LEAVE GARY JOHNSON ALONE, said screaming in tears.  For those that don’t know, Gary was in an interview and seemingly out of context was just asked straight forward “What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?”  Johnson then replied, “What is Aleppo?”  Seemingly shocked, the anchor explained it was the epicenter of the Syrian War.  At that point, Johnson launched into his spill on the broader Syrian War.  The media has been running with this all freaking day and it reminds me of a President many of us love, George W. Bush.  Now Bush had his issues, but I will always like the man.  He was my 9-11 and Iraqi War President and nothing will change that.  But does anyone remember when he couldn’t name a few world leaders back in 1999?  Fascinating gaffes were Bush’s thing and it didn’t mean he was less of a President for them.  In fact, take a look at some of his best before we proceed.

What is Aleppo?

How a man responds to something he doesn’t know or understand will tell you a lot about the person.  If Donald Trump didn’t know what Aleppo was he would have just said, “Well, we going to have the best Aleppo’s in my administration. Just the best and Mexico is going to pay for the Aleppo’s I’ll tell you that.”  Then upon being given clarification he would have said, “Of course I knew what Aleppo is, I knew it all along.”  Meanwhile, Hillary would have just had the entire population of Aleppo killed so that she could say, “Well, technically at the time Aleppo didn’t exist so it wasn’t a lie.  Cough, cough.”


Look, it was a gaffe on Gary Johnson’s part but it’s not like the man didn’t know there was a war going on in Syria.  If he had said, “What war in Syria” then the campaign is over.  Aleppo might be the epicenter of the fight but in reality, it’s not all that different than the rest of the conflict.  It’s just one of the most high profile. The man just didn’t have the context to understand he was talking about the Syrian War when the reporter asked him.  In fact, here is a map of the Syrian conflict and you tell me which cities are more important than others.


Had the reporter rephrased the question, “What are you going to do about the Syrian city of Aleppo I think you get a totally different response.”  Yes, I am biasedly defending the candidate of my choice but what Johnson is no worse than anything Bush did.  It’s one city in a very broad conflict.

Political Gaffes

The unbiased part of me will tell you that I hate for anyone’s political career to be ended by a gaffe.  In world legitimate scandals like the ones Hillary is always into, it just seems silly to dismiss any candidate over something small.  While I was obviously never a fan of the man, Howard Dean had many Democrats excited about policy and the future of this nation.  Then this happened.

That was literally the scream that ended a Presidential campaign.  And as hilarious as it might be, it’s actually a little sad.  Again, I wouldn’t have wanted the man to win anyway as I didn’t agree with his politics, but for those that did that must have been horrible.  I don’t care how one man screams any more than how he can spell potato.  I’m not a Trump fan, but I’d hate to see him fall for something silly.  Remember when Trump joked about “always wanting a purple heart?”  He was just joking but people roasted him for it.  Hillary, well no, Hillary can gaffe off.

The truth that all have to agree on is that Gary Johnson is coming across as the most honest and thoughtful candidate in this election.  There is no scandal with this man.  Remember Bill Clinton’s “I didn’t inhale?”  Johnson’s like “yeah man, I inhaled like 9 months ago but I won’t as President.”  There is just no reason for Gary Johnson or any candidate to be walking around thinking about this one particular city.  And when he didn’t know, the man just asked.  Dear lord, what else would we need from a President but to ask those around them when they don’t know the answer.  It’s the same thing I tell my kids.  If you don’t know something you should know, ask then bust your butt to be an expert in it tomorrow.  It’s no big deal people as it is one city in complicated Syria.

A Personal Note from Unprecedented Mediocrity

Back in 2007, Brittany Spears walked on stage for a comeback performance at the MTV Movie Awards.  Looking out of shape, a little drunk, and completely off rhythm, she stumbled through the performance in front of a shocked crowd.  Appropriately, the internet had a field day with this and roasted her as the interwebz often does.  Well, one loyal Brit fan had finally had enough and took the internet in her defense.  Below was his response.

So while I tried above to logically defend Johnson’s gaffe, let me now try an emotional plea.  LEAVE GARY JOHNSON ALONE!  You are lucky Gary is even running for you people, please!  People keep saying he was qualified he would have gotten the answer right.  Well, when was it qualified to publicly bash someone who is having a hard year!  Gary Johnson been really busy this year and he hasn’t even been able to smoke pot once.  Leave Gary Johnson Alone!  If anyone has a problem with Gary Johnson, you send them to me!  Leave Gary alone!

Now, with logic and emotion out of the way, I realize this is how politics often goes and so be it.  For me, this has always been about creating a viable third party in America and I will die on that hill.   I will still be #FeelingTheJohnson because the other two candidates are still, to me, everything that I have written about in prior articles.  So LEAVE GARY JOHNSON ALONE!  All you people care about are your Trumps and Clintons.  He’s a human! Leave him alone! Please!

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3 Replies to “Who Cares if Johnson Gaffed on Aleppo, Leave Gary Alone!”

  1. ‘cept that Aleppo is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities (at least historically recorded) cities in the world. And, during most of that time it has been politically, historically, and culturally significant. Any cursory glance the history of the levant would instantly acquaint one with Aleppo. On the other hand, I often can’t even remember my work phone number…

  2. Whatever we all think about Trump I think in this case we had all better vote for him. None of us is going home with the prom queen this time . We know what we are getting with Hillary and worse we know what we will get if she puts a couple judges on the Supreme Court. I think it’s shameful that the party of Reagan has snubbed him the way they have and that may be a clue that he might make a good president.

  3. I’m with you Jeff. It felt like the reporters were intentionally setting him up. Once he was focused on Syria, his answer was pretty reasonable. He didn’t say he would build a wall around Aleppo and make ISIS pay for it! They are afraid Johnson may get a few electoral votes and force the election into House of Reps. Now wouldn’t that be interesting? Nevada? Wyoming? Idaho? Come on guys help us out here! I live in Maryland so my electoral college vote has already been cast for Clinton. Feelin’ the Johnson!

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