Have you ever seen two guys more happy to go to war.  That was myself and Cpl Curry 10 years ago.  Two weeks ago, I wrote an Open Letter to ISIS, you can click the link to read it. That was my response to the news of the beheading of the American Journalist. I was angry at the savagery and the overall condition of the country so many of us Vets fought to stabilize. However, I was most confident, as confident as myself and Cpl Curry felt above, that they had crossed the line and all of America was rallying its war cry to bring destruction upon some of the worst scum to face inhabit the Earth since the Nazi regime. To quote my article, I stated to ISIS that “you are not coming for us, we have already come for you. We are the hunter, not the hunted.”

Two Weeks Later

So now 2 weeks have passed since I told ISIS what was coming for them and to be honest, I feel a little stupid. Obama has hardly lived up to the promises that I clearly had the authority to issue on behalf of America as a blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen the videos of the single missile strikes against a moving ISIS truck that have come out, but to be honest Obama, that’s a little too early 90’s Gulf War-ish. We have seen that already.

I was expecting a little updated version of Shock and Awe, where the earth would shake daily and ISIS would wonder what in the world they have gotten themselves into. You are the President of the most powerful nation on earth and you have its arsenal at your disposal. I am not saying go Nuclear, but anyone remember those daisy cutter bombs that we came out with at the start of the War in Afghanistan? That was pretty close, we got any of those laying around. For goodness sake Mr. President, at least use your influence to get Toby Keith to write another angry song about it all, have you no power at all?


Today, news broke that another American Journalist has been beheaded. Its tragic and I guess I knew perhaps that this was coming. However, the fact that they can do this out in the open sky at all demonstrates the lack of respect they have for our military response at this point. Our drones and aircraft should swarm the middle east sky like mosquitos bombing anyone with the nerve to go out in public wearing all black clothes. Johnny Cash is already dead Mr. President, the risk for collateral damage is low.

If this act were not a slap in the face enough, you even got called out by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. Let that sink in, Senator doesn’t know how to hold a gun, called you out for being to timid. Somewhere in the world, Vladimir Putin heard that and is prepping an invasion of Alaska as we speak, I am sure of it. Then, for all your exceptional oratory skills, you indicate to the world that, “We don’t have a plan yet.” Facepalm, as the kids say these days.

A Fair Request

Look Mr. President, I have been very fair to you. Although you were never my pick for President, I rejected the calls of those that called you tyrant and gave you credit when credit was due. Giving the order to go into Pakistan to get Bin Laden, very ballsy as that could have been your Jimmy Carter moment. I even hear you tried to rescue these journalist in Syria not too long ago. Bravo, good call. Dropped some Navy Seals in Somalia here and there, very cool, very cool.

However, sometimes a scalpel is not whats needed. Sometimes you need to go Hulk mode, just so the world remembers that we can and we are willing. I am tired of war myself. I really am. Its been a decade and we are all weary. However, this is low hanging fruit Mr. Obama. No one likes these guys and everyone will be happy to see America reign destruction down on them. If for no other reason, Mr. President, do it so I don’t look stupid. I told the world we are coming and even put it on the internet so its official and all. Don’t make a liar out of me.

Leadership Required

The truth is, the country will need leadership on this matter.  There are times when a subdued academic approach is comforting and there are times when a little Teddy Roosevelt are needed.  You speak quite softly Mr. Obama, its just about time we remind the world we do indeed have a big stick.  From ISIS, to Putin, to North Korea, the world is watching.  I am glad that you are hesitant to putting in ground troops again, honestly I am.

The locals are going to have to keep their boots on the ground to combat this threat and if they are not willing, then neither am I.  But at this point, I am OK if you institute a bacon tax to fund the unrelenting bombing of this ISIS piece of trash.  For what would be more fitting, then to wage a campaign of shock and awe, funded by pork.  Step to the plate Mr. Obama, the country wants it even if you don’t.  For if you fail us, I don’t want to alarm you, but my next strongly worded open letter might be addressed to you.  And I think we know how much you read my blog.