jim Webb had strong possibilities as well before he dropped out.

  9. I’m out here in central PA. The Mad Dog Party has my vote. Maybe we could get Bullfrog as XO…. I mean VP. Or my old boss. Stephen W. Davis. He was the CO of RCT2 in charge of AO Denver in ’05. He then went on to take charge of MarSoc after.

  10. Watched the WSJ interview and almost came to tears considering the difference between his deep, clear understanding of what our nation needs to do, and our current candidates who can only pander to our fear/anger of “others” (immigrants, Wall Street, Democrats, Republicans, blacks, whites, Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, etc.). While Trump boasts about the size of his “manhood” Mattis’s talks about what we need to do to build a better America. His words and demeanor display true manly honor. A Man of Honor for President. Now wouldn’t that be something we could all get behind?

    While “Mad Dog” is a catchy name, it rings up thoughts of rabies. Not real inspiring. Let’s find a different name. Can’t imagine a better time in our history when there is such a clear need for a third party. What if the 300 members of the House and the 65 member of the Senate that are in the middle and are being driven to extremes by the wing nuts in both parties were to unite and form a new party. The Reps and Dems would be relegated to both being minorities and left in the dust. I think the “middles” have more in common with each other than they do with the crazies in their own parties. Were this to happen, I think the vast majority of Americans would rejoice and lend their full support.

  11. Dave, you are on the right path; however, the 365 Congressional members that you referred to, do not ‘think outside of the political box’ for fear of not getting re-elected. [No Guts; No Glory.] The major Political Parties are the money & the campaign organization(s) that the officeholders count on. Also, the various State Primary processes reduce the voters’ choice to only two candidates going into the General Election [however, the write-in vote is an option; but has never been a seriously ‘organized & conducted’ effort. For the write-in option to be worthwhile, there would need to be write-in candidates for many of the 435 U.S. Representative races AND 33 U.S. Senate races, plus Vice President and President for 2016.

    If you use the 2010 National Exit Polling survey results: Republicans, 28%; Democrats, 32%; and Independents, 40% (AND keep in mind the public’s VERY NEGATIVE reaction to the October 2013 Federal government shutdown) … you would find an organized & conducted effort would most likely be very successful in 2016.

    How about it ID, IL, NH, PA, TX, WA, …?

  12. My husband is a former combat marine, he and I will be writing in General Mattis for President!

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