Military draft of women

It was only a matter of time I suppose, but with the gender integration of combat arms and most specifically the infantry, the Army Secretary came out this week and said it is likely that women will have to start registering for the selective service.  Now that the infantry is being forced open to women, the next wave of the push for gender equality will apparently be to ensure women get drafted right alongside men in a case of national emergency.  Probably before having daughters myself, I would have laughed this off as a sort of, “well, you wanted equality and now you get it” type of response.  But now that I am a father of two girls, the notion of my daughters being drafted into combat arms while able-bodied men sit here at home absolutely sickens me.  Yes, I know some of you are thinking that statement is rife with gender stereotypical roles.  But grab a drink and take a seat, because there is more where that came from.

Gender Roles

I agree, that much of gender roles is made up.  My youngest daughter loves the color blue.  By far her favorite color and if she can’t get the blue car on the carnival or amusement park ride she almost doesn’t even want to ride it.  However, there is nothing biologically gender specific about color as far as I know.  Furthermore, I’ll use myself as an example.  I am a United States Marine Infantry Veteran of Iraq.  I am not known for expressing much emotion or feelings.  I have seen life and seen death, but 10 times out of 10, when Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun song comes on the radio, I stop, listen, and yes, sing along.  Every. Single. Time. No need to lie, men, it is a catchy tune and you can admit it.

women military draft

Because I am not bothered or threatened by the abstract definitions of gender roles as it relates to this current time in human history.  I am admittedly a caveman on many issues, but I like to think a reasonably progressive and enlightened sort.  Moreover, I respect women who want to join the military and many women fought honorably in the roles open to them over the last 13 years. As a father to girls, I don’t really like the idea of certain things being off-limits to them.  Although, I will admit having done the infantry in war, I believe women in the infantry to be less than helpful to say the least.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I know Grunt Life and I don’t want it for my daughters.  But still, my complaint is not with you ladies.  Rather, my complaint is with the society of men we are becoming who would allow a woman to be drafted into the infantry in their stead.

The Biology of War

Look, I’m not going to get into all the biological differences between men and women because I don’t think I have anything new to add.  But I’ll just say briefly that I don’t want women in the infantry for the same reason you don’t want women to become the starting offensive linemen for your favorite NFL team for the sake of “progress.”  However, it would seem we care more about our favorite football team than your friendly neighborhood infantryman.  It is not gender bias, it is just biology.  And listen to me when I tell you the biology of war is harsh.

Women draft

The Marine Corps tested it fairly and in every case, all-male infantry units outperformed gender integrated infantry units.  But now let us send that integrated unit off to face a foreign enemy that will likely be, all-male.  However, my problem is not with the women.  Rather, it is with the society of men we are becoming who would allow a woman to be drafted into the infantry in their stead.  Because allowing my daughters to make a run at infantry with standards 100% intact is one thing.  But drafting them by the power vested in the State while men tell me they refuse to be defined by gender stereotypes is unconscionable.  Yet it seems to be the inevitable conclusion of the path we have undertaken.

Be a “Man”

My stance of what a man should be for purposes of war has nothing to do with sexuality.  Gays in the military, gay marriage, and gay rights play not into my thought for this particular article.  It would seem evident that most of us probably unknowingly served with gay men and if they did their jobs, which why wouldn’t they, then great.  However, I watched a video the other day, which I tried desperately to find for this article, where straight men pushed back on the stereotype where they were to be the provider or protector of others.  They lamented the role pushed upon them to be “manly” as they felt it oppressed women.


Honestly, I am not naturally “manly” and any “manly” I have to offer the world was developed courtesy of the United States Marine Corps.  When I joined at 17, I weighed about 130 pounds and had the face of a 12-year-old.  My Drill Instructors literally used to yell in my face over and over, “Boy does your momma know you’re here!”  But this process of becoming “manly”, of becoming able to defend the weak and rise to the occasion when need be is a process.  So when other men are not quite there yet, I don’t dismiss them.  The kid who was picked on at age 12 can become a lion by age 22.  But I do have a problem when they say, “don’t force me to fulfill this stereotypical gender role in a time of national emergency, for a woman can do that just as well.”  That is not equality men. That is cowardice.   You are not pushing equality, you are simply being a coward.

