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It’s our time brothers. I understand that the past 14 years of War loom large over us, but a future without precedent awaits us all. Since starting this blog, I have been humbled by the wisdom and support our older generation has offered to us Veterans of the modern GWOT era. While all of these older Vets acknowledge the lasting haunt of war, they do so from the throne of success as one whom has conquered and moved on. So it must be with us fellow Veterans. It is time to conquer a piece of America for ourselves as the era of the Veteran owned business carries on.

Be Bold Brothers

Just to be clear for my literal minded brothers out there, when I said conquer a piece of America, don’t actually breach, stack up, and start clearing rooms in any part of America. That was a metaphor and actually doing so is probably illegal. However, what I mean is that the time for us to be bashful about what we do on this side of war is long over. It’s our time now.

I am not famous, I don’t have riches, and I can’t write a book about how I killed Bin Laden. Actually no, I probably can do that as it turns out it was all a lie anyway, but that is another story. The point is, you are reading a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity for goodness sake.

Veteran Owned Business

Yet, despite my initial ambition to be read by dozens, I find myself sitting here 9 months later with over 650,000 people having read this blog. On a low month, this blog will get read 40,000 to 50,000 times and mostly by fellow Veterans and lovers of current events and military thoughts. All I have are words people, but I refuse to sit on them any longer.  There are writing experts out there whom might scoff at the words I write, but I can’t hear them due to the backblast of me blowing the door to their industry down. It’s our time brothers.

Veteran Publicity by Veterans for Veterans

Truthfully, the future is bright for all of us Veterans. It has to be and I’ll accept nothing less. As a result, I am starting a regular segment on Unprecedented Mediocrity where I will weekly highlight a Veteran owned business, write up their story, link to their material and give them all the free publicity I can offer. After all, it was fellow Veterans that helped this blog grow and I am eager to repay the favor.

If this type of write up interests any Veteran owned businesses out there, hit me up no matter how large or small you may be at and as I can squeeze them all in, your business will get free write ups with the Unprecedented Mediocrity touch. I won’t charge you anything and if you have a product or service you want me to sample, just send it my way and I’ll tell the world about it.

To all my Veteran brothers in Colorado and Washington State, don’t send me Pot okay? I know it’s legal there and I am sure your business Chesty Puller’s Pot Emporium is doing just great. However, I can’t review your pot, I don’t smoke it and it’s illegal where I am no matter how delicious you believe your flavor of pot to be. However, for the rest of the Veteran owned businesses, let me help in any way I can.

Veteran Owned Business

If there are any Veteran owned business looking to purchase ad space on this blog, you can see my stats above.  Or perhaps writing services for your blogs, web, or marketing is needed and that is an area I have breached as well. Again, backblast area clear brothers, the future looks bright for us all.

The Future

However, my main point to all the Vets out there is the following. We all know what Jody was doing while we were at war and I don’t have to explain that to my fellow vets. However, what you may not know is that Jody was busy thinking he was getting a head start on us in success while we were eating foreign dirt. Unfortunately, that has led some Veterans to feel like they have to play catch up before you chase your passion. But I say, may it never be. Stop being bashful about what you want accomplish this side of war and kick in the freaking door.

What Jody doesn’t know is that Veterans were building the experiences, the brotherhood, and the grit that it truly takes to succeed. It’s our time now Veterans. The next generation of Veterans will need for the rest of us to be in positions of authority and influence just like those who have gone before us.

Veteran Owned Business

Show the world that Veterans are more than the caricatures the media often portrays. It is time to master this phase of life. Again, if you are interested in being featured on this blog for the free Veteran owned business spotlight, just email me Any other inquiries, hit me up at same email. Semper Fi Vets.  It’s our time now.

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  1. Really great undertaking you are doing. You are a really wonderful person and have an unprecedented way of putting things into words. Good luck in all your endeavors, bro. And Semper Fi. Paul

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