If you are one of the people who finds some sort of ironic joy that pro-2A congressmen were shot with a rifle you personally find scary then you are part of the problem.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say you are actually a bigger problem than the rifle itself.  Because throughout America today there are likely a million plus rifles of the same variety that didn’t kill anyone.  But this isn’t going to be a pro-gun article so if the thoughts of mean scary rifles that go pew keep you up at night you can stick around. Rather, this is going to be an article pleading for my fellow Americans to simmer down.  Because your over the top political rhetoric is going to get people killed.  So if you are one of the many people who took to social media expressing some sort of morbid joy that pro 2A congressmen were shot I’ve got some words for you.  Sit down, you are not going to like them, and come to terms with it.

It’s a Bi-Partisan Problem

Now, lest you think I’m just about to start ranting about the crazy lefties I need to tell you that the tendency to express violent political rhetoric is more human nature than partisan.  If you can remember the fat bearded man from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge stand off last year, I’m guessing he was not a liberal.  The portly man I lovingly dubbed General Twinkies Mc HoHo screamed into the camera something along the lines of, “there are no laws in these United States anymore.  If any LEO or military try to stop you, kill them!”  You know what here, just watch the video.

Guys, that’s just the conservative side of the Antifa coin which is now plaguing our streets.  Ignorant people shouting calls to violence they have no stomach to perpetrate themselves.  And yet, on both the left and right such calls to violence will get people killed.  For if you rattle the crazy cages of America long enough neither side ought to be surprised when a nut falls out. It’s human nature and it’s not partisan.  For on one hand leftist crazies are celebrating the perceived irony of this shooting and it’s sickening.  Meanwhile, conservatives are hovering over Ruth Bader Ginsberg like a couple of crows and while they would mourn in public were she to pass I can only assume they shut the doors to their office and so something like this.

It’s human nature people and we have been fallen creatures long before either political party was established.  But that does not mean we cannot exert a little bit of self-control over our tongues.  That doesn’t mean we can’t strive to choose our words carefully. And that doesn’t mean we can’t all in bi-partisan fashion lament an overt attack on our government.  Because that is what this was.  It was an assault on the United States of America and we all ought to be pissed.

Let’s Talk About Guns

There seems to be a common theme among the human trash celebrating today’s shooting in that they are “wondering what the congressman will think about assault rifles now?”  Well, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he will first chide you for calling it an assault rifle and then still think they are pretty rad.  Once in a foreign land someone shot at me with an AK-47 and yet, I still want one.  Seriously, if any gun shops out there want to build me a model from scratch I’ll give you free advertising on this blog for 2 years.  That’s several hundred thousand to a million views all for one rifle and I’ll even highlight your build to my audience.  Sorry, I selfishly digress.  Calm down on the pic below ladies, I’m much fatter now.

These “assault weapons” are not the problem.  In fact, the New York Times even wrote a piece highlighting how “assault weapons” as a mass danger is a public myth.  They just don’t kill that many people and in fact today, the only person it may have got killed was the crazy attacker.   So no, I do not think any GOP congressmen will be shifting their views on these rifles anytime soon.  The Antifa and anti-Trump crowd has simply gone into overdrive with their rhetoric and at least for this dude here today it offered him a feeling of legitimacy to do what he did.  Or he might just be balls to the wall crazy, you really never know with white people.

In Conclusion

I opted to talk about the political rhetoric because I’ve had about enough of it.  From both sides in fact. As it stands now, the results of the recent election that has sent the lefties into overdrive.  A couple years back was Obama trying to Jade Helm us into an empty Wal-Mart.  If you can’t engage in political rhetoric without calls or even implications of political violence then shut your stinking pie holes.  Yes, I’m talking to you Kathy Griffin.  When you hold up the bloody head of our President we all know what you are inferring and perhaps the shooter today just took you literally.

What happened today is a national tragedy and not a partisan one.  It was an attack on our elected government.  If Gabby Giffords can get a warship named after her then surely you can hold off celebrating when the opposite political party takes a hit.  Screw you Antifa, screw you Kathy Griffin, screw you General Twinkies McHoHo and a big screw you to all the people celebrating this shooting or planning some sort of partisan reprisal.  Blame the rhetoric and not the rifle because that’s the only thing getting people killed today.  Prayers and speedy recovery to the wounded today and an ooh rah to the Capital Police who did their job with excellence.

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4 Replies to “Blame the Rhetoric Not the Rifle for Today’s GOP Shooting”

  1. Thanks Jeff for saying what I could not find the words to say, you’ve hit the nail on the head. My hope is that this will bring the Congress as a whole to their senses and start them on a path of taking care of business. There’s way too much partisanship on both sides of the aisle. The business of the people should be foremost in their minds, no one else!!
    Semper Fi

  2. Jeff – spot on. My thoughts exactly. Too much noise, too much fear. Do not want to live in a country where politically motivated violence is deemed acceptable. We’re not Venezuela. Hopefully this incident will get folks on both sides thinking it is time to dial it back.

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