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Its good to be the king!  Anyone recognize the picture above?  Classic movie, Mel Brooks’ History of the World.  In this movie, you see a hilarious view of history from the eye’s of Mel Brooks.  If you haven’t seen the movie, consider your life experience deficient, go watch the movie, and then thank me later.  However, the picture above is Mel Brooks as the King of France right before the French Revolution.  In these scenes, he goes about some Kingly exploits, all the while people keep remarking, It’s Good to be the King.  Read on for relevance.


Now if you have followed this blog long at all, I think you can tell that I am no fan of ISIS.  Exhibit A would be my article, Too Soon ISIS, Too Soon.  Exhibit B would be my article, An Open Letter to ISIS.  Exhibits C and on, well just scroll the blog and have fun.  ISIS is a threat to all who encounter it, specifically in Iraq and Syria.  By now, you probably know that I am a Marine Veteran who served in Iraq in 2003.  So I have special disdain for ISIS running around our old stomping grounds.

But let’s face it.  Terrorist have been wanting to kill Americans, oh I don’t know, at least since Chuck Norris’ Delta Force Movie.  Probably before that, but when you can mention Chuck Norris in a post , you do.  So to be honest, if it wasn’t ISIS, it would be Al Qaida, if it wasn’t Al Qaida, it would be the Taliban, if it wasn’t the Taliban, then it would be the Legion of Doom or something.  So ISIS may be the flavor of the month, but people have wanted to kill us all for a long time.  I just say we do a better job of killing them back or preferably first, and we will be fine.


Ebola is bad news, it really is.  It seems like catching Ebola brings with it a pretty high certainty of death.  It is very contagious.  Certainly, all the health experts have exhibited warnings and America is putting itself on guard over the spread of such a deadly, lethal disease with a mortality rate of over 50%.  This has primarily exploded in West Africa whose nations hold about 245 million people.  So I know you will see the danger that in this poorly equipped and poverty stricken region, the number infected has reached the massive toll of over 6…… wait for it……. thousand.  That’s right, over 6,000, of which over 3,000 have died.

Now I am not making light of Ebola.  It’s potentials are deadly.  However, if West Africa can contain it as such, the news of a case in Texas of a recent traveler is hardly reason to get together with Rick and the gang from the Walking Dead and start shooting people in the head.  Have you ever played the game Plague Inc, available on Android phones.  Well, the let me say that the safest people on the planet from a plague is Madagascar by far.  However, after that, it’s America really. With our medical infrastructure and resources, we do quite well against disease.

The Solutions

So this is where it gets fun.  The solutions coming from a variety of segments of the population to these crisis have been remarkable.  Regarding ISIS, I have seen that we should just eliminate Islam from America.  Regarding Ebola, I have seen that we should stop any foreigners from coming into this country. To which I reply, lets just appoint a King then and be done with it all.

I get that Islam has been tied hand in hand with a swath of America’s enemies lately. I am not so naive as to completely disconnect it all. Islam certainly has some extreme elements.  Now, I have also been told that moderate Muslims are just Muslims who want the extreme Muslims to do the beheading.  Well, I don’t know about that.  In Iraq, a Muslim nation, there were supposed to be extreme followers of Islam all around.  But also know that if 8 year old kids in Iraq can in almost every location we were stationed in Iraq, can quickly produce Beer, Liquor, and Porn to try to sell to the American invaders, I am pretty sure a lot of Muslims are Muslim in the way every American is a Christian.  More on that in another post.

Regarding Ebola and foreigners, I get the idea of screen travel from certain nations.  Traveling from China to Hong Kong back when SARS was cool, I know there is some simple screening that can be done.  However, banning all foreigners from entry, I don’t know about that.  It seems like our Economy is kind of global at this point.  Not sure how well restricting all foreign travel would work.  Granted our Southern Border is very insecure, but it’s a little early to start dropping napalm on the Rio Grande.  Calm down people, calm down.

Good to Be The King

So in conclusion, if these extreme solutions are the type of things you are tossing about, then let’s just be done with it and appoint a King.  Because you know that is what it would take, right? A straight up Monarch to go ahead and rip up the Constitution and pick which religions get to exist in America.  Oddly enough, these suggestions seem to be coming from many of my fellow Christians to which I would offer the reply, you know America is not exactly becoming more Christ following these days.  Be careful what you empower the Government to do before they come for you next.

Now, I am not claiming that ISIS and Ebola are not bad.  I am just saying its hardly time to start jumping in your underground bunker.  Stay engaged America.  Offer solutions and not fear mongering. Or we could just quit being America and appoint a King.  I volunteer myself as its first Monarch. After all, I’ve heard it’s good to be the king.

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