Recently, the creator of the movie Idiocracy came out and said that he never expected his movie to become a documentary in what was a clear swipe to Donald Trump supporters. Now, personally I’m not a fan of Donald Trump and if you follow this blog long enough you know that. But I’m going to stick up for supporters of Donald Trump because I’ve gotten to know a good number of them through my online writing and they’re not idiots. For the most part, they seem like principled patriotic men and women able to have a reasoned political dialogue with you about a range of issues. If you’re Donald Trump supporter and you have stuck with this blog despite my criticism of him, I applaud you for not fleeing from dissenting thought. I know you’re not an idiot, but you are fed up, desperate, and potentially about to make a costly decision this Tuesday.  And since that bell can’t be un-rung, let’s have one final chat now shall we.

A Great Movie

Believe it or not, a lot of people actually haven’t seen the movie Idiocracy and that includes a lot of Donald Trump supporters.  So the insult offered to those who plan to vote for the Donald is often missed.  Let me show you a clip from the movie where President Camacho is giving his State of the Union address. Again, don’t take this as an insult if you follow Donald Trump but rather let it inform you as to what a lot of America is referencing.  Currently political reality aside, it’s actually a great movie.

The whole thing is one big satire that exaggerates a few real trends in American culture. Corporations have in many ways purchased and sponsored our government although they stop short of throwing up a Pepsi sign in the Congressional chamber. Politicians often offer simplified explanations and solutions to very real complex problems. And Americans, when disenfranchised and desperate, have a tendency to treat those words as the gospel. In fact, you can see the same thing on the Democratic side where citizens ignore the economics of Bernie Sanders plan because he promises them socialism will fix all their very real problems.  Tyranny is not a conservative or liberal issue, but rather one of human nature.  But let’s talk about November 2016 and nothing else.

Just Win Baby

If you have a single conservative bone in your body then you should be walking around between now and November saying just win baby, just win.  You see, the rise in popularity of Bernie Sanders signals a shift in America that has made socialism palatable to a decent number of people.  This has created an opportunity for Republicans to claim the White House that honestly didn’t exist before. There is actually a legitimate chance that Bernie Sanders could win the nomination and that terrifies a lot of moderate left-leaning citizens who believe in the American dream and capitalism.  If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, those moderate left-leaning people will flee unless that to which they flee actually terrifies them more, a.k.a. Donald Trump.  A Sanders versus Trump election leaves the rest of moderate America, left and right, looking like a confused John Travolta meme trying to figure out where to go.


I really don’t have a good way to describe the current political reality other than to say it is the equivalent of a Polish-Mexican standoff. Rather than having a gun pointed at one another, each party has a gun pointed to their own head.  One could easily win by just allowing the other guy to pull the trigger first.  Either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton will be President of the United States if Republicans lose.  For that reason alone, super Tuesday should be about nothing more than picking a winner in November. I’m sorry, I get why what much of what Donald Trump has had to say is very appealing but the man will not win in November. He will not have the support of the half of the nation that elected Barack Obama twice and he will not have the support of moderate right-leaning Republicans.  I know if you are a Trump supporter that is a tough pill to swallow, but trying washing down the pill that is Bernie Sanders.  In all seriousness conservatives, you better get Tuesday right.  And now, for the good part.

Festivus for the Rest of Us

I’ve often been asked where my blog fits in the greater scheme of other Veteran military sites on social media.  I’m not a Spec Ops guy, I don’t have a killer war resume, and I didn’t win any notable medals of which to speak.  I’m not internet popular, my beard is sad, and when head out for a drink with the ladies these days I’m usually in a tiny pink chair drinking imaginary tea. So I always describe myself like the Seinfeld holiday of Festivus if you can remember that, because I’m for the rest of us.  Most of us who served just deployed with little fanfare, did our part, and are working to move on with our lives.  I’m Festivus, because I’m for the rest of us.


Personally, if the whole prospect of Sanders versus Trump doesn’t create a viable third-party by 2020 I don’t know what I will do with my political sanity.  And since I hate to complain without offering a solution, I’m  announcing the creation of the political party of Festivus, for the rest of us.  I’ve created a petition at for the creation of the Festivus party.  Truthfully, this is not how you create a political party, but it’s a start and all I could come with today so just work with me here.  At a minimum, let’s send a message to the world that the rest of us won’t take it any longer.  No longer will we be bound by traditional political constraints.  No longer will reasonable political discussion be shunned.  The rest of us are fed up and it’s about time moderates had a place to lay their heads.  This is a part where cats and dogs will party together and the rest of us will have their voice. Follow the link below and support Unprecedented Mediocrity in the creation of the Festivus party, for the rest of us.

Click here to Support the Creation of the Festivus Party! Because It’s for the Rest of Us. 

5 Replies to “Donald Trump Supporters are Not Idiots, but We Need to Have this Final Chat Before Super Tuesday”

  1. Yay, I’m number 12. Here’s my comment ” I’ve signed even though I’m not American, because whoever wins the race for the White House is going to have an effect on the rest of the World, whether it’s good or bad. At the moment, I can’t see any one of the candidates that would inspire confidence in me if I was an American voter. It’s about time that the US moved away from the two party system.”

  2. Donald Trump is simply a crony capitalist who thinks he can be both sides of that equation. There are very few difference between him and Hillary. Any conservatism on his part has miraculously appeared in the last couple of years. He brags about being able to be whatever he wants politically and his supporters cheer him for it. He has demonstrated no knowledge of, or interest in, the workings of government. Who would a President Trump nominate to the SCOTUS? Who knows, maybe his leftie sister. He lies more than Hillary and no one seems to care. He blusters, threatens, serves up nothing but empty bravado and then whines like a little girl when called on it. I think Idiocracy is a fine representation of what we see happening and President Camacho is not much different from Trump.

  3. Sad that Carson had to say “will someone attack me please?” during the debate. Guess there’s no room for a guy simply discussing his policy ideas. Last night’s debate felt like Rubio and Cruz put the cards in Trump’s hands by continuously attacking him. Don’t they realize it only fuels his fire and gives him more than his fair share of time to speak? He does well under fire, and I think that is what helps him win, even though he is largely void of anything resembling reasonable ideas when it comes to the issues.

  4. Trump turns into a whiny petulant child when he is attacked, or even asked a question he doesn’t like. The entire Megyn Kelly think put me off him permanently. If he can’t handle being asked fair questions about his past how is he going to handle real challenges? He did it again with Hugh Hewitt last night. This should have been done to him months ago. He is even less fit to be president than Obama.

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