If it has not been made clear through my previous writings I am a white male.  It’s a condition that has plagued me since birth but I’ve learned to live with it.  Can’t say it’s really all bad being white in America.  I also can’t honestly say that being white is something of which I am either proud or ashamed.  I’m just white because my parents, both of whom are white, decided to get it on back in the 70’s.  Even more white it was probably at a Willie Nelson concert or something.  So I’m fascinatingly perplexed at the white rage in America and certainly in light of this week’s violence in Charlottesville.  What exactly do white people have to be that pissed about in America right now?  I mean I could read the subtle racial undertones around a lot of the criticism of our recently departed President.  But America has a fat rich white dude as President again.  Trump has legitimately slowed down illegal immigration and Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job.  Who peed in our milky white Cheerios to the point we are lighting torches and throwing up Nazi salutes?  Who threw away our Garth Brooks mixed tape and sent us into a rage talking about Civil War?  Yes I know those doing so are just a small portion of white America but I’m really scratching my head trying to figure out just what white America is so dang upset about right now?  Sorry I missed the last white people meeting if this was covered in the minutes but if you are planning to suddenly embrace “white nationalism” over whats going on in America today I don’t get it.  I have a job, a sufficient salary, my kids eat every day, still got my guns and friends all colors to go shoot them with.  It’s a rainbow coalition of pew pew pew so what the heck am I supposed to be angry about right now?  You can’t call it conservative anger because Trump just access denied Hillary and Republicans have both houses.  What am I supposed to be this angry about? I actually don’t know. 

Cmon White People

Let’s get this out of the way first.  Nothing says white people are doing just fine like the fact these dudes raided their back yard BBQ sets to get their tiki torches.  C’mon white people just how menacing were you planning to be because you dudes hit up a Home Depot before the rally.  Did you get your lawn fertilizer on the same trip or did you need a separate receipt for racist tax reasons?  Oh I know this is the point where someone calls me a “cuck” because that is apparently the hip insult.  Basically they would tell me it means I am a person who doesn’t stand up for my race and am willing to forfeit my heritage.  Well, not true.  I just literally don’t feel like anyone is trying to knock me down and pardon me if I enjoy seeing the success of all races along this journey of life. 

I am white but my parents, faith, and society have managed to squeeze enough empathy in my to not see life as a zero sum game with other races.  America perhaps we can all stand down the Nazi guard now. Oh but they are attacking your Southern heritage and history you say?  Look, I was raised in the south and I’ve been to all the nearby Civil War battlefields from Shiloh to Vicksburg. I’m here to tell you Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson have yet to buy me a fish sandwich or so much as a beer. I don’t owe them jack squat for losing a war I’m glad they lost.

Yes, it is stupid to whitewash the history and asking for monuments to be taken down from battlefields and historical locations is just plain silly.  But if one of my Dark Green Marines with whom I served tells me, “you know man it’s always kind of bothered me that a statue of early KKK enthusiast General Nathan Bedford Forrest is hovering over areas of Memphis,” I’d respond with take her down.  Nathan Bedford Forrest never bought me a fish sandwich either. I support the preservation of history my friends, but history isn’t going anywhere. You don’t get to the pull out the “well I have black friends line” if you value a Confederate dead dude from a war long past more than the opinions of those same friends who are telling you what they think.

A Tale of Two Experiences

That the black experience and white experience in America can vary from one another is just fact.  That we would develop different views on race is another.  Can they be very similar and simultaneously enlightening? Absolutely. But if you honestly look at the culture of American history and can’t see your way to acknowledge people of color at least have the ability to experience the country very differently then we are not going to get very far in this conversation.  I hear Home Depot is having a bulk sale on tiki torches. Growing up down south racial contexts are taught and reinforced from very early on.

