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I know you Iraqi Army.  You may not know me, but I know you.  If you are of military age now, you were likely a child when I was there with the Marines in 2003.   I probably handed you candy on a daily basis and I happily watched you yell, “Saddam donkey, George Bush good!”  I bought ridiculously dirty glass bottles of Pepsi from you outside the wire and watched you freak out when you thought I was going to throw the bottle away.  I never let any of the Marines I served with mistreat you for I knew that one day, you would grow up to be the future of Iraq and the men we hoped would make this venture worth it. But then you apparently grew up without a pair of testicles and this whole thing is ruined.  I want my candy back.


I awoke this morning to the news that ISIS has overtaken the city of Ramadi which is a mere hour and half away from Baghdad.  Scenes of the Iraqi military fleeing the city absolutely sicken me when I think of the women and children that will be tortured, raped, and murdered because you lack conviction and resolve.  Yes, I know ISIS is evil and violent. It is just that for Americans, that is all the more reason to stay and fight.

Now, I am not sure whether you were just hopelessly outnumbered or not, but even if that is the case, that is a sad state of affairs.  ISIS fighters across the region are rumored to be on the high end of 200,000 and that is to fight across the entire region.  Ramadi just had some of them.  Your capital city is an hour and half drive away.  If ISIS attacked at breakfast time, it seems like you should have had a few extra troops there by lunch.

ISIS Ramadi

Honestly, American unruly teenagers can put together a violent flash mob with more efficiency than you.  Don’t you have twitter Iraqi Army?  What is so hard about issuing the following tweet:

“OMG!  ISIS is like totes everywhere this morning!  Meet me in Ramadi and let’s get crunk on this Evil today! LOL”

That is not even 140 characters so you could throw in an Allu Akhbar or two if you want.

Urban Warfare

I think the part that angers me the most about this is that you in short fashion lost an urban environment to a rag tag force of fighters.  Iraqi Army, sit down and take notes.  Urban warfare is a defensive dream.  Honestly, it took the advanced might of the United States military a couple of weeks to sweep through Fallujah in full. History proves that urban warfare is a hard thing for the invading force.

Ramadi Urban Warfare ISIS

Think Stalingrad from history or even Kobani from this own war.  You know what the difference between Ramadi and Kobani is, the Kurds had the balls to stay and fight.  It is not like you didn’t know ISIS was coming.  You should have prepared to grind ISIS to a bloody halt and make them fight for every street and every building.  If you had the resolve to do so, children in Ramadi would not be getting raped today. Shame on you Iraqi Army, I want my candy back.

The Future

So now, I don’t know what to do with you.  I don’t want to fight for land you don’t care to die for yourself and yet, the ISIS evil is so palpable it must be destroyed.  I used to feel good that America was so powerful that we could invade and sweep through Iraq twice, but now I realize you were just a whore for a good invasion and capitulation is kind of your thing. I feel so dirty and cheap.

We used to give France a hard time as the poster child of surrender, but Iraq may now take that mantle forward.  Why don’t you stay and fight?  I could give you Mosul as that seemed to take the world by surprise, but Ramadi?  Seriously, you had like all year to get ready for this and reinforcements should have been there before you could finish watching the new Avengers movies.

Veterans save lives

You have had American training and American equipment.  Too bad we couldn’t loan you some American testicles while we were at it.  You shame fighting men throughout history by calling yourself an Army, not because you lose, but because you refuse to fight.  Mighty men have lost battles and wars, but we call them men because they fought.  I want my candy back kids.  You don’t rate it anymore.

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19 Replies to “An Open Letter to the Iraqi Army: The Fall of Ramadi”

  1. Yeah what the heck kids. You guys could be back from a market run with breakfast in minutes, stand for hours in 100 degree weather without breaking a sweat. We intentionally treated toy good so you could handle your business and we wouldn’t have to send our kids there to help you. And this is now you repay us. The way I see it, you owe us 3.6 million dollars worth of Skittles!

