I don’t care about the feelings of grass.  Honestly I don’t.  Recently, some environmentalists have brought up the premise that grass feels pain and thus shouldn’t be cut.  I don’t care.  I don’t buy it, and even if I did, I don’t know that it bothers me that much.  Moreover, not only do I not care, but I am kind of going out of my way to mock the grass has feelings campaign right here.  So why should you care then? I am not sure you should, but I will tell you this.  If you have any tendency or inkling to have compassion for grass, then you should care and do something because people like me don’t care.  We don’t care, won’t lift a finger to save the grass, and we might even try to rally support towards the not caring side.

So let’s jump to Ann Coulter.  This professionally paid person, I say that because she is in the business of being herself, made some fairly consistent statements this week regarding the missionaries in Africa who contracted Ebola.  To sum it up, she called the Doctor “idiotic”  for trampling off to the third world attempting to show compassion to those in need.  However, she doesn’t want you to think she is heartless.  She eloquently pointed out the problems in America and more or less suggested that until everything is right in America, foreigners will have to wait on Christian compassion.  Why, because Merica, thats why.

She goes on to state that basically if you make America better then the rest of the world will get our trickle down compassion.  She uses the example of how if a Christian can evangelize a hollywood movie producer that would do more good that as she put it “marinating himself in medieval diseases of the third world.”  Also, she points out that the money spent to fly the doctor back somehow undid any good he accomplished while he was there.  She knows this to be true because she clearly has God labeled as an Accountant keeping track of the expenditures of compassion versus the subsequent monetary return.

However, to tell you that Ann Coulter said something divisive is hardly the point of this post.  I’ll be honest, she has made some conservative fiscal points that I agree with.  I could shake my head in agreement until the rest comes out, such as these comments above.  In addition, the audience of this post is not Ann Coulter or those whom view life lock in step with her.  Honestly, I don’t think I’m the guy to get her from and F in compassion to a D minus.  Raising the Titanic seems to be an easier task. Rather, this post is for those whom do to some degree or another have compassion towards the “least of these.”  The whole point of this post is that you should care about these nations and peoples because Ann Coulter doesn’t.  And there are many like her.

Kind of like my apathy for the pain of grass, spending your time attempting to convince Ann Coulter of the folly of her worldview seems futile. I would say you have a better chance resisting the Borg in fact.  A few people will get that last reference.  Anyway, Ann doesn’t care, won’t care, and in fact with her microphone is actively attempting to engage others in her crusade of not caring.  So for those whom feel compassion for others outside the good ole red white and blue, you really should care.  What is more disturbing is that she goes on to quote scripture in her defense of not caring.  She insinuates it is folly for this Doctor to have risked his life to answer this call to serve.  She claims he is narcissistic for going overseas and risking his life.  Because clearly, anyone in Christianity who would take the harder road, the narrower road if you will, serve the sick and be willing to give it all to death, well they have clearly gone rogue on this Jesus guy.

But if we could just get God to bless America more than we can pour those blessings out she would seem to argue.  I am of the view that telling people in America that God wants to bless you is like telling people in China that God wants you to be Asian.  Guess what, its happened.  I have been to China and take my word for it, they are as Asian as Americans are blessed.  But most of you know that.  So again, my appeal really is to you.  It doesn’t have to be foreign medical missions.  It could be adoption, foster care, homeless compassion, feeding the hungry, or whatever your cause.  If it inspires compassion in you then you should let that compassion inspire you to action.  Agreement is hardly as beneficial as enrollment.  Time to get enrolled.  Because I guarantee you, whatever category your compassion lies, there is an Ann Coulter ready to rally the troops of apathy.

So if you have compassion for grass, then I guess I am your Ann Coulter.  But for the rest of the noble causes in the world, Ann Coulter is probably your Ann Coulter.