Ebola.  You and I know it as the latest event to strike fear into the heart of Americans since Orson Welles radio broadcast War of the Worlds.  If you are unfamiliar with the Orson Welles’ 1938 radio broadcast I’ll recap it for you.  Orson Welles narrates a semi-real news report about an Alien Invasion from Mars.  Consequently, a large but unknown number of Americans panic as they took the false news report for truth.  Think about it.  This radio broadcast led Americans to panic that a real Martian invasion was taking place.  So let’s talk about Ebola.

The Good

Look, Ebola is real.  There is no doubt.  Not only is it real, but it is really deadly.  However, lets examine what we know to date.  By my count 2 Americans were infected in America to date. Moreover, 2 more Americans were infected overseas.  Now there is the famous first case in Dallas where the man was infected in Africa somewhere and then flew to Dallas.  I honestly don’t know whether he was an American or not. But I think that is 5 people to date.  So lets examine them.

What I think is most notable about these 5 people, is that 4 of the 5 were healthcare workers caring for the infected.  To me, this definitely represents the good.  2 Americans were affected overseas in Africa attempting to help those afflicted with Ebola before Ebola became the cool panic these days.  They were, as far as I can tell, motivated by their Christian Faith to go and serve those whom others would reject.  And it nearly cost them their lives.

The two people infected domestically were also in fact, healthcare workers caring for the first patient in Dallas.  I don’t know about you, but if I am a nurse in a hospital and I am told to go clean up the explosive diareaha of the first American Ebola patient, I’m going to think about a new job.  However, these two ladies didn’t, and it now in fact, may very well cost them their lives.  People decry these individuals, but they represent the good.  For if Ebola does begin to take off in America we will be saved not by radio, TV, or even Blog pundits.  But it will be individuals with hearts such as these that may bring dire aid to you and your family in time of need.  So lets call them what they are, namely, The good.

The Bad

Ebola cleanup

Now I am not without criticism over the way Ebola has been handled in America. Both from a practical standpoint and just from an image viewpoint.  For instance, this picture of the truck, I would like to classify as, The Bad.  The picture you see is the image of the cleaning crew whose job it was to clean the apartment of the first Dallas Ebola patient.  Now I don’t know about you, but when I hear a deadly disease has landed in America, I am expected something a little more official than “The Cleaning Guys”.  I mean you swap out one label on that truck and they are the same guys who come to fix my plumbing.  I was expecting a little more world class CDC cleaning action for the first case than this.

I get that maybe the Government doesn’t want to induce panic, but I got to tell you Mr. Government, nothing makes me panic more than stupidity. So when I see what appears to be a slow response to such a deadly enemy, I start to worry.  People want to know their Government is on top of a new emerging threat. Sending us memes and mixed messages about why we don’t need to worry doesn’t cut it.  Make me not worry by doing an excellent and beyond reproach job at handling case number 1 and I’ll worry less about cases 2, 3, and 4.

Lastly, there was the newest Ebola patient who flew on a plane. Sigh.  Let me tell you, Mr. Government a little unknown story from Iraq.  In 2003 while stationed at a local fire station in Al Kut Iraq, our posts observed what appeared to be a repeat car on the perimeter taking pictures of our positions.  So the next time he came by, we sent out a fire team, busted out his car window and dragged him out if memory serves me right.  As it turns out, he was no threat and we sent him on his way.  Broken windshield and all.  And I don’t feel guilty about it to this day.  Moral of the story, sometimes you have to go big.  So if for instance you know a certain number of people might have been exposed, you don’t let them  on a plane. Period.  You apologize a month later if all is well, but you don’t regret it.  Go big on these first cases.  Go big.

The Ugly

I would classify the ugly as most of the sensationalized reporting that has come about Ebola. Scientist have weighed in on the matter, but what do those scientist people know anyway.  Go back to telling us useless things about physics and what not.  Look, if  I am going to get my advice on Ebola, its not going to come from Glenn Beck.  I’d rather it be from someone in a lab coat.  It just makes me feel better.

We know that Ebola is deadly and the Science supports that.  We know that it obviously can be infectious because people are getting it.  However, in America, we do indeed have a world class health care system. Sure it cost you a mortgage to get sick, but that’s for another post.  However, let’s not demonize the very people that will save us from such a catastrophe, namely, the Scientist and Medical professionals weighing in.

You want to stock up on water and rice and shotgun shells, go for it.  I have a little of each myself.  But let’s stay engaged with the solution supported by facts.  Moreover, lets not loose our compassion for those infected as it may very well be that compassion to do something that stops this from becoming a pandemic in the first place.  I’ve had a little fun with this Ebola mess as evidenced by the featured picture in this post.  However, in the end, Ebola is not something to be trifled with, but nor is it something to be politicized.  I end this article with one of my favorite Winston Churchill quotes that which I have cited often and will continue to do so as it eloquently states, “The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”


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