David Chipman’s Waco Trophy Photo Makes Him Morally Unqualified to Lead the ATF

Let me start off this article my confessing to you that the average military veteran has done things that we are not proud of. Moreover, the stuff we are proud of can be absolutely disgusting. So understand that I am not quick to pass judgement on what a man does in combat or how he processes the complexities of losing buddies and trying to stay alive himself. War, it’s a hell of a thing. However, what you see above you is not war. That is Biden’s nomination to lead the ATF and his name is David Chipman. What you see behind him is the rubble of Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas that saw the death of 76 American citizens to include women and children. Now, I’m not going to rehash the whole Waco scenario as I’m going to assume you know how to Wikipedia. I will, however, share with you a few graphic details so that you can fully understand what you are seeing. Autopsies of the dead found that several women and children died from skull injuries when a concrete wall collapsed during the fire. Some children’s corpses were locked in spasmic poses that would be consistent with cyanide poisoning. Several of the children were shot in what was thought to be mercy killings to save them from burning to death and one 3 year old boy was stabbed in the chest for presumably the same reason. The rest of the kids presumably burned to death. That dude you see above posed in front of that scene for a trophy picture and that says all you need to know about the man. I’m not talking about what went wrong with the Waco operation. Rather, I’m talking about the fact that this man celebrated what went wrong as evidenced by this trophy pic. He is morally unqualified to lead the ATF and why this picture isn’t bigger news is beyond me. So my friends, let’s make this bigger news.

A Window Into One’s Soul

I’m not going to confirm or deny whether or not I knew of Marines who took trophy pictures with dead bodies in war, but you can be sure that if I did I would have voiced my displeasure to them. It has never been an anthropological secret that when you imbue certain individuals with absolute power, those with a poor moral compass will show their true selves. As such, I can say with certitude that if my old company were in town, there are some Marines I would invite to sleep in my own house with my family and some I would call the police on if they ever stepped foot on my property. War can give you a very accurate glimpse at the deepest and darkest parts of a man’s soul. That being said, David Chipman gave us a glimpse into the darkest parts of his soul with that picture. Below are some of those who perished in this tragedy.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? He wasn’t even at war. The dude was likely eating at McDonalds the day before, sleeping in own bed the night after, and yet in between, he saw fit to pose in front of the burning ashes of women and children whose only crime was to be brainwashed into joining a cult. The children were without fault and yet, this dude finds the time to stand in front of their ashes like he has done a thing or two. War veterans know this pose all too well and it doesn’t always have to include dead bodies. We pose for the picture because we think it looks awesome and who knows, it might impress some chick back home if we look like we got the 1,000 yard stare or something. I know, it’s silly, but we do that stuff. However, I can guarantee you that if I had to draw down and fire on any of the children you see below, a trophy picture would have been the furthest thing from my heart.

Trump Go After Terrorist Families

David Chipman walked over to his buddy and said, hey man snap a picture of me in front of the people we just killed. As if the sexual abuse the children endured was not enough or the horrifying screams as the walls burned down around them, they now forever will endure as this piece of trash’s war trophy. This picture was disgusting before Biden nominated him to lead the ATF and the fact that the man is still the nominee after this picture’s exposure is a problem. Veterans have seen the best and worst in humanity and I’d submit that few veterans would argue that what they see in this picture is anything but the worst. Perhaps we few are the only ones who can accurately understand what is going and it should be our resolute duty to tell the world about David Chipman.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Interview Questions

I’ve been hiring and managing people in the civilian sector for over 20 years now. I’ve made good hires and bad hires and as such, I’ve become a fairly decent assessor or an employee’s potential. I would trade every interview question I’ve ever asked if I could get my hands on one picture that would tell as much about a man as this picture. Standing in front of the smoldering ashes of his fellow citizens and posing for a trophy picture. I’ll confess, it is such an audacious act that when I saw the picture circulating on social media, I just assumed it was fake. It had to be fake as it was too absurd that such a man would be nominated to lead the ATF of all organizations. In my mind, that picture was about as legit as the one you see below. God bless Trump for saving those cats.

Holy crap, when I found out that this picture was legit I was shocked that this isn’t bigger news. Look, I’m no fan of cancel culture as it is unforgiving and tantamount to the Red Guard policing all dissenting speech. People make mistakes and they don’t deserve to be eternally punished for them. That being said, think about some of the things that have gotten people cancelled lately. Senator Al Franken was caught mockingly grabbing the chest of a sleeping female on a military flight. That was wrong. Granted, she was wearing a flak jacket and those who have worn flak jackets know he wasn’t going to feel anything. Still wrong though. People have been cancelled for tweets they made in high school, costume choices they made in college, or even whether or not they made a positive statement about Trump. David Chipman posed with the smoldering ashes of child victims of sexual abuse like he just pulled Saddam Hussein out of a hole. Sidebar, hats off to the soldier below for getting what is perhaps the best war trophy pic of the entire GWOT experience. That’s how you do it.

Are you sure that this is the man that we need leading the ATF, particularly when the ATF is going to be facing some key decisions depending on how gun control moves forward? Listen, you can be a liberal and you can even support gun control. I get it, we disagree, but it’s cool. My liberal friends, this is not the guy you want leading that charge. Find someone else, anyone else to run the ATF. Please, from the very bottom of my heart, please. Hell, I’ll even let you give it to David Hogg if you want. A man who would view the ashes of burned children as a trophy photo moment is the same kind of man that would turn on you and your kids in a heartbeat. It might be an exaggeration to say that he would walk into a room full of your children while they look at him and say, “Master Chipman, what are going to do, there’s too many of them”, but then again, there he is posing for a photo next to the ashes of burned younglings, so I’ll let you decide.

Finally, I’ll leave you with the incontrovertible fact that the words and actions of leaders matter. It is Chipman who is setting the tone for the entire ATF and I’m going to submit to you that he has set an immoral example. His words matter because the words of leadership matter. I guarantee you if General Mattis would have inadvertently said, “F the Taliban” on any given day that a squad of Marines would have been patrolling through the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan with their pants down the very next day. Go and look at Chipman’s rhetoric and there is something for us all to fear if this is the man to lead the agency into the future.

A Summary Call to Make This Photo A Big Deal

Every single elected official involved in the confirmation process needs to see this picture and answer for how they vote in light of it. Every single one. Share, tag, call your Senator, I don’t care. I understand it was a long time ago, but just because someone was put on the sex offender list over 50 years ago doesn’t mean they get to babysit my kids today. A man who is proud of the Waco outcome 30 years ago is not a man who is morally qualified to lead the ATF today. Find someone else. Anyone else. I’m not saying the guy can’t get a job. I’m saying he can’t get this job. This isn’t a pro 2A article trying to stave off enforcement. That is a good and righteous debate we are going to have, regardless of who leads the ATF. This is just me, a military veteran who has seen a thing or two and done a thing or two, trying to help my fellow citizens understand what they are seeing in this picture. That’s Biden’s nominee for the ATF standing in front of the smoldering ashes of his fellow citizens, many of whom are abused women and children who died a heinous death, and the S.O.B is proud of it. Now you know and now you can tell the world until we get an answer. Please my friends, make this photo a big deal before it is too late. It’s your turn now and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Jeff Edwards


  1. Good job Jeff, proud as always to have served with you. Semper Fi

  2. It was proven that none of the children were sexually assulted at Waco. way to forward the false narrative.

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