I have to say libertarian with an “ish” because I don’t think anyone really knows what it means to be libertarian these days.  I’m classically liberal in some cases, tea party conservative in others but when it comes to the libertarian side of my political multiple personality disorder this case pretty much sums it up for me.  If you have not seen the viral video yet I’ll link it below.  Basically a nurse is trying to calmly explain to a cop why she is not allowed to permit a blood draw from an unconscious patient.  The cop, who apart from looking like he walked out of a 70’s porn shoot, doesn’t look like that bad a dude.  Yet, before the day is over the force of state is empowered to arrest a nurse for simply following hospital policy.  A grown man through force of state is allowed to grab a peaceful nurse holding a piece of paper and a phone in her hand then manhandle her into a car.  Her crime as it comes from the words of the officer is that “she was the one who told me no.”  Not force, inhibit, or physically hinder but she told him, “no.” Watch the video below, but hang on to your Bea Arthur panties because this is going to get interesting.

I Like Cops

Before we go on just image that’s your wife, daughter, mom or girlfriend.  Pick whatever law you want, whatever policy you want and ask yourself if government needs this power.  Make it personal because it matters.  To say that I am a fan of the boys and girls in blue is an understatement.  My brother is a cop in a very dangerous city and many of my Marine brothers are cops across this great nation.  As a result, I’ve gotten to know a lot of them. They are daily faced with complex situations where it takes but an instant to turn fatal.  One of the Marines with whom I served in Iraq was killed in the line of duty as a police officer and the entire event likely took place in less than 30 seconds.  So if you think I’m turning this blog into an attack on the thin blue line you better think again.

But knowing cops and just humans in general I am also keen to the fact that some people are just ignorant A-holes.  I don’t curse on the blog but if I just imply profanity it’s cool.  Listen to me friends, you simply cannot impute authority upon humanity without risking its ultimate abuse.  History has taught us nothing else.  This progressive mindset that if we can only create enough laws we will achieve Star Trek like federation peace is literally science fiction.

Humanity has shown us nothing, zero evidence, that government is able to take absolute power and do it well. Mainly because government will always be enforced by humanity and humans generally suck pretty awful at being human.  Listen to me, individual liberty and government authority are like oil and water.  Yes, they can work side by side but they do not mix well.  And if two dogs are in a fight, the dog you feed most is going to win. We cannot feed government at the expense of our individual liberty.  I am entirely A-OK with a drunk driver getting away so long as it means a peaceful nurse cannot be arrested for saying, “no.”  It’s not because I don’t value the lives of those killed by drunk drivers but it’s because HISTORY has told me that government will kill more if left unchecked.

It’s History Folks

Oddly enough we are in a season of history where the right to free speech is being questioned.  Yes some racist bungholes in Virginia got together a couple of weeks ago but that is hardly a reason to start scrapping the constitution.  Granted I’m a white dude myself but I promise you America has less to fear from a bunch of tiki torch carrying dudes in Docker’s pleated front khakis than we do by gifting government the power to stop their speech. Yes it’s hateful and disgraceful but America has beaten them just fine by countering their poor and bigoted speech with better speech.  What you see below is not the power of speech in action but the power of government. 

The German people were not overtaken by hate and bigotry because of hateful speech.  The German people were overtaken by hate and bigotry because government was given the power to enforce it over the people.  Read that statement again if you missed it.  The trigger was not the speech.  The trigger was government’s ability to enforce it. I would not to combat my worst enemy gift government the power to stop them today if it meant they would have the power to silence me tomorrow.

Pay Attention Folks

Seriously America, pay attention because we are at a deciding moment in American history.  That cop in the video might very well be the biggest douchebag in police history, I don’t know.  But more than likely he was placed in a confounding situation where he believed government had given him the authority to do his job when common sense and moral responsibility was screaming another.  Human beings are inexplicably flawed creatures so be wary of what power you give them.  Truth be told we just suck something awful at enforcing it well 100% of the time. 

I don’t have much sympathy for that cop as if he has not heard of cellphone viral videos before that incident it’s his fault.  I love cops, but I know a few that are in fact spineless A-holes.  Give such flawed men power and you get life changing events for the citizenry.  That lady was likely afraid to go to prison and I don’t blame her.  I’ve never been to prison and were I to get booty raped just once I’m pretty sure it’s still just the one time that would bother me. Blame the cop, blame the nurse, blame the policy if you like.  But as for me and my household I’ll always blame a government imbued with unnecessary power. That’s why I’m libertarian-ish folks and I’m sticking to it.   

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  1. Well said Jeff, very well said. Not sure what I would or could have done, had I been there, but I damn sure would not have stood on the side of the A**hole like some of the other uniforms. Probably would have been in jail myself.
    Semper Fi

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