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An Islamic Radical killed 12 people in a Paris publication office for posting satire about Terrorism. Even more horrifically, there is video footage of them gunning down a wounded police officer as he begged for his life.  It was another brief moment for evil in this world that we had to witness.  However, for these 12 individuals, that was the moment the ability to COEXIST became a fairy tale. Now, I would like to take credit for the title of this article and the pictures you see here, but truth be told I’m just a big fat thief. The words and titles are from Gruntworks.  You might know Gruntworks as the service oriented page on Facebook that brightens each of our days with some pretty motto content.  However, they also create some pretty awesome gear and shirts to include the COEXIST content you see here.  I’m not getting paid or anything to point you there.  I just believe when I rob someone of their nice stuff, I could at least have the decency to tell you where I stole it from.  But let’s get back to COEXIST.

You Have Seen It

Now, some of you might be wondering why I am capitalizing COEXIST.  However, I think most of you know.  You have seen the bumper stickers that are fairly common place in America.  Made from symbols of the major religions, it basically promotes the idea that we should all get along and allow each other to do their own thing.  To which I respond, great.  I am happy to COEXIST as I have been doing that all my life.  Within 10 minutes of my house, I can visit a religious institution of nearly all of these religions and I have yet to attempt to blow any of them up. I am a big fan of COEXISTing as I am doing it this very minute and killing no one. In fact, I spend my days teaching people of all faiths and cultures to make good money writing online. So regardless of what you believe, check out the free preview of The Veteran Copywriter and I’ll help you make good money regardless of where you pray.

Full disclosure, there was actually this one time in Iraq where some Haji shot at me in the middle of the night and in accordance with my personal policy I tried to shoot him back. Now, I assume he was Muslim as he probably assumed I was Christian. And for that brief moment in time, neither one of us had any desire to COEXIST.  Now, I don’t know if I hit him or not and he didn’t hit me or any of the other 3 Marines in that dark alley in Al Kut.  So it might entirely be that we do indeed both COEXIST at this very moment.  I guess that is just fine. However, I think we can agree that there is a time and season for everything.  And with each act of terrorism, I’m afraid the time to COEXIST is fading into the sunset.

The Truth

Now, I am not saying we should fail to COEXIST with Islam.  I believe in the freedom of religion and as a Christian, it’s not too far fetched that the day where America is much less friendly to my faith is fast approaching. So it would be foolish to arm Government with the legal or police precedent to dispatch our enemies today only to have them used against us tomorrow.  I actually know Muslims who are great people.  Moreover, many Muslims are about as Muslim as many Christians are Christian. Meaning, they wear the title but that’s about it. So we truthfully must COEXIST with each other as the original bumper sticker would suggest.

However, there are terrorist who want to kill you right now. They wear the banner of Islam and they have no desire to COEXIST with you. This is something that tragically played out in the streets of Paris today. Moreover, these terrorist scum decided to act based off of a cartoon. That’s it.  You see, if I slap a bear long enough in the face or travel to the jungle to spank a lion, I understand that I have invoked violence upon myself.  However, if a lion jumps through my window right now to snack on me, then he was nothing but a blood thirsty animal and this is how I would sum up the terrorist. When trivial matters invoke them to violence, then there is no other motive than the sick and twisted evil in their hearts. There was no offense given as they were but prowling animals already looking for their next meal.

The Time is Nigh

We are indeed in armed conflict with ISIS at this moment and we do appear to be winning. ISIS is on its heels and I am of the opinion, the sooner they are dispatched the safer we all are.  You see, there will always be terrorism acts of violence coming from radical Islam as long as the world exists.  Whether it is the streets of Paris, the Boston Marathon, or a lone wolf, we can’t wipe out everyone who would do us harm. However, we can try. ISIS might very well be a figurehead that has inspired many of these terrorist to new levels of boldness and that is a possibility we can’t ignore.


For the rest of us just living our lives here in the world, we should embody General Mattis’ famous words of “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy.”  We should be friendly and cordial to all faiths and allow them to operate freely.  However, the moment they challenge our right to EXIST we should be quick to throw COEXIST out the window. Let this last hard truth sink in and resonate with you.  When the terrorist have killed you, then you indeed no longer COEXIST as only they EXIST.  I say again, I welcome people of the Muslim faith to operate freely.  However, just like that dark night in Iraq, we can do this another way if you so choose. For just as Gruntworks so eloquently stated, You can’t COEXIST with people who are trying to kill you.

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6 Replies to “You Can’t COEXIST With People Who Want to Kill You”

  1. I was thinking about this very idea this morning as I was out driving. The question must be asked: did religion create the terrorist or did the terrorist create the religion? By this I obviously don’t mean the religion of Islam or Christianity, but the sect that someone created then called Islam or Christianity. All religions have had their share of zealots, some of those zealots have chosen terrorism as their preferred method to proselytize the world. I do believe that, even if you were able to convert a Muslim to Christianity he would still be a zealot and a terrorist. I don’t think it’s the religion that makes the terrorist but the terrorist that warps the religious beliefs to his own twisted way of thinking.
    So this places a rather large pile of responsibility in the laps of all religious groups. Disassociate yourselves completely with any terrorist organization, person, or idea, or be forever associated with that organization, person, or idea. There should be a deep chasm of separation between all religions and terrorism. The fact that there isn’t always is what so many people find disturbing. At least I do.

