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Army Veteran Chris Mintz is being hailed as a hero today by both the left and right in the wake of the horrible shootings that took place in Oregon. You see him smiling above as the hard warrior he is, despite his wounds.  Chris charged the assailant and did his best to protect others for as long as he could until his wounds made that no longer possible.  Regardless of what you think about the gun control debate, it seems that we can honor the act of a noble man without partisan bickering.  In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that a few American service members were hailed as heroes for storming and beating the living crap out of the would-be jihadi in Paris.  Once again, I think we can all acknowledge the merit of those who sacrifice self to protect others.  Men of action are very much what such scenarios call for as sooner or later, such men via law enforcement usually show up and take over the show.  And without dragging you into the entire gun control debate, because let’s be honest your Facebook feed has been throwing that at you all day, I just want to tackle one very narrow nuanced portion of the debate.

Good Guys with Guns

Unfortunately, the NRA has coined the “good guys with guns” phrase lately and has such made it a little politically charged.  So let me offer this quick point of clarity.  George Zimmerman is not a good guy.  You of course, know him as the Florida man who shot and killed Travon Martin during an altercation preceded by Zimmerman thinking he was up to no good.  I’m not here to debate whether the shooting is justified.  I am just here to say George Zimmerman is an absolute douche.  He got in way over his head as he clearly lacked the skills to handle himself in what should have been a routine law enforcement encounter.  He should have stayed his unskilled, weak butt in his truck and gotten out of the way for real good men with better situational awareness and judgement to handle the situation.  I have seen very little out of George Zimmerman since the trial that indicates he is in fact, a good guy.

Mass shooting

Chris Mintz, is what I would classify as a good guy.  I would put myself in the “good guy” category. I am a Marine Veteran of Iraq and I generally like to do no harm to people.  Those service members who tackled the jihadi in Paris, good guys.  Many of you reading this blog are probably good guys.  Ladies, not to exclude you, I’ll give many of you the good guy label.  It is just too much work to type women every time I say, men, so work with me here. I know a good guy who has zero military experience, but practices gun safety and marksmanship.  Great guy, and if you are in a crowded movie theatre under attack, you would hope he is among the crowd and armed.  A couple of nights ago in Houston, a “responsible gun owner” accidentally shot the victim of a carjacking in the head while he was trying to kill the carjackers.  This man is not a “good guy.”  Are you tracking with me?

Weapons in the Community

Just because you carry a gun doesn’t mean I want you to be the first person throwing down lead when something goes down.  Yes, you should always reserve your right to carry a weapon, but if you don’t know what the heck you are doing, perhaps you not try to citizen arrest that kid stealing a candy bar.  Because there are guys with guns and then there are “good guys” with guns and as such, I just want to ask the question whether “good guys” have a responsibility to carry?  I agree with President Obama in that he will probably have to step to the podium and address another mass shooting before his term is up.  I also agree that, “just more guns”, aka douche Zimmerman, being out there is not necessarily the right approach.  However, this nation is full to the brim of good men of good character and good mind. Do we have a responsibility to be ready if we know our natural inclination is to act and protect the weak?

good men with guns oregon mass shooting

Oh, and let me just say that proponents of open carry miss the mark as well.  While it might be your right, I don’t think you are helping anyone.  First of all, you just influence those on the bench of the gun debate towards the side of gun control when they see you shopping at the grocery store with your AK-47 around your neck.  Second, all you do is mark yourself as the target.  Because if I am going to plan a mass shooting, I’m going to shoot the guy holding an AK first while I have the element of surprise and then now I got me two guns.  Not helpful, not in the least.  The first time the enemy should see your weapon is when he sees the muzzle flash.  End of story.

Defending Terror

So to wrap this up, I just want to point out that in the wake of 9-11, America took two approaches with regards to air safety.  We stepped up the screening process, aka let me touch your butt TSA peeps, and then we put “good guys”, aka Air Marshalls on planes.  And if we are honest with ourselves, mass shootings of this type are a version of terror.  The TSA is not 100%, laugh, or perhaps even 50% effective in preventing all illicit goods from getting on a plane any more than background checks will prevent bad people from getting guns.

But both are a mild inconvenience to those of us who mean no harm and if it stops one terrorist from boarding a plane with my family or stops one guy who has been seeing a psychiatrist because he likes to eat his own poop from showing up at the movie theatre where my family is watching a movie, I can live with that.  The 2nd amendment is settled law and there are enough “good guys” for me to believe no one is going to take it from us. But if we are going to keep calling gun laws, “common sense”, ought we not find points where all agree to prove the sense is indeed common.

Oregon mass shooting


As such, I also just think that there should perhaps be strong consideration for America ensuring enough literal “good guys” with training are out there armed and ready.  What a fascinating idea it would be to have a vetting process of these “good guys” and give them a national conceal carry permit.  Imagine if Obama were the President to give the actual “good guys” a national permit to carry a weapon anywhere.  Again, I am not saying the rest of you can’t carry weapons as well.  I’m just saying, know your skill level, know your role, and perhaps you just guard home base if you don’t know what you are doing.  For I ask again, do “good men” have a responsibility to conceal carry a weapon?  Best wishes and speedy recovery to “good guy” Chris Mintz.

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9 Replies to “Do “Good Men” Have a Responsibility to Conceal Carry a Weapon?”