  2. My brother…you hit the nail on the head again. However, I think that, as a Gulf War vet, I saw this coming. The reason that the Coalition finished in 100 hours is because the Iraqi government’s army was a testicle-less paper tiger that was poorly trained, poorly equipped, and poorly fed. The only thing changed since I was in that sandbox is that they are better equipped. Your war gave them the equipment, showed them the fortitude, and they promptly forgot it when we handed them the keys back to their country.

    Shame on them for abandoning their women and children to monsters. I want MY candy back from the batches I handed out in Ayn Nasariyah back in 1991…with interest!

    1. Thanks man. I love you adding the historical perspective from the Gulf War 1! Candy interest from 1991 has to be a pretty good pay day. It just blows my mind that they won’t fight for their own territory, their own women, and their own children.

  3. We all know they fled but we dont know the story. I saw the video claiming it also was Iraqi Army fleeing but it turned out to be the Iraqi Police not the Army. I personally smell corruption. If not; why then has Iraq asked for Iran Militia support? Did you see the anguished twitter comment by the anguished 24 yr old Iraqi Army Commander saying that 103 of his troops were just slaughtered? Probably not — it was quickly removed.
    Frankly; I am tired of hearing people constantly call them cowards — perhaps these guys arent trained with the military intelligence of our usa army or peshmerga or ypg — but since we DO know this already — where the hell is our country to help stop this massaquer & genoside — or is it easier to just complain on social media ???? Send BOOTS and not typed words of condemnation!

    1. I am sure there were some that stood and fought and if they are dead for doing so my words are not for them. However, if they are alive to read my words, then it is hitting the right target. Ramadi is a large urban environment and ISIS attacked it with a smaller force than those defending it. Typically a smaller force can hold off a larger army when defending an urban environment. I honestly can’t think of any good excuse for a larger force to get routed in an urban environment. It should be literally trench warfare block to block.

      1. Jeff please be fair, before ISIS swept through into Nineveh, there were over 10,000 Kurds (peshmerga) at around the Rabia crossing and Sinjar. You want proof that Yezidis were angry about being abandoned by Kurds? As for Kobane. The Kurds won there only because of intensive US air strikes.

    2. Who trained Isis all 200,000.of them? Those training centers should be easy to find and obliterate. How about the victory parades they have in capturing Ramadi, lined up like ducks, oh gosh forgot, there might be kids in the crowd. Darn,

  4. I have watched as US Air Force flew right over our American Volunteers fighting there right now & I have a US Army bf — I am not too pumped on our country at this moment — most all talking & who is really helping but a few? My friends … yah; I’ve also been involved in this war for a year now & Ramadi loss was uncalled for … I put alot of blame on our selfish country …

  5. Isis has been in Ramadi for a long time. This battle was planned 3 months ago. Ramadi is Isis main technical hub — they were not going to lose this battle. 500 were killed on day one of this battle. 103 soldiers from obe brigade alone. I tried to paste the twitter tweet to you but your blog would allow it. I think if we all do not forget what it is like to watch 103 of our brigade comrades die & in our arms – we will have better empathy. I honestly, am getting tired of seeing my friends die and or get wounded. Sometimes we here just need to step it up & help them.

  6. The Iraq army over these past years have been trained and have had the equitment, but they never took care of it, in fact when they left the south and headed north they were firing the weapons in joy, only later on to run out of ammo and the vehicles then also broke down, because they never took care of them, also a case of a main battle tank facing ISIS on a bridge they opened the hatches and ran away without firing a shot, ISIS were glad to have it.
    I still work in Iraq and have been here from 2003, they have no balls or back bone, most would like to see western armies move back in, but I wonder then when they would turn back on our lads, this is there war and there problem, which they need to face.

  7. I was in the Al Faw with the Royal Marines in 2003 and I think it dawned on me then that we had dropped a massive clanger. Arabs cannot fight like we do. It is the same in Afghanistan with the ANA – hopeless drug addicts the lot of ’em! It gave me the greatest joy to see the Iraqi’s we captured in the Al Faw being handed over to the Ghurka Rifles for prisoner process. They honestly thought the mountain men from Nepal were going to eat them. As if! They are far more discerning….