The Conclusion

I was reading an article where a woman basically said that if I was expecting men to fulfill stereotypical gender roles, then I am basically raping her with my “white terror.”  And I remember thinking, unless this lady secretly named my genitalia “white terror”, I don’t even know how that’s possible.  And as flattering as that name might be for that particular area, it fails to advance the conversation.  For we know the biology of war as scientific and military fact.  We know that men advancing upon the enemy will gain more ground than an all-woman unit of equal or greater size.

Unprecedented Mediocrity

But by all means, let’s draft my daughters in a future war while biological men sit here and ponder their role in society.  However, if my daughters do get drafted into the infantry of the future to face an enemy for the sake of progress, you better not let me find you as a man sitting on a park bench back here at home pondering your role.  Because I might be 50 or so by then, but I will give you some instruction you won’t forget.  My daughters can volunteer for whatever they want and my son can love all the “non-manly” things and dance to Cyndi Lauper if he so chooses like his daddy.  But if I have done my job right, he better be ready to step up to the plate before his sisters.  And if all else fails and the enemy hordes are at the gates, then if I have done my job right, his sisters will give them hell too.  Like the Unprecedented Mediocrity Facebook Page Below and Oh, If any of you men thought you were too cool, I’m about to prove you wrong with the video below. 

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25 Replies to “Drafting Women: The Most Cowardly Thing Society Will Do to My Daughters”

  1. As the father of two daughters and three grandaughters, I could not agree more, Jeff. Don’t let me catch a man back here while my girls get drafted. I might give more than instruction.

  2. Jeff, thank you for putting what I have been thinking into words when I can’t seem to put the right words together to do just that. I can’t begin to add anything to what you already just said. I was growed up in a time where women stayed at home and took care of the kids and kept things running smoothly at home while the old man went to work and won the bread. That left Mom home when the kids got off the bus, and was there to help them with all the emotional pittfalls they ran into everyday at school every day. That’s the way it was before the government convinced everyone they couldn’t make it with just one of them working. That way the government got a double dip of taxes from each household at the kids expense. Now the kids are alone when they get off the bus and either raise themselves or are raised by a babysitter or daycare who has no vested interest in the kids and no reason to take the pains to properly install a correct moral compass. You want to know what happened to our Republic, that’s a damn good place to start. Paul Paver Jr.

    1. Good insight man. Life has changed a lot from my Grandparents, to my parents, and even my generation. I wonder what it will be like for my Grandkids God willing I make it that long.

  3. I agree with you Jeff…to a point. First let me say any male wanting a female to fight in his stead is not a man. While this is likely to be labeled a sexist statement it is my opinion, so if some of you don’t like it move on or deal with it. As a father of two daughters and two sons myself I would hope any of my kids stand up for one another when needed.
    If you’re still reading then let me tell you why I’m O.K. with women in combat fields. My first experience with gender equality happened when I was going into my freshman year of high school during judo lessons. Up to this point in my life my outlook reflected what I was taught. Don’t hit a woman, treat them with respect. Well my first week of classes I was paired off with a female of about equal size to spar with. So we are standing there in the ring and I’m thinking “be nice, don’t hurt her” and such. While I’m doing this the teacher say go and she grabs me a does a wicked flip before I realize what is happening. I remember getting up and thinking it kinda hurt…a lot. Still not wanting to hurt the young lady we grappled a little bit and she whispers to me “Don’t hold back.” I remember thinking “Ya, right.” right before she threw me again. Getting up again it dawned on me I could hold back and get my butt kicked (she was going to kick my butt if I let her) or fight back. I chose fight back. When I chose to look at the opponent and not the gender I found it easier to do so. That sparring match ended up a draw not because of my skill but strength. Afterwards she actually said thank you for fighting back. She told me she wasn’t going to learn much against guys that let her win. She wanted to be held to the same standard as everyone else. Not much to ask for really and I came to respect that.
    Having served in a couple of infantry battalions myself (2/4 on the east coast a long time ago and 3/5 on the west more recently) I’ve seen a number of individuals that had no business in the infantry. Between having to push/pull and sometimes carry them through various training evolutions I remember thinking a number of times these guys could be more of a danger to those next to them then those in front of them. Some weren’t physically capable, others just didn’t seem to have the G2 to grasp much more than carry the heavy stuff. Some, bless their hearts, when shooting a rifle couldn’t hit dirt without gravity.
    My point is this. Since we are going down the gender equality road (no turning back now it seems) we would be doing all involved a great disservice by not holding them to the same high standards. Note I said same high standards. We need to get the upper echelon to realize that watering down the standards would only result in many of our people coming back on their shields and not carrying them for a stupid reason. If they can hack it and want to, let them.

