Three Veterans walk into a bar and one says to the other two, “hey guys, I’m a liberal.”  Another looks at his friend in the eye and says, “really, I’m a conservative.”  Finally, the last Veteran leans in and says, “I’m a libertarian.”  The bartender then walks up to the gentlemen and says, “What are you drinking?”  They all carry on to order good whiskey and a great time was had by all.  End of story.  Weren’t those the good old days my friends? You see, it used to be that political opposition was seen as a necessary component of democracy.  You might disagree with them, but you recognize the opposition’s role in representing huge swaths of Americans and that opposition helps keep your own party in check.  But over the course of this election season things got weird.  Cliff Huxtable starting raping people and it would seem that our jealousy of the Sunni-Shia blood feud has reached full pitch.  Why have a nation with a diverse citizenry when you can finally have that house divided against itself you always wanted?  Shaking my head.  America is going to be ok after this election my friends, but only if we let it.  You bring the whiskey and we’ll be friends again America.  Yes, all of you.

One More Day to Go

Now, I recognize with the election tomorrow I might be a day early to plead for reason and the pursuit of truth.  For if this election has been anything it’s been very unreasonable and pitched full of falsehoods.  So, if you still feel like this election is in play then feel free for the next 24 hours to continue on with absurdity, fake news stories, and cries of tyranny.  But when the results are in, please come back to reason and read this article a second time.  I’ll call it the Purge and hopefully you get it out of your system so that we can chart a path forward.


Quickly, I must say that if you are someone who fancies visions of armed revolution if your candidate loses this article is not for you.  You can shove that revolution straight up your yankee doodle dandy because I want no part of it.  I am a patriot who believes that as essential is political opposition to democracy so is the need to keep government in check with the “right” to overthrow tyranny.  However, losing an election with two of the most unlikable candidates in history is hardly tyranny.  You fancy the notion of revolution because keyboard patriots across this nation get you riled up on the internet, but they will not be there for you.  The children of Syria don’t fancy civil war like you do and I think our own children will not either.


Water only boils at 100 degrees and if you should take up arms early to harm any LEO or military member during your election day temper tantrum I pray that they aim true, put you in the dirt, and allow the rest of America to move on.  After all, Obama’s still going to cancel the election, bring in the blue helmets of the UN, Jade Helm us until we cry, convert us to Islam and then lock us up in an empty Wal-Mart right? You can disagree with Obama’s policies as many do, but sadly, he was not the tryant for which you have been longing.  But let’s talk truth.

The Truth is Incontrovertible

One of my greatest hopes for this country after the election is that we again become a people who value truth for its own virtue.  Winston Churchill once said, “The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”  However, thanks to clickbait conspiracy sites, radio pundits, and bloggers we have become a people who deny the incontrovertible when it is slapping us in the face.  Now you want to talk about a gateway to tyranny, let us become a people incapable of separating fact from fiction and truth from what we want to hear.


Everyone knows Hillary lied about her emails, regardless of whether you think she should be charged.  I have a much better time drinking whiskey with the liberal who says, “Oh yeah, she tried to cover it up but she’s still my gal.”  Everyone equally knows that Donald Trump has trouble making it through a single speech without a bold lie that is greeted by thunderous applause.  I was at a Trump rally and I heard it first hand here.


But I don’t deride a politician for doing to some degree what most do, but I will deride my fellow citizens for refusing to acknowledge and recognize incontrovertible truth.  If 100 leading economist are telling you one thing, but your favorite blogger at ControversialJadeHelmEndTimes.com is telling you another will you please listen to the economist and weight it accordingly?  I know those who embrace conspiracy sites will say that making them sound crazy is how the world elite discredits them.  And while that is entirely possible, I’d like to offer the alternative possibility that some times this stupid S@#t is just not true.

The Path Forward

Denying the incontrovertible for what you want to hear is maddening and has sadly ravaged the credibility of conservatives more than most during the Obama administration.  Mark my words conservatives, if Hillary becomes President and you let Trump carry on for the next 4 years talking of a “rigged” election you will make Hillary a two term President.  Why is it so hard to believe that the nation which elected a Democrat for 16 of the past 24 years might do so again?  Conservatives must return to truth, fact, and the authentic principles of conservative values or they could be lost forever.

This nation, liberal and conservative, needs to be reminded how to govern with the political opposition in place.  Politics has always by it’s nature gotten rowdy, but it’s this crazy notion that your fellow citizens might think differently about stuff than you do.  This is not a race to 435 house seats and 100 in the citizen as I wouldn’t want that for any party. Political opposition is an asset, not a threat, and we need to start acting like that again.  Or we can just devolve into these people.

There are those who said Trump is actually winning and the polls are rigged. Well, to you I will just say that we will incontrovertibly find out tomorrow.  No more polls, pundits, or predictions.  Just the incontrovertible next President of the United States.  Whoever that will be, America will be just fine if we let it.  We can be friends again America, I promise.  In fact, I think we all will be glad this election is over and if you can drink to that we’ll have that whiskey together.

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  1. Very true. If only every one could read this and think “”Hey ya know what? HE’S RIGHT. OMG SOME ONE THAT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE””. And then every one take what you’ve written to heart, spread the word, and act accordingly. Alas sadly sorrowfully, and IGNORANTLY your article will be appreciated by only a few. Grrr God bless your heart for trying. Oh and as far as Facebook is concerned you must have A totally different set of ideals, morals, and love for your country than they do. Oh wait I know what it is. You make sense lol. They have blocked my account now for two weeks ava are threatening to close it. Simply bcuz I won’t change my name to one Facebook agrees with.My fb moniker has lady rebel as my middle name. That’s a name I’m known by ava called by on a daily basis. I’m a truck driver. And I’ve had that name for twenty five years. There see people that I’ve know for twenty five years and that is what they call me. LADY REBEL is my CB “”handle””. There are actually some that don’t even knew my given name. I’ve had friends find me on Facebook thru that name. And they can keep , close, rent, or sell my account. I will not change my name on there simply bcuz they have a burr up their butts. Their policy sez my name should be what people know me as. Well that’s my professional name. Lol. Anyway I love your article so much. Thank you, and I’ll see ya at the Bar

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