I can remember taking my small town bus routes to school and there were two runs for my particular bus.  The first one loaded up kids in my town’s three schools and then took them to a neighborhood that was primarily if not 95% African American.  It then loaded me and other similar looking children up for a run to neighborhoods that were primarily if not 95%  Caucasian.  I think we might have had an Asian. Yep, pretty sure at least one Asian.

Not sure if they still do it but as late 1997 when the class voted for “most popular” or “most athletic” the ballots were clearly constructed in a manner to be sure there would be one white and one African American.  Our job was to just pick one from each category.  To bad for the Asian. How unfortunate kids as close to present as my generation were not given an attempt to see the humanity of their fellow man over race. But as far as I know we of every race all grew up and likely gained more empathy for one another.  So when kids I grew up with or Marines with whom I served tell me explicitly of some of the different experiences I have no reason to disbelieve them.  It matches what I saw growing up down south.  Just fact so why can’t I trust my friends of color when they say some of these symbols have different meanings for them.  I might and do think its silly to take down a statue, but if it’s that big of a deal to my friends and brothers in arms then Jefferson Davis never bought me a fish sandwich either.

Just Silliness

Let me be explicit.  I do not believe there is a war on white people.  That is just plain silliness. Antifa is plain silliness. They are going to start a herpes outbreak before they start a Civil War over statues from our last Civil War.  Nazis are plain silliness and if you were one of the Patriotic Trump supporters genuinely frustrated that people keep calling you Nazis then perhaps keep your distance from the actual ones with a tiki torch in their hand.  Perhaps not try to parse words on how white nationalism is not actually bad because they are not Nazis.  I’ll be explicit again.  Trump supporters are not Nazis.  But Nazis seem to like the smell of Trump’s cologne so you patriotic good guys be careful what lunch table you sit at during the next protest. 

We live in the richest nation on the planet that has seen its population overcome the pains and evils of keeping their fellow man in human bondage.  Truth be told life ain’t too bad for most Americans of any color these days and it gets better with each generation if you let it.  You need but travel the world to realize how good we have it in America. So pardon me if I’d rather not take the land where our kids live peacefully better than 99% of the planet.  Everyone and I mean everyone planning a protest or counter-protest hear me now.  That’s Nazis, that’s racist, that’s Antifa, that’s BLM, heck that might even be Bea Arthur and the Golden Girls.  Seriously polo wearing white dude screaming with a backyard tiki torch I’m talking to you most of all. 

These protests are stupid.  I am going to reach more people and have more rational conversation with this blog sitting from the comfort of my home then you are going downtown looking for a fight. It’s just plain silliness at this point because America is not sending out its best and brightest to protest.  Antifa will be there, Nazis will be there and the people you could actually change America with will be sitting at home watching the clips.  Honestly, the only thing they are good for is the YouTube fight videos.  Most of you protesting don’t even know what you are asking to be changed.  You are just angry and I don’t get it.  Call me a cuck all you want and I’ll remind you that can go cuck yourself with Bea Arthurs panties.  See you at the next meeting white America, I’ll bring the mayonnaise and crackers.

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8 Replies to “Attention Fellow White People:  I Genuinely Don’t Understand All the Anger”

  1. Jeff
    Another great post! Losers need to blame someone for their problems. Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Muslims, liberals, media, corporations, Federal Reserve, globalization, Bea Arthur, whatever. “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung.

  2. Jeff, you’re referring to those losers as whites since that’s the only group you didn’t include. How about blacks need to blame whites, Jews, Muslims, conservatives, coporations and whatever.
    You know this silliness of tearing down statues of anybody is not going to solve a damn thing. Everybody will still have hatefull things to say about each other.. if tearing down the statues would solve everything, I’d be all for it but there will always be something else. Maybe people should take a few minutes to read about people in tbose statues. Some have good qualities and didn’t do what many thought. If we continue to do the things we are doing, we’re headed for a communism.or Jitler state. Come on folks, democracy and capitalism aint bad.

