No Fly List Gun Ban

History proves liberty is hard while tyranny is remarkably easy.   If the United States Government passes a law banning those on the terror watch list or no-fly list from purchasing a gun, the definition of a terrorist will rapidly expand.  And such a law is being advocated and debated by Congress this very minute. Currently, there are United States citizens who have done nothing wrong and have committed no crime that are on the no-fly list.  But who cares because they might be Muslim Terrorist right says many and if I am honest, perhaps even myself for a time?  And yet the famous quote by German pastor Martin Nieomoller about Hitler’s regime has never rung more true.  “First they came for the Socialist, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Socialist.  Then they came for the trade unionist, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a trade unionist.  Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Jew.  Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Donald Trump and Obama, Two Peas in a Pod

I am not one who thinks all Muslims are terrorist, but I refute the silly notion that Americans are supposed to ignore the modern threat of Islamic terrorism and pretend like the terrorist who keep explicitly claiming they are Islamic are just joking with us.  Rather, the more we actually talk about what everyone is actually thinking, the better chance we have to move on.  I have always advocated for open and blunt dialogue, not a suspension of rights in any manner.  But Donald Trump has another plan.  I am no fan of the Trump as I have long believed him to express more tyrannical tendencies than Obama.  Just my opinion and where I happen to be at on the man even though I think his seemingly offensive speech is actually good for America.  Particularly millennials, but keep reading to find out why.

If you are new to this blog and you think I am about to start exclaiming the tyranny of President Obama, calm down.  Obama will leave office in one year and this chapter in our history will close without UN Blue Helmets marching across the land, Americans will still own the guns they currently have, and no one will have been Jade Helmed. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take the man at his word when he advocates for serious gun control.

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester

There comes a time when someone is so certain they know what is best for America, they will force us to take our medicine whether we like it or not.  Trump believes he can keep us safe by dealing with the Muslims in the manner of his choosing.  I am not going to get into the back and forth about what he did and did not say, but what he insinuates and in some cases is quite explicit is nothing short of tyranny for American citizens of the Muslim faith.  And with President Obama, he believes guns are such a blight on America that he is about to open the door for future tyrants to shut the door on the one ingredient that secures future liberty.  Notice I said future, because in my best Obi-Wan Kenobi voice, no Obama is not the tyrant droid you have been looking for.  But it might very well be one of Presidents 45 through 50 if millennials have anything to do with it.

Millennials are Stupid

And when I say stupid, I don’t mean in the cool rap version way.  I mean the group of which 40% said they believe in banning speech if they thought it were offensive is absolutely stupid.  So what makes the world think this group of self-absorbed cry babies will have any idea how to administer a magical watch list that once your name is on it, you are denied a constitutional right.  For through all the politically correct talk about Islamic terrorism comes the reoccurring notion from this group that right wing extremist are more dangerous.  Domestic terrorism they would call it, but when this group of kids gets to label who and what is a domestic terrorist, all will be lost if we have given them the tools to deny liberty as a result.

Ban No fly list from owning guns

The line between “dissent” and “extremism” is becoming increasingly blurred these days for those on the right.  And while I do blame many extreme groups on the right for inflammatory rhetoric that I deem less than helpful, I don’t think I’m ready to start stripping constitutional rights from them.  Dissent is rarely pleasant to those who want their way, but that is how we do this thing in America.  When President Obama signed into action the order that opens the sharing of mental health information before a gun purchase, a good number of my fellow Veterans who might have had the need for a fiduciary to help manage their finances were given letters by the VA telling them they could no longer own a gun.  Because if you are too “crazy” to deal with finances, then you are two crazy to exercise this constitutional right.

So let me ask you, just how dissenting and extreme do you have to be before you are labeled a terrorist?  And once this politically correct millennial group gets their turn at running the country, do you honestly believe the generation who needs a safe place from hurtful words to be able to distinguish dissent from domestic terrorism?  I am not a sensationalist or conspiracy theorist, but I am a radical centrist and pragmatist.  I just look at the future, not Obama, but the future of this generation and wonder if I want to live on planet earth anymore.

History Proves Liberty is Hard While Tyranny is Remarkably Easy

I support baby hurdles on exercising constitutional rights with the same consistency.  I don’t mind a background check or mental health check on a gun purchase the same way I don’t mind voter ID laws.  Each potentially very dangerous, but a minor hurdle we can live with if it were never to advance past that.  But what they are trying to do with guns sounds absurd if you apply it to other rights.  After all, just how crazy is too crazy to vote?  How obviously guilty is a person before we don’t have to worry about that due process business?

No fly list gun ban

And just how “terroristy” do you have to be before we say you can’t live life like your fellow Americans because we say so.  Obama is not a tyrant, but he is no fan of guns.  So when he starts gleefully pursuing a bill that has some odd amount of conservative support that actually targets predominately Muslim Americans, you better perk your head up and look around.  He will be gone in a year, but the keys to tyranny might have been left in drawer for the next guy or gal if America is not careful.  This idea of preventing those on the terror watch list from purchasing a gun is a horrible idea.  I mean, just the worst.  Liberty is supposed to be hard and yes, at times dangerous.  But we fight for it today before there is no left to fight for us tomorrow.

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6 Replies to “Banning the Terror Watch List from Purchasing a Gun is a Horrible Idea: I Mean, Just the Worst”

  1. Damn good read Jeff, keep ’em coming. I know that I’ve probably got 40 years or so on you but we are thinking more alike all the time. I’m no card carrying gun freak but I do own enough guns to get me by. I’m a range trained Marine and still abide by the Marine Corps gun safety standards. Thanks for a great article!!
    Semper Fi

    1. Thanks man. I agree, when it comes ti liberty, it ought to bridge generations. I’m thankful for those who went before me.

  2. Good article Jeff. It may be time to try your hand at a book. Funny, when I looked at the first picture I couldn’t help feel sorry for all those guys because imagine how long it took them to get into those pretty rows and how long they had to stay there without being able to go to the head? You know my background so a funny twist on your main point for me is that I have been on the no fly list for over 10 years. It’s a pretty big hurdle every time I have to travel. And Homeland Security has been promising to straighten it out for about 10 years.

  3. There are several flaws in this. First the Muslim thing. Islam is not a religion as the west sees religion. It is and has been for centuries, a brutal, fascist, murderous, militaristic ideology that converts by the sword and has since Mohammad went on the warpath. So there are no muslims that are not involved with jihad. Its ALL jihad at some level. Whining about descrimintationThere whole ideology is based on convert or kill. Trump? We need him right now if for no other reason than he has broken the fearful, at best mildly pro-American milque toast mold that has been the mainstay of our political system since at least Reagan or maybe JFK or even Teddy Roosevelt. Jeff needs to understand the HE has been indoctrinated by our educational system to a greater or lesser extent. This indoctrination has been in place and slowly getting more effective for over 100 years. This is why the “millennials” are “stupid” and have no respect for their liberty or that of other citizens. They have been taught that our founders were drunken, white salve owners rather than being taught to appreciate what they gave us with the Constitution. Finally does anyone here REALLY think that if Trump does not subscribe to the goals of the world federalists and the council on foreign relations view of what we need to be and do that he will be elected? Or maybe even survive? Reagan opposed world federalism and look how long he served before being shot. Look how he flip-flopped and put Bush one as his VP even though he had previously said he would not…. What was written in the blog is your typical milque toast, White House shill drivel. Obama will be effecting America for DECADES and his actions along with those of MOST presidents in my lifetime will eventually put us into a world federalist federation (Bush 1’s “new world order”) and the idiots, dumbed down by a century or more of “public education” in America, will think its a good idea.

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