    1. I agree Chris. Those within the religions who are not militant need to completely disavow this terrorism and violence. The more isolated these people are they would hopefully be more easy to identify.

  2. Would like to know more about your thoughts on your country becoming less friendly to your faith- maybe as it looks over the next 5 years, then 10. Thank you, good stuff.

  3. Once again you’ve given me a lot to think about…. In turn though, I’ll share my own lengthy and probably divisive thoughts on the subject.

    We seem continue going after the “thorns” of extremism while the “roots” of disaffection and corruption grow deeper. A perfect example is during the previous decade of war in Iraq approximately 4 million Iraqis became refugees, half of them fled to Syria or Jordan. Once there, those nations didn’t have the resources to provide aid, schooling, jobs or anything for them. The “aid groups” that stepped in were radical Islamic groups. So, while the US was trying to rebuild Iraq hundreds of thousands of former Iraqis were falling through the cracks and finding support and purpose through radical Islam. That massive influx of destitute people and an already oppressed citizenry fused with the civil war in Syria opened up the door for a group like ISIS to find desperate people in need of empowerment which in my years of time spent in religious cults (an odd past time of mine – cults fascinate me) I’ve found is exactly how cult leaders prey upon potential followers. They look for those who are weak, in need of belonging, empowerment, purpose, and offer them an ideology that elevates them psychologically while placing the blame for their struggles on a well-defined enemy. Without large numbers of desperate people, these cults would never attain the devoted followers they do.

    That’s just one example but there’s are so many more from the Afghan Mujahideen to Libya Dawn. And all these groups have found much of their power arise as a residual effect of wars our nation has been intimately involved with. While it is obviously not our intent to support radical Islamic groups it is not deniable that the effect appears to be the same every time. So, maybe we need to re-evaluate our course of action?

    We’ve been at war in Iraq (both hot and cold) since 1990 and were involved in their war with Iran for a decade before. We’ve had overt and covert military engagement in Afghanistan since the late 1970’s. Much of the political turmoil in the region over the past century (Libya, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, etc…) is closely linked to our own political and economic interests. So, with all that said, I feel it is essential for us as a nation to look at our course of action going forward with historical hindsight and question whether our efforts have made anything better or whether things are degrading faster than ever. The answer to whether they’ve made life better in our homeland is clearly a positive, but seems to be a negative in their lands. If it isn’t making their life better but ours remains good are we OK with this? If we are, we must accept terrorism as a residual element of our better way of life here.

    As you said, “there will always be terrorism acts of violence coming from radical Islam as long as the world exists” and I agree that it is impossible to eradicate any form of evil since evil is something that resides inside all of us under enough provocation or indoctrination. But, when those we consider our allies in region – such as Saudi Arabia, and the UAE whom we supply with massive amounts of arms and support annually – are the biggest financiers of terrorism our battles with terrorist groups like ISIS are simply plucking thorns while we let the roots be fertilized and grow deeper.

    Do we need to fight ISIS? Maybe? I’m not smart enough to know that. Will that fight rid us of the lone wolf radicals that shot up Paris? No more than getting rid of Bin Laden has rid us of them.

    I won’t pretend to have answers but I’m confident the current course (the same as we always do) will not help. My fear is that the situation is so bad now that the fallout will be long term and ugly no matter what we do. But, as Winston Churchill once said: “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

    I hope you don’t see this as a “Blame America” argument and can see my intent is to reflect on our actions and how they impact the region and the causes of terrorism.

    Although, if you are interested, I did write a little piece on “good & evil” and my idea on the solution but since I’ve already rambled on for far too long here will just post a link to it on my own little blog:

    1. Thanks man. I appreciate the detailed thought that went into the comments. No worries about being divisive. All views are welcome here. As far as whether America’s actions have had some unintended or inevitable consequences to our actions, that is without a doubt. I say unintended as I don’t think we can fully foresee the consequences down the road of our actions. I say inevitable as sometimes maybe we can, but we operate out of the present danger. I am definitely not one who thinks America’s actions have led the Islamist to hate us. Their hate of us is not America’s fault. Now, does a faulty strategy in Afghanistan lead to the Taliban? Does an incomplete approach to Iraq lead to ISIS? Without a doubt. I think you are on the right track there.

      The COEXIST article was oriented towards those that would gun down school kids, attack journalist, and behead Christians. That is evil an COEXISTING goes quickly out the window. My very first article on this blog was titled, ” Would You, Would I?” I wrote it in midst of the Israeli invasion of Gaza this past summer. Now, I am a fan of Israel as I think they are practialy our best ally. But, I rubbed a lot of people the wrong way when I suggested that I understood the opposition of the Palestinians. Not Hamas, they suck. But the palestinian people, they have a legitimate beef. It is just too bad Hamas ruins that for them. But that was when the blog first started and maybe a dozen people read it.

      I really appreciate your reading of this blog and you comments always make me think. I will definitely check out your blog.

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