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If you don’t get your children vaccinated I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but, no wait actually, yeah, your unvaccinated children are indeed one of my problems. Great, I had 99 problems but now it is triple digits. Now calm down parents of unvaccinated children. I don’t mean that as an insult, but the topic has just been in the news a lot lately. I know some amazing loving families that have opted out of the vaccination route. They are fantastic parents and their children are lovely. This article is just where I am at on the matter.  I simply mean it as a way to convey a truth with a little help of Jay-Z. You see, factually, your unvaccinated children are indeed a problem for me. Don’t take that personally, it is just a simple fact. I have 3 children of whom I am pursuing the normal vaccination schedule and one is only a couple of months old and not yet old enough for all of his yet. Consequently, a simple fact is that if your child now has the ability to catch a preventable disease, then with each new case, the odds of my infant son coming into contact with your kids increase. It’s just math people.


Now if you think my opening paragraph was a little harsh, then let me go ahead and jump on the other side for a moment with the following statement. Government, keep your hands off my kids. Look, I only have one family and the thought that the government can force a medical procedure on my family doesn’t sit well with me. Again, keep in mind that I am actually pro-vaccination. Thanks to a little trip to Iraq in 2003, I even have my Anthrax and Smallpox vaccination. That picture below that you see is not us trying to look cool with our sleeves rolled up. No, it is just us scared to death to touch that smallpox scab filled with puss on our arms that the Docs told us would make us blind if we did.

smallpox vaccine

Liberty causes us to live dangerously and there is no good way around that. We will aggressively fight the ability of the government to read our emails or listen to our calls even if all they are trying to do is find the terrorist that will kill us all. Cops can encounter some undisputable scum, but those scum still have rights and to be honest those rights mean the cops have a harder job than they would without those rights. So in my view, the same is true with vaccination. I don’t like the idea of Government forcing too much on the average family. It is not because I don’t think it is beneficial, but I don’t like to creep the door open to the rights of my family anymore than is necessary. It is always a slippery slope and one we ought not lose site of quickly. So if you refuse vaccinations for the sake of keeping government out of your life then I can see your point. Kind of.


Now, as I understand it, another common objection to vaccination stems from faith. Some are of the opinion that God is sovereign over all and thus it is completely in his hands and a vaccination is seen as a lack of faith. Well, I agree with you on the first part. God is sovereign. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and the truth that Jesus’ death atoned for all my sins is the cornerstone of my entire righteousness. I trust in God’s sovereign plan, I really do.


However, I just find it odd how we often pick and choose its application. I mean, I tell my kids to wash their hands because I know germs will make them sick. I lock up the chemicals because a child drinking Drano is bad. When a tornado comes rolling through town, we go in the laundry room with blankets and pillows. So when I send my kid out into a world full of disease, it only makes sense to prep them for it. Moreover, I consider all the other kids out there for the same reason I don’t send to school when they have the flu. I don’t consider these matters to be a lack of faith. Ladies and gentlemen, God gives and God takes away. When I think of all the evil I have seen in the world, I shudder, I really do. However, vaccination or not, I still have to submit to his sovereignty and goodness as I have no control over it. In the meantime, I am just getting my kids vaccinated for the same reason I tell them to wash their hands after they have been scratching their butts.


I love science, I really do. As a Christian, each new scientific discovery is like displaying a new wonder into God’s creation. Consequently, I have never really understood the occasional faith based opposition to science. However, that is a much larger topic worthy of its own article. Today, I am just here to tell that science seems to unanimously say that vaccinations are good and disease is bad. Look, if you remember a time when all these preventable diseases ran rampant in America, then congratulations for being old and still alive. Because if you remember that, you are old.

jenny mccarthy vaccine

You see for the rest of us, we have no knowledge of it because the science worked. What once was, is rarely anymore. That is until people quit getting their kids vaccinated. But Jenny McCarthy says it causes Autism you say? Look, I know who Jenny McCarthy is and I hate to tell you kids, she went to the University of Music Television and not Harvard. Truthfully, she might have a degree from somewhere, but that is not the point. When are we going to give heavy consideration to believe those whom have dedicated their life work to giving us the answers? You can be all natural and organic if you want. But you know what, the science says that is good for you as well. If you want to buck science, then just keep downing an excessive amount of hotwings and red meat like I do. The science says that will kill me one day to which I reply, mmmmmm steak.

So all in all people, I am just saying that I too want to keep the government out of my family life. Consequently, I do not support forced vaccination at the risk of losing your kids policy. I do however support a Doctor or school who says, “You can’t sit here” in their best Forrest Gump bus scene accent. If you deny them based on your faith, then I say you listen to God on that. You don’t answer to Unprecedented Mediocrity, you answer to God. But since you are currently reading Unprecedented Mediocrity, I’ll go ahead and tell you I love Jesus too while I simultaneously vaccinating my kids. Lastly, if you are going to disregard the science because you read an article on the internet, then I would just like to tell you that scientist post stuff on the internet too. Please read some of their stuff while you are at it.  Science sometimes gets it wrong in the process, but when they do, it is usually not because of something they read on the internet.

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