  3. When I was stationed in Germany back from 2008-11, my family drove to Hungary for a spring break vacation. Outside Budapest there is a Monument Park with some amazing statuary and other monuments from the communist era. Although I’m a flag-waving American patriot who served though the last 11 years of the Cold War, I felt the history portrayed in this park in Budapest was invaluable for future generations to see, so they can better understand the past. Certainly, most if not all of those monuments would have no place in current Hungarian society, but still hold great historical value, and locating them together in a public park seemed like a great way to preserve history while understanding how effed up communism was. I’m not necessarily suggesting we create our own Monument Parks for our Confederate statues (because I think we currently have better things to do with public funds), but if a private group proposed fundraising and a plan to relocate our Confederate monuments for a state, region, or city to a Historical Park, that might not be a bad idea.

  4. I think you missed a big point on this craziness, it didn’t happen in a vacuum. I discussed this with my wife, and I think that these crazy Nazi and White Nationalist thugs knew exactly what they were doing. The media has been trying to link the Trump Admin with White Nationalist since before he was elected, with no proof. They have just been repeating the same thing over and over and finally someone bite the hook, the Nazi crazies. Once the Nazi crazies ran with it the Media jumped on it and thought it would be a great idea to broadcast these nut jobs protesting. If no one showed up to protest and the section of town they were going through just closed their doors so the crazies had no place to eat or drink or sleep, that would have solved the whole problem. But noooo, we decided it would be a great idea to give these crazies the attention they were looking for and it exploded as expected. So instead of crazies walking around by themselves, we get massive crowds (probably more than showed up for their Veterans Day Parade!) and we got the crazies on the other side (Antifa) and the tensions got so ramped up one of the White Nationalist crazies decided to run his car through a group and kill someone and attempt to kill a whole lot more.

    It is not just whites that are so angry these days (as your title would try to suggest) everyone is angry these days. We all hear the cry for stop the hate, but then over on social media it is all hate. If you don’t like the President, you say hateful things. If you like the President you say hateful things back to the other side.

    I also like what Dean mentioned about his trip to Hungary. I also feel like if we just take down all these things that cause an negative emotion in someone we will lose the reason someone hates them. I have heard a few people concerned that we are white washing history, and I can see this. Lets face it, if something is not in our face we forget about it. That’s why we have museums right, not cause there so supper cool that they are drawing people to them, but to remind us of how things were and why we should or should not repeat them. Do I have a solution, no, but I know that the road we are currently trying to go down is so full of pot holes were are going to lose our vehicles before we get to the end of it.

    Wow, talk about a rambling, run on reply!

    1. Totally agree Kevin. The neo-nazis and KKK should never have been given the media coverage. That is what they wanted. If the left and Antifa did not show up, this would have been a non issue and I believe the young lady would have been alive today.

  5. Washington and Jefferson were also slave owning Virginians. Why not erase them from history also? Forrest’s tactics are still taught at West Point. None of our historical figures are without fault. Our own family’s are not different. You don’t take down Uncle Joe’s picture because he got drunk at family get togethers. It appears though that now all that is needed to make something happen is to burn and loot a city or stop traffic on the Big M. Mob rule is replacing majority rule. And anyway, who has time to attend all these protests when they should be working. And having white skin is more a burden than anything else . I am constantly reminded of how white I am.

  6. Fear is a lot of what is fueling the anger. Fear that the middle class is disappearing. Yes, it is. Many of the good paying jobs that did not require a college degree are gone. I suspect that a lot of those clean shaven polo shirt wearing protestors are out of work or one paycheck from disaster. Homelessness is on the rise. The economic recovery from the crash of 2008 has not really helped the majority of the people harmed by the crash. Fear leads to anger. Both emotions require someone or something to attack. Because the best way to deal with fear and anger is to attack the cause of it. Add a few unscrupulous people with a strong desire to give all that fear and anger a target and Viola! you have a hate group.

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