    1. Well written. I’m thankful I wasn’t faced with any hand to hand combat with a woman insurgent. I think I would have done what was needed, but that is a scenario where you simply can’t hold back. But the result would be haunting.

  4. Semper Fi, brother. 0311 Desert Storm here.

    I completely agree with what you have said, and completely support all of the points you included. I also have daughters and while I want them to be free to choose their own path, I also want them to be ladies, a soft nurturing presence for their children, and protected by their choice of husband.

    I have always said that it is a deterioration of our society to place women in combat regardless if they are prepared and can perform. When we reach a point, as you say, where men reject their role as sheepdog and allow women to become protector, we have lost our way.

    1. Semper Fi brother, well said. I honestly don’t know what such future will look like.

  5. Sick morons such as yourself are fine sending your sons to die for the rich but not your daughters? Men are disposable but women aren’t? I’ll be glad when your sick-in-the-head, captain-save-ho, white knight generation are all dead!

    1. I’ll be glad when your dead, pussy sitting behind a computer never willing to serve yourself I’m sure, your that guy who will be on the bench

    2. Come out from behind your computer and visit one of us vets, we will show you some real pain.

  6. The Disposable Male, by Spetsnaz

    The patriarchy didn’t oppress women. If you look carefully and beyond the feminist BS brainwashing, the patriarchy has always oppressed men in favor of women. This is why feminists are so eager to demonize the patriarchy – they don’t want you to wake up to this extremely inconvenient truth. If you recognize this truth – you gain the psychological and moral advantage – which is why the evil, women oppressing patriarchy is such a central part of the feminist shtick.

    Gynocentrists and white knights use social conditioning and brainwashing to exploit men for the benefit and advantage of women. Women being exempt from the draft and men being expected to provide for women financially and to protect women with their lives are topics feminists find non-relavant to the oppression olympics. Men being oppressed and exploited – with their very lives – is perfectly fine from the feminist point of view.

    This site is most sickening because the fathers here think that so long as their sons die in war – their angelic daughters will live angelic. On sites such as these – the “man up” and “cowardly men” rhetoric is thick yet indicative of the mental illness that permeates the site’s authors.

    My father was a drill sergeant in the Marines. I served in the Navy on a combat aircraft carrier. My life is as significant as any woman’s life. Can’t wait until men that think lesser men’s lives are disposable are dead and buried. If you think your son worthy of an early death compared to your daughter – my hope is that you become the dental floss detritus of sharks.

    1. You comment got held up in my spam folder. Sorry for the delay in posting. It might have been the Youtube link. Even if I don’t agree with a commenters opinion, I am not one to censor them. Well thought out comments you have.

  7. Jeff, I don’t believe you need not worry. The same folks engineering this new reality of gender equality in the military will likely do whatever it takes to ensure there’s never a need for a draft (a la Neville Chamberlain). Obama didn’t have the stomach to heed his own red line in Syria. On the other hand, women in combat arms may act as a further deterent to US participation in wars, much less the kind of wars that would necessitate a draft. I believe that is ultimately the goal. Aside from putting women in positions of greater influence and power through the officer corps, of course.

  8. Not cowardly at all. You women wanted “equality”, well now you got it. You cant cherry pick shit if you want equality. You have to take the good with the bad. Get over it!

  9. Isn’t the issue about having the best in combat roles in the military? If so, why support the draft period? There are many men who would not cut it. Yet every man must register. Even men who are obese and or disabled. Why is it ok for them to be drafted and possibly sent to their deaths but not your’s daughters? Why are your daughters lives more important? It isn’t as though women are completely incapable of killing a man and are utterly defenseless in every situation.
    It is kind of offensive actually to use tugging on the heartstrings arguments that women in combat should create a more emotional response. People who have lost sons, fathers and brothers in war, their pain is not lessened because it wasn’t a daughter, mother, or sister they lost.

    1. what would the American military know about war?I spent three years trying to teach you losers who haven’t won a war in three generations. shut up and learn.

