You maniacs!  You blew it up!  Nah, I’m just kidding, Hopefully.  Often in politics, the pendulum will swing hard from left to right.  After 8 years of Clinton, we swung right to Bush.  After 8 years of Bush, we swung left to Obama.  Then, after 8 years of Obama the tweety bird came out and the clock screamed cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!  That’s not an insult to Trump, but more a testament to the bizarre nature of this election.  As many of you know, I have never been a fan of Trump.  While I recognized his Presidency had a high ceiling, I also recognized it had a remarkably low floor.  Like the devil tapping on the ceiling with a broom to get Trump to get stomping around type low.  So perhaps you can consider this my unprecedently mediocre concession speech as an avid Feeler of the Johnson and #NeverTrump enthusiast.  But more importantly, I hope this is not the last time I have to look silly in front of you all.  For I pray with all my heart that I am as wrong about President Donald Trump as I was about candidate Donald Trump.

Our President is Donald Trump

Now, before any of you get to uppity about my failed prediction I must remind you that you are reading a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity.  So I get to be wrong about lots of stuff with little consequence, just deal with it.  But the media and political experts missed this by a remarkably historic margin.  And looking back, I should have caught it myself as I come from a rural southern county.  My friends and family were supporting Trump in numbers that bewildered me, but I thought it an anomaly.  Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is our next President and that is incontrovertible fact.  This guy.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, center, held by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, prepares to have his hair cut off by Donald Trump, left, and Bobby Lashley, right, after Lashley defeated Umaga at Wrestlemania 23 at Ford Field in Detroit, Sunday, April 1, 2007. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Granted, the reaction among Trump supporters has been remarkably split on social media this morning.  The 50% who were avid supporters from the beginning are reveling in the draining of the swamp.  Meanwhile, the 50% who joined merely in opposition of Clinton are waking up with a hangover, rolling over, and seeing their arm trapped beneath the 350 pound slump buster snoring away.  Unsure what happened or the future consequences, they are just praying they didn’t get married in Vegas last night.


The truth for all of us is that we truly have no idea what to expect from Donald Trump.  Will he be the campaign version of himself or will the dignity of the office he will hold pull him towards a higher calling.  Will he hold to some of the conservative principles that got him elected or will he return to the Democrat Donald from a few years ago?  What will he do with guns after the first mass shooting of his presidency?  Will he stand up to Putin or will he acquiesce part of our NATO alliance.  You could have supported the man out the wazoo, but let us not pretend that we know what we are getting.

A Message to You Deplorables

I love you deplorables and if any word highlights why Hillary lost it is this one.  For as often as I maligned Trump, I never maligned his supporters.  I know too many of you, went to a Trump rally to talk to some of you, and you’re good folk.  But now your real work begins as I have two important questions for you.  First, will you hold Trump accountable for the office he holds?  No longer can you overlook gross negligence and falsehoods because, “well, it’s better than Killery.”   This man is our President and as much as he maligned the media, it is their responsibility to hold him accountable via the free press.  You can allow candidate Trump to win by dismissing any negative press as media lies, but you cannot please hear me you cannot allow President Trump to do the same.  The man said some pretty tyrannical things during this election my friends and I have to ask you.  Will you deplorables hold this man accountable with me?


Second, will you allow the man to bring the country together through a bi-partisan coalition?  The man is going to have to work with Democrats and the more he does so early on the “greater” our country will be.  If you make him go all Tea Party it will only fracture the divide.  Hillary Clinton gave a gracious concession speech, so will please allow Trump to be gracious in victory.  If you can do the two above, then I think you raise the bar for just how great this President COULD be but it is entirely in your hands.  Do not give the man a free pass at the sort of tyrannical things he said in the campaign and let the man govern with the minority.  He was a Democrat like 2 years ago, so it shouldn’t be that hard should it?

In Conclusion

When it’s all said and done, thank you sweet baby Jesus in the manger that this election is over.  Now we can get back to the absurd and Bea Arthur’s panties.  I concede that I was wrong about candidate Trump and can only pray I’m as wrong about President Trump.  Although on the plus side I hear Miley Cyrus has to leave the country now, so we got that going for us.  The future we will live together is truly unprecedented, but I’ll spend the next 4 years holding President Trump to the fire.  Will you deplorables please join me in the coming season of safeguarding our liberty?  Donald J. Trump who likes to grab women by the kit kat is our President folks and that is just incontrovertible fact.   Malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but this is the end of it and here it is.

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4 Replies to “A Concession Speech from this #NeverTrumper”

  1. Trump is a mirage and empty of substance for legitimate grievances of the white, blue collar, working class voters who flocked to vote for him. If Bernie Sanders had been Trump’s opponent I think Bernie would be the President elect today. The Democratic elites were never going to allow an outsider like Bernie, to hijack their “chosen one’s” turn to be President.

    The Democratic Establishment have only themselves to blame for the despicable Trump becoming our next President.

    There should have been a larger and better field of candidates in the primary, but the more serious candidates who might have challenged Hillary, sat this one out, because the Democratic elites had anointed Clinton as their next Champion after she lost to Obama in 2008. She was their gal, and party loyalty is prized above all else when it comes to Democratic party support.

    So the small circle of Democratic Luminaries who might have had access to funding and a legitimate chance to knock Hillary out in the Primary mutually agreed that “it was Hillary’s turn, and that she had “earned it,” and “it was her turn.”

    This is the “inside baseball” type of politics, which was rejected last night by many Americans who are tired of the media and other elites telling them who is best for them to vote for.

    They chose an outsider, who really does not represent their best interests, because he was the alternative to the “chosen one” that the coastal elites put in front of them and lectured them that Hillary was the only “legitimate” candidate.

    Plus being talked down to and constantly being told you are a bigot, a misogynist, and a xenophobe if you vote for Trump is psych 101 to do the contrarian thing because someone is telling you how to vote and trying to “vote shame” you into voting for Hillary.

  2. The guy isn’t a politician. Maybe it was time for someone like that to have a shot . Any other candidate would have predictably gotten into office, not made much of a difference while all the while blaming his predecessor for why things are still broken. Apparently the majority of Americans agreed . We still have a shot at saving the Supreme Court, protecting our borders , and keeping refugees out . And working out better trade deals , supporting our military, and keeping jobs from leaving the country. Americans don’t like to be called deplorable, apparently.

  3. Voters expect Trump to follow through, just as voters expect Congress to work with him. As a true outsider entering the oval office we should expect much from the man. Don’t worry that his deplorable voters will give him a free pass, quite the opposite…. we voters have given the career politicians a free pass for so long that we chose DJT only because he is from a different mindset and no one wants business as usual.

    Instead of warning the people that believe in and voted for Trump in order make changes to a broken system it would be better for you to reach out the tolerant liberals who already wish to see the next POTUS fail. Use your pen and paper to warn the politicians who months BEFORE the election said they would not work with either HRC or DJT should be be elected into office.
    These are the dangerous people in the United States of America who must put aside personal preferences and work with the Commander in Chief.

  4. Jeff, quit complaining and get over the fact he won. Media did a disservice in how they gave HRC a free pass and unfairly took things out of context that DJT said in order to sway votes.
    Many things by both parties were said that should have never been uttered…..If you think holding Trump to previous comments is advantageous you are sadly mistaken.
    Moving forward is important, digging up crap from the past is not a way to succeed, quit digging up crap….Great picture of Trump from his past life….BTW what exactly does that photo represent to you? Move on and make America great again, get your head wrapped around the future of this nation and not the pettiness of the past

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