Truth be told, most Americans don’t have a clue what to actually think about the Brexit.  If you don’t know what I mean when I refer to the Brexit, aka British exit from the EU, then let me congratulate you on finally waking up from your alcohol induced week long coma.  The Brexit is all the rage today and judging from everyone’s reactions I’m convinced we all simply have no idea what this really means.  Lovers of liberty and the right to determine one’s own fate such as myself are actually very sympathetic to the Brexit as there is something that screams freedom about it.  Why a sovereign nation would surrender any of its decision-making power to a foreign body is beyond me.  Meanwhile, pretty much any person with credibility on Economics and the Global Marketplace is looking at Britain with that decisive and unmistakable WTF look.  Kind of like a parent looking at their now liberated 18-year-old child whose first act of adulthood was to get a “Thug Life” tattoo on his forehead and marry a 40-year-old female hooker named Carl.  WTF kid?  I know it’s your right and all, but WTF.  That being said I’m actually not all that opposed to the Brexit personally because I too have been feeling the right to determine our own fates has come under fire in modern times.  And I’m here to tell you that if the world keeps pushing liberty loving people in a corner it’s going to be a very good year for 40-year-old hookers named Carl.

Sorry Texas, You Don’t Get a Texit

Ok, let’s just get this out of the way first.  Texas I’m looking at you.  You don’t get a Texit anymore than Florida gets a Flexit or Mississippi gets a Rednexit. But by God, I love you Texas as the manner in which you conduct yourself screams America so loud it makes me want to burst out into song.  But just to be clear, you scream America and you are not going anywhere.  I know I just said its ok to do stupid stuff for the sake of liberty but any attempt at actual secession would be catastrophically stupid.  The Syrian Civil War is not going all that smashingly for their citizens and I don’t think this one would either.


One, we have been down this road before and young gentlemen in the 1860’s had a less than polite 4-year long conversation about it.  Now I know that some of you fancy a civil war, but I assure you the demographics are not really in your favor.  Our military is no longer regionalized as it was back in the day and calling up the Texas National Guard is not going to quite get it done.  I for one am willing to fight to keep you in the Union because I think you are the coolest state we have and we have a reputation to upkeep.

Not only that, but where does it end?  Because you realize the population of Texas is almost 1/3rd Hispanic with you are positioned right up next to that porous Southern Border.  When your “nation” is almost half Hispanic, how long before there is a rallying cry for a “Mexit” and your citizens want to return the land we less than politely acquired from Mexico back in 1848.  Face it Texas, you are here to stay so come to terms with it however you must.

The Brexit is Going to Cost Money

That’s the consensus and while any pro-Brexit people can find an expert to dispute it, I’m going with the experts.  But if you counted the cost and are prepared to accept it then I say bravo to the people of Britain.  Good for you sticking it to the global man if that is what 52% of your citizens desire.  The truth is that many Britons as are many Americans these days felt marginalized by a progressive approach to global living.  It’s this notion that one citizen must be like the other regardless of how different are their circumstances and the force of government will be brought to bear if you rebel.

I live in Eastern Washington and let me tell you that it couldn’t be more different than Western Washington.  You pass over those mountains on the way to Seattle and before you know it your pants turn into skinny jeans and someone is trying to shove organic vegan tofu seaweed down your throat.  And yet, the population difference means Seattle gets to control most state affairs and major issues.  Eastern Washington has much more in common with conservative Idaho and Montana than anything coming off the West Coast.

Listen, the problem with progressive Government is that it ignores regional differences and the reality that there are in fact different strokes for different folks.  In the United States, our Government was never designed to have so many decisions coming out of Washington D.C.  But as it currently stands, millions of voters out of heavily urbanized population centers are writing laws that have nothing to do with huge swaths of the nation.  A kid gets shot in Chicago and D.C. thinks an Alaskan living on a river above the Artic Circle needs to give up their AR-15.

In Conclusion

What you can see from the rise of Donald Trump is that if you keep pushing liberty loving people they are willing to do something fascinatingly risky and potentially costly as a result.  I don’t like Donald Trump and I’ve made that abundantly clear, but if I were a Montana rancher who keeps having to deal with the whims of New York Liberals I might get a “Thug Life” tattoo and marry that orange faced stripper too.  Even the most ardent Trump supporter knows just how risky his Presidency would be but you pushed them here.  Too many people feel as if they have nothing to lose and nor did the Britons.

The United Kingdom couldn’t be more different from mainland Europe and yet, they felt that time and time again their interest were losing out to a people of a foreign language.  So they said screw it and did something that has the economic world literally saying WTF.  It will cost the United Kingdom heavily but the pursuit of liberty is often costly which is something of which we will be reminding ourselves very soon here on the 4th.  It is hard to feel like you are self-governed when the laws coming from your own center of Government seem so foreign.


And to the global progressive community of the world, you have not yet seen just how stupid liberty-loving people can get.  You want to make us loco? You want see us act stupid and I don’t mean the cool rap kind of stupid?  Keep pushing us to be, govern, and act alike when we have no greater interest than liberty itself.  Was the Brexit a good idea?  No, it wasn’t.  But neither was throwing the King’s tea into the harbor but some liberty loving people made that work awhile back now didn’t they.  Liberty is driven not by stats, but the true and virutous nature of itself.

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3 Replies to “The Brexit Proves Humans Will Do Remarkably Stupid Stuff for Liberty and That’s OK”

  1. I think the whole EU thing was a push towards global government and to me that would suck . Europe has been jacked up since there was a guy named Jack. Brittain will get past this and be okay, or not, but at least it will all be up to them. To me, nationalism is a good thing. Be proud of you’re country, sports team or whatever .

  2. I’ve followed this blog for quite a while and being a Brit myself come to share many of the views shared on this. I served in Iraq in ’08 and it’s always good to hear the thoughts you and your followers share on here. While Brexit will be turbulent for the foreseeable it is exactly as you say. Pretty much sticking it to ‘the man’ as it were. Unfortunately many people have been misinformed on both sides of the fence fear tactics and scaremongering at its worst were at the heart of both campaigns. It is what it is, the British people will dust ourselves off, stand up straight and make it work because that’s what we do.

    1. Glad to have support from across the pond and fellow Iraq Vet! I think you are right. I’m praying it works out for you all over there, but British resolve is legendary.

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