  10. The reason we’re having this discussion isn’t because young men are too cowardly to serve, but because their father, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers were to cowardly to tell wives, daughters, and other feminists “No!” Ground was conceded that never should have been, and the attacks on masculinity and manly pride began decades before many active duty soldiers were even born. Even here I’m seeing hardened warriors admitting defeat to the feminist agenda and apologizing for possibly offending them. Fathers have fought battles overseas but lost the war here. Evidently all that’s left to you now is sad “man up” shaming attempts like this one, along with pathetic verbal attacks and threats of violence against other men to enforce some sort of appeal to manly duty. This after letting the nation’s boys be shamed for being male and sometimes even drugged during their formative years in female-run public school systems and feminist-run colleges. How ironic that you now expect them to “man up” solely to protect women they’ve been told their whole lives they’re equal or even inferior to…with the sole reward being that you won’t call them a pussy.
    There’s nothing brave or virtuous about targeting and slandering other men to protect your own daughters in a world you’ve helped create, a world where you don’t want anyone telling girls “No”

  11. Heh, maybe I should look in the mirror, with my defending men from other men by blaming men. At some point women have to take responsibility for the world they’ve demanded…after all with rights come duties and with power comes responsibility. But until then it’s us men fighting and making demands on each other to protect them from results of their own choices.

  12. Instead of raising males to protect females, how about more work on the boys so they don’t grow up to be creeps females need to be protected from? To me, that would be th ideal world. It seems to me, after having raised three daughters that even in their teens there were lessons to them about having to watch out for the creepy boys. Why is this? Why are the things that boys do lookd at as , ‘boys will be boys’ and then they grow up to be men who cannot be trusted? Men fear other men in women’s bathrooms. Men fear for their wive’s safety. They feel for their children’s safety. Do men get to grow up with dispicable behavior approved so they have an excuse to spend teir lives protecting females? How about a world where me and my daughters can grow up doing what we like without fear of some creeper guy and without needing protection?

    I had guard duty in Iraq watching over oppressed women. It disgusted me so much to think their lives were so molded and tied down for tradition involving submissiveness to men. The things they would never to get to experience in their lives simply because of their gender. To need approval from a man to live.

    Why can’t a women get a job and go to work and bring home a decent paychck and still be considered worthwhile to her spouse? We get pregnant because he wants sex. We stay home to take care of the kids after we had the sex he wanted. We give up interests and skills and life experiences to do all of that. But all the while, we hav dreams and hopes and such.

    My dad loves, loves, LOVES to argue the feminist stuff that he soo soo despises. He argues openly and loudly, at age 80, that women should be home. I am 45 now and asked him during his recent rant this all-important question, of which he sat silent and dumb-founded after.

    “Dad, if you so strongly believe that women hav a place at home caring for men, then why, when I was a 12 yo girl did you wake me every morning to go mow lawns with your business. And when I was 15 you taught me all of the lawn business. And when i was 16 you taught me how to drive the trailer of equipment and how to tear apart every engine, every motor to cleanand repair it? Why did you make me work 8 hours a day every summer from age 12-20 if I was supposed to be learning how to sit home and cook, clean and serve a man? Instead, i grew up and graduated the Army Powerplant Repair class for helicopters at the top of my class. I was inspired to pass army airborne training and to get a degree and a professional job. What was the point of all the discipline as a teen if I was supposed to sit in the confines of the house and cater to a husband? Dad, which side do you truly believe in?”

    He had no answer. First time in my life he has never had an answer. My mom’s jaw was on the table, as she too, was silent.

    1. SpiritwarriorG, I agree with Charles! Birth control is an option and you don’t get pregnant every time you have sex. You also made it sound that you were raped because you said only he wanted to have sex! I also guess that only he wanted kids from your description!

  13. SpiritwarriorG, it sounds like you were forced to be a surrogate for the son your father wanted but never had…either never had literally, or you had a brother who didn’t live up to your father’s expectations. Also, if you found men to be creepy and demanding, and you didn’t want sex or children or a husband’s paycheck, why they hell would you agree to marry a man and entrap the poor bastard? Was it simply out of spite, to deny him access to a woman who did want those things?

  14. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. While I don’t think that women should be allowed in Combat Units (Infantry, Armor, Artillery); the decision to allow it has been shoved down our military’s throat.

    Blame those “feminists”, few of whom have probably volunteered to serve in our military, for opening up the draft to women. The good news is those who would not put their money where their mouth is will also have to register for the draft.

    Unfortunately, it is now a done deal. One that will have to be paid by the blood of our daughters, sisters, nieces, aunts, mothers and maybe even grandmothers. Feminism, meet reality!!

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