Yes, I said it. I borrowed the phrase from our former President who said of much of America that we cling to our guns and our bibles in times of trouble. I do indeed have a gun. I do indeed have a bible. As I watch the government of Venezuela run over its citizens in armored guards as they exercise inalienable rights gifted from their creator, I do indeed cling to my gun. I do indeed cling to my bible. It is a terrifying scene to behold, that is an unarmed populace in the face of a tyrannical government. Unfortunately it is not the first time we have seen such a scene and if modern political trends are any indication it will not be the last. What you are witnessing in Venezuela today is a scene you will never witness in the United States of America. That’s not because we are genetically superior. There is really no basis in DNA to support that. It’s not because we are morally superior. We’ve got all sorts moral deviance here in America from sea to shining sea. You will never see the government of the United States of America running over its own citizenry because we have guns and we cling to them in such times of turbulence. It also why you see Americans with an affection for all gun related items that preserve our rights such as the beloved 80 lower, which guarantees our right build a gun. Watch what you see on your televisions today America and cling to them a little tighter tomorrow.

The Practical Restraint of American Might

I have never really billed this blog as an exclusively veteran or military blog. Granted, much of my following developed out of writing about military matters and our war in Iraq. However, I’ve always said from the start that this was “A blog about stuff.” That’s also because as of today, Marine life for me was some 16 years ago and I’m not sure I even know what its like in the military anymore. I was polishing all-leather Cadillacs and using iron sights in my day. Now you guys are shooting drones out of the skies with lasers and every swinging prick in the infantry has an optic on their rifle. When I do write about the military these days I feel a lot like this recently.

However, I will offer a little military insight as to why an armed citizenry can indeed stand up to a vastly technologically superior government military. Exhibit A: The Taliban. We’ve been dropping laser guide bombs on them since before some of the kids fighting them today were even born. I assure you, the mountains of Montana or Idaho would be no different than those of Afghanistan or Pakistan. It’s not about marching on D.C. and taking over with some farmers and pitchforks. It’s about not being run over in an armored car or tank on main street America. The Government understands that it has limitations and in the United States of America, the government is forever restrained as a result. Aggressive infantry can do wonders in combat my friends. Rolling over America will be no easy task and I don’t care how many bombs and tanks the military brings to bear. Cling to your guns America or unleash a future without such restraint.

The High Price of Tyranny

You might be thinking about certain events over the past 30 years and scoff at the notion that our government has restraint. Nonsense I say. What events like Waco and Ruby Ridge have gone on to prove is that the American government is unwilling to continue to pay the heavy price that taking on an armed citizenry will extol. If you need any proof, just take a look at the Bundy ranch stand off where government learned if you just wait them out, the problem takes care of itself if there is no real call for revolution. The same thing with the insurgent I affectionately named General Twinkies McHoHo here from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff a couple of years back.

Oregon Militia

From time to time, some Americans think they hear the British coming and they rally a little too soon against perceived tyranny. So what does the government do in response? They run them over with armored cars. No wait, that’s Venezuela. In America the government waits them out until they run out of snacks and they eventually disband. It’s not that government in many ways wouldn’t like to send their tactical experts in and roll General McHoHo up like a carpet. Rather, the juice is not worth the squeeze. Thanks to the 2nd Amendment, we have a permanent restraint on government in that the price of genuine tyranny is simply too high in the United States of America. Nations like Venezuela and China where the citizenry is disarmed do not have such restraint. Running over an unarmed populace to remain in power is a no-brainer for tyrants. That’s why you see scenes like the one above and the one below.

No Call to Arms

I’m not here to call so called III percenters to arms. I’m not here to label every government overreach as tyranny worthy of civil war. The Syrian Civil War was entirely justified, but that didn’t work out so well for their children. I submit to you an American civil war wouldn’t work out well for our children either. So if your favorite candidate loses an election in 2020, you can take your calls for civil insurrection and shove them up your kiester. I’m here to cling to my guns and celebrate with my fellow Americans that you will never see this in the United States of America. You’ll see police cracking some heads in America sometimes but there is a reason you don’t see them running over crowds. There’s a difference. You hit a cop with a rock and you get a face full of pepper spray. Play stupid games win stupid prizes I say. What you see below is tyranny on wheels.

Cling to your guns America. Don’t start a civil war, but cling to them because as long as you do I submit that our government won’t start a civil war either. I know that disappoints many of you with dreams of revolution and Punisher flags soaring over America. But I’ve got three kids to raise in the richest and most prosperous nation on the planet and I’m not ready to throw it away just yet. Your life might suck, but I’m making money and living free. No need to ruin it for all of us. To the people of Venezuela, may God be with you and should you find yourselves again masters of your own fate, perhaps remember today and cling to your own guns tomorrow.

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2 Replies to “As Venezuela Runs Over Its Citizens America Clings to Its Guns”

  1. Another brilliant article Jeff. Almost all the Dems are calling for the banning of all “assault weapons.” Gun control is pretty much their mantra these days. Where you and I see a horribly twisted and evil person using a gun to inflict carnage and mayhem on their victims, they see another reason to call for severe gun control and gun bans and their cherished hope of a repeal of the 2A. Their math does not compute with me and you and many millions of Americans that take the God given right to self defense seriously. Since your most dangerous and deadly threat to you or your family will be gun armed or sharp edged weapon (knife) armed, if you do not have a good firearm to defend yourself with, you and your family are unlikely to come out of the encounter alive or unharmed.

    Telling Americans that they don’t need more than ten bullets in their self defense gun or they don’t need that “Assault Weapon” to defend hearth and home, also does not register as a good argument to me. There are credible self-defense with a gun studies that show that an Ar-15 type rifle is not a bad home defense choice with ammunition suitable for home defense. It takes less training to be accurate at 7 yards with an AR-15 than a handgun, many reasons for that. Low Gun information Democrats continue to pass unreasonable and unconstitutional gun control under the guise of “common sense gun control.” It is hard for me to vote for a Democrat when their party has so thoroughly embraced inane gun control measure, while at the same time refusing to pass harsh criminal sanctions on the criminals who terrorize our streets and cities. They oppose mandatory minimum sentences for felons caught with guns or who use guns in robberies, assaults, car jackings, home invasions, and other violent gun crimes here in Kali.

  2. I remember one of my Drill Instructors, SSgt Corte-Real, saying, “Don’t one of you numbnuts think you can come into my hooch while I’m sleeping – I can use this M-16 just like shotgun!”

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