I’m not sure if you have seen the video raging across the internet today, but it appears a group of anti-Trump protestors met up with some pro Trump supporters and the situation got a little out of hand.  You know what, I’ll just post the video here so we can all see the clip and have the proper context for the article going forward.

First thing’s first as one of my readers pointed out earlier, Ric Flair in a purple shirt is getting some.  I mean, Wooo, he was there to kick butt and chew bubble gum and it was apparent Ric Flair was all out of bubble gum.  Man in yellow “Jesus will judge you” there just for irony I presume.  But if you watch the video again you will see the following.  A crowd of protesters moving towards one another and then they bum rush.  I’m not here to judge who’s who in the video as for all I know this was just a continuation of the epic Jets versus Sharks gang war for the west side.  Just with less stellar choreography.  But out of that video you will see a blond haired summer’s eve looking man in a blue shirt rush past a crowd of grown men and throw a sucker punch right to the face of a woman.  Oh I know she was anti-trump, blah blah blah, but let’s not forget the obvious here.  There is no evidence this woman perpetrated violence and it sure as hell looks like she wasn’t trying to get into the fight.  She was just there and nothing else.  I don’t care your political affiliation, but I’m going to pull the man card from blue shirt Douchebag McDoucherton.

Worst Punch Ever!

Look, I’m not the toughest guy ever but there is this small part of me that hopes if I should ever sucker punch a 125 pound woman in the face that she is not going to get right back up without a scratch.  I know that sounds horrible and I’d never do it, but if I should ever do so I hope that it goes better than it did for this guy.  The dude literally runs through a crowd of fighting men and finds the woman in the area and punches her in the face.  That in of itself is just observable fact.  She was no threat to anyone at that moment and we had stricter ROE in Iraq for that type of stuff.

But not only does the woman apparently immediately recover like a video game, but the blue shirted grown man henceforth known as Summer’s Eve turned around and ran.  You didn’t see purple shirt Ric Flair turn tailing did you?  And he was way laying on some grown men. I’m telling you I was just waiting for Dusty Rhodes to jump in with a cut forehead and the Junk Yard Dog to come in with his chain. Ric Flair was there to fight.  Blue shirted Douche McDoucherton was there to punch a woman in the face and run.

Now, it appears that douche is an actual guy of some notoriety and some people know his name but I don’t have time to look it up nor a need.  This video should forever serve as his living shame on the internet.  Ray Rice punched a woman, with better effect might I add, horrible just horrible and never played a down in the NFL again.  I have this nagging fear that Douche McDoucherton is going to be made a hero and that is really the purpose of this article.  Don’t do it Pro-Trump people.  Don’t do it fellow conservatives. Because a douche by any other name is still a douche.

Civility is a Virtue

For 99% of America, you need to understand that you are basing you opinions on these political “riots” off a 2 minute YouTube video.  Very few Americans ever attend these events and the footage is often catered to your social media channel’s preferred political voice.  That is true of reported violence by Trump supporters at his rallies, one of which I attended, and yes that of these leftist protests.  But can we not all agree a woman’s mere presence at a political rally is not cause for violence against her and we can we not all agree the dude who runs past fighting men to find the one woman standing in the crowd is an absolute douchebag.  If you have ever kicked in a door in a foreign land you know there are some men you want with you in the fight and others you do not.  This boy belongs in the do not category.  Freaking Oppum.

What are we doing America?  Yes I have my conservative leans, but I’ve long been a moderate voice here.  What are we doing?  Are you really so bling so as to assume your co-workers, neighbors, and even fellow Vets of a different political leaning are here to destroy America?  Are you really so partisan that you believe violence is the best way to express your disagreement?  Do you really believe every liberal or conservative you pass by daily acts like these people in the video.  This whole thing is an aberration and not the norm, unless you let social media normalize it.  Be it left or right, this is brown shirt territory and don’t be so naïve to think your political orientation is the only one immune to human nature.

Look, I’ve long said its time to bring back punching people and we’d all be a lot more civil if we did.  But not for the mere expression of a differing opinion.  If you punch me I’m going to punch you back.  If you don’t leggo my eggo I might punch you if I’m hungry enough.  If I’m at Costco on the weekend and you can’t move your stinking cart out of the middle of the isle while you peruse cereals I’m going to want to punch you, but won’t.  But you cannot impute the violence you have seen on your latest YouTube video to every protest and certainly not to every woman who certainly didn’t look like she was there to get it on.  He sucker punched a woman and regardless of your political affiliation that’s despicable.

In Conclusion

Let me just say this.  I don’t care who this woman was there to protest or support.  Yes she might be AntiFa and they might have been up to all sorts of shenanigans.  But I’ll never respect the man in a gang fight who finds the woman and punches her in the face.  I’m not upset that protestors prone to their own violent trends are met with violence in response. Reap what you sow. But I’m saddened by how quickly we are to justify for political expedience what is otherwise reprehensible behavior for a man.

Blue shirt douche, my daughters might attend a political rally of which I strongly disagree in the future.  But show me the man that punches her in the face when she is no threat to them and I’ll show you an old angry grunt willing to spend a night in jail to make it right.  Don’t make blue shirt douche McDoucherton a hero.  If anything, Purple Shirt Ric Flair deserves the credit.  Woooo!  You besmirch conservatives, Trump supporters, and basic manhood by celebrating what this man did.

The lady had multiple opportunities to fight a grown man, she didn’t seek it, until a grown man ran past other fighting grown men to punch her in the face.  And it was a weak punch at that.  Man card pulled Douche McDoucherton.  Don’t show up trying to defend yourself, because I guarantee you that you wouldn’t try that sh$# with Bea Arthur.

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6 Replies to “To Douchebag Woman Sucker Punching McDoucherton in a Blue Shirt”

  1. You sure that was a woman? Facial features could have gone either way. The red/black Antifa scarf covered the neck. 125# person wearing skinny jeans, dreads and an Antifa mask doesn’t necessarily mean a woman. That pretty much describes all of them.

  2. Regardless, individual sucker punched someone who was not threatening. Douchbag !!! Obviously a loyal follower of Donnie Le Douche !!!

  3. If you watched the whole video, she ran to him and started hitting him, so was he just to stand there and take it.

    1. That didn’t happen. He literally ran over to her and bum rushed her. The video is right there for us to see.

    1. Saw this on a website:
      So there is this woman you see in the news. She is part of this Antifa group in Berkley. Nathan Damigo, a Marine Corps veteran who was out there saw that she was putting M80s (fireworks) inside glass containers, and throwing them at the rally goers. So she was literally making IED’s. This makes her no better than the Boston Marathon bombers.
      You can see in this picture that she has her weapon in her hand as Damigo shoved her then hit her in the face to subdue the bomb threat. Marines are trained to run towards the fight not away from it, to put their lives on the line so others won’t get hurt. Perfect example of that here.

      Can’t get their pic to link but it is one from behind her as she gets hit and you can clearly see the bottle in her hand.

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