  1. Jeff, at this point I’m getting real tired of scrotus stepping onto the podium and advocating us giving up our 2A rights. He always says that less guns equals less gun violence. Maybe he should explain why each consecutive year, on the FBIs own reports, gun ownership goes up and violent crimes with guns go down. Or maybe he should explain why his home state and especially his home city(Chicago), with the most onerous gun laws, has the highest crime with a gun. Or maybe he should explain why so called “gun free” zones, have so much violence with guns. Or maybe he would like to explain why there was a credible threat that Isis was going to perform an attack, in a Midwestern town, on Christianity, and the shooter was asking the victims what their religious orientation was before he shot them. No, this is the last thing we need to be is disarmed at a time like this and I for one, will not stand for it. If scrotus wants a civil war, that’s a sure way to get it. He is coming real close in provoking one just saying now is the time for outright elimination of private ownership like Australia or the UK. I don’t know how he can be ignorant to the fact, that that is not as possible as he thinks. I know one thing, when they knock my door down, I don’t just fight with guns. And you can bet whatever illegal diktat they pass, that’s against our beloved constitution it will be nullified by the majority of the people, because they will not just roll over and give up. When they outlaw guns only outlaws and police will have guns, and I will definitely be in the outlaw class. And if he thinks that creating a global police force will give him the power to confiscate our weapons using U.N. troops and Chinese and Russian troops and anybody else that wants us disarmed joining this global police force. I’ve got news for him, our troops will not stand for it and all us veterans that have seen combat wont stand for it. Period. And the Wookie can just take “his” remarks like ” I guarantee my husband will have these people disarmed before the end of his term” and stick them up “his” ass. I guarantee the 3 million new gun owners didn’t just buy their guns, since scrotus took office, to just go down their local friendly collection center and turn them in. So in closing, I don’t want a civil war, but I will not go peacefully into a colectivist goodnight. Paul Paver

    1. I wonder if after potus leaves office (which most of you guys believe he won’t ) and after he doesn’t invade Texas (which most of you guys believe he will) and after he doesn’t implement a gun ban (which most of you guys are planning on) because you have your arsenal and by your “God given right” it’s time you have a reason to use it……by the way that elected “dictator” can’t alone change the second Amendment, Congress would have to be involved (which they won’t)……….after he doesn’t do any of the things you are planning on so you have your civil war, will any of you guys eat your words, publicly apologize……..state “my bad” we had It wrong about the guy………or will you claim victory that you stopped the evil bad man in the white house from doing things he wasn’t going to do anyway. Why is that when you hear gun control your brain hears gun ban. I haven’t heard one elected official state “I want a complete gun ban” . I don’t currently own a gun but I plan on buying one in the future. And before I bring that weapon into my home I plan to be trained. On how to use, load and shoot it. But in the public that is not enough. Unless you are former military or current law enforcement. Most people don’t have training on the tatical rules on engagement on an armed assailant. They just know how to hit a stationary target about 50 yards away while standing prepared in a controlled environment with eye and ear protection. I cannot drive my car of motorcycle without a license. People cannot practice law, cut a tree down, give a massage, fly a plane without license. And all of the above requires proof of training because the skills they use can affect the greater public. But guys like you think I should be able to walk into a store buy a gun and walk around with it….. just because the second Amendment says so. No restrictions no training. In the hopes that my limited training and experience will stop the bad guy with a clean single head shot.? Because that’s how it is in the movies. By the way there is as much chance of guns being taken away as there is chance of all 11 million illegal aliens being rounded up and sent back. Both would take a massive force of armed military (more than we ever have had) going home to home searching from top to bottom. Enforcing martial law gestapo style to seize and rid the nation of the bad stuff. But it sounds like you and yours are hoping for it. Hey to each their own. I’m going shopping for a samurai sword because most likely the president with release a virus starting the zombie apocalypse and it looks like guns will be banned. Safety 3rd ya know.

  2. Jeff, even if “good guy” characteristics exist to set you apart from the hoi polloi, I don’t see how to operationalize the distinction. You can’t ask people to label themselves “not good guys” and thus opt out of all but the simplest armed situations. (And of course you can’t call someone a “good guy” purely on 20/20 hindsight.)

    Providing optional training to make people better guys, ok sure, no one will argue with that.

      1. There can be no agreement with people who would disarm all Americans like the Brits have.

  3. Open carry zealots are to the 2nd Amendment as the Westboro Baptist Church is to the 1st… it’s your right to be an asshole, but in the end you’re just an asshole.

  4. I was just in Switzerland . I spoke to some of the men if it was true that each man had government issued weapon in their possession. This guy was 42 and he said he did but gave it back when he left the reserve.

  5. I was just in Switzerland . I spoke to some of the men if it was true that each man had government issued weapon in their possession. This guy was 42 and he said he did ( full auto by the way) but gave it back when he left the reserve. See they have a standing army of reservist. The funny thing is that the do not have these mass shootings. And that country is full of middle age white dudes. No mass shootings. Seems no crime at all either. So guns are not the issue.

    Plus while we are at it. If a person wanted to do mass killing a SUV would do just as well and you could drive away afterwards.

  6. In answer to your question, our Constitution has the phrase “…to provide for the common defense.” To me, that says we all have a duty as citizens of this Country to look out for one another.

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