    1. Great perspective. It does seem like they just can’t fight like we do. More over, they don’t have the institutions and tradition like us in the West. It is crazy indeed.

  8. I was over in Fallujah in 2005 as a Marine, The Iraqi Army clearly isn’t capable of fighting its self out a paper bag with a 50 cal so why would we expect any more of them look at the Gulf War they surrender and ran by the thousands some without even fighting. Maybe the Iraq Government needs to put aside this tidal bull shit and unite the people those who want to fight against ISIS. the Iraqi Government should understand this ” a country United will stand, divided will fall ” and right now its falling fast to a bunch extremist thugs who got some kind of organization skills put together a small force and invaded a country with a much larger Army better weapons with no Air force or naval support no tanks all they had were Ak 47
    And the will to fight in a blitzkrieg manner taken right out the Germany play book from WWII and adding Shock n Aww to their plan is now desvasting a country whose has a larger and better equipment military. ISIS has castrated the Iraq Army’s will to stand a fight for their country and its survival. I say this in final if the Iraqi men in the army aren’t going to fight then maybe you should give your weapons to your women and Kurds and let them kill and kill ISIS until the sands of Iraq turn red with their blood. The women and Kurds have more at stake and to lose. A mother protecting her children is a very dangerous and deadly force of nature to encounter when threatened.

    1. Well said. this naive part of me had hoped for a second that ISIS might actually galvanize the Iraqis against a common threat. However, that seem to be a foolish dream of mine.

  9. Oh, well. ‘You’ know, when you devastate iraq its armies are not completly disappear. Saddam’s officers, those sergants leutenants and capitans are not vanish like a dew on the sunlight. They went undeground. They remember decades of blockade, horrors of crippling airstrikes, and desperate battles outgunned, outjammed, outmaneuvered. They keep low and hoard up anger, knowlege, experience. They teach their replacement how to fight and win in circumstances they loose once. They hold anbar province first. When east of syria collapses they took its eastern provinces, source of manpower and warsupplies. And a year ago they march home, to their land. They had Iraq training and Iraq equipment, they suffer much and learn much more. They are ISIS.
    Yes, they are hatefull savages in the eyes of ‘you’, but this impression is their purpose, horror should march before them. They are jihadist, it’s the only way to enlist all of possible manpower into their ranks. They make war by THEIR rules, not ‘yours’ because when they fight by your rules they loose.
    They ARE real Iraq army, and thoose who begg a candy from ‘you’ are no match to them. Sad but true.

  10. “Fell apart faster than an Iraqi platoon faced by a lone gunman” should be the new colloquialism any time a sports team has a major collapse. The French must be so grateful to Iraq for taking the ‘surrender monkey’ thing off their backs.

    We used to think Iraq had a real army, but they turned out to be a joke. Bunch of cowards. So maybe our quick victories over them aren’t as impressive as we first thought. ISIS’s aren’t either.

    I thought Arabs had this big honor ethos? You know, they’d rather die than be disgraced. How many times can these people go home in disgrace and look their womenfolk in the eye? How many more cities can they surrender before they act on their last remaining shred of honor and kill themselves? Just hand your women and children over to ISIS and kill yourselves already. None of them believe in the Iraqi state they’re supposedly fighting for, which is why they all give up so easily, so just get it over with.

    The other thing is that ISIS has largely built its reputation by fighting cowards and videotaping acts of cruelty. They remind me of the Phalange, great at massacring civilians and prisoners but hardened fighters like the Peshmerga can take them. I don’t advocate sending our troops back in but I’d bet dollars to donuts ISIS would fold just as quickly as the Shia if we did. They already did so twice when they were fighting us under Saddam.

  11. Hey Jeff, just writing to ask if everything is ok? Haven’t heard anything from you in a week or so and just checking up. No complaints. Stay safe and take care. Semper Fi.

    1. Thank for checking in man. It has been a busy week with a few other projects, however, I have an article coming out today and and should be able to pick back up regularly from there. Semper Fi brother and thanks for checking in.

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