Yes, I ripped that line of from Jedi Master Yoda but since me and him are pretty much on the same par with grammar I figured no one would mind.  Iraqi forces have retaken what remains of the Great Mosque of Al Nuri, Raqqa is surrounded, and by all accounts their leader Baghdadi has been killed again for like the 5th time.  So yes, ISIS, your rule is at an end and not short enough it was.  Suck it and I hope all you weep at the crushed dreams of your twisted perverted Caliphate.  What does it feel like to know the very thing you fought and tortured for is over.  Yes, you can still put together some sort of insurgent war and yes you can still kill.  But you will never be one of the cool kids.  This blog and ISIS actually has a sort of symbiotic relationship as I started it three years ago when ISIS emerged onto the scene.  Some of my most popular articles were tirades against their perverted evil actions.  And I believe in one article I stated that this blog would outlast their sick Caliphate.  Well, here I am still typing so suck it ISIS.  At an end your rule is and not short enough it was.

Obama’s Moral Failure

I think one of the more frustrating elements of the war with ISIS is that we could have beaten them all along.  As James Mattis is currently gifting violence and dirt naps to what remains of ISIS it is heartbreaking to consider lack of humanity we allowed to persist for 3 years.  Everyone knew that in this part of the world young girls were being raped and sold into sexual slavery, humans tortured and murdered with holocaust like evil, and young children being forced to commit inexplicable acts.  We knew it then, we know it now, and I assure you we have not seen the last of it.  There was holocaust like evil taking place and we opted “degrade” rather than open up a can and destroy and the world paid a price for our inaction.

Yes, the people of that region have paid a heavy price but our inaction also affected the west.  As long as ISIS persisted and seemed to stand up and scoff at the might United States it gave legitimacy to every wannabe jihadi back home.  It’s a fair question to ask whether Paris, London, Orlando, and San Bernardino would have happened if ISIS were not there to inspire.  But in the end, it will be a generation of children shaped by that war who paid the heaviest price.  I know America can’t intervene everywhere but we ought not to be in the business of doing nothing just to be consistent.  This American below didn’t have to risk his life to save a 6-year-old girl from ISIS but that American below represents the type of America I want us to be.  Go choke on a wad full of Bea Arthur’s used panties ISIS.  At an end your rule is, and not short enough it was.

Donald Trump’s Opportunity

It’s no secret that I am no fan of Donald Julius Trump.  I wish someone would put his small fingers in a series of Chinese finger traps so the man could literally never tweet again.  But I do like some of the stuff he has done and unleashing Mattis on the chaos in the region has to be near the top.  And when Mattis is done with his campaign of annihilation Muslim heaven will have to start rationing virgins for all the jihadis we will have sent them.   Then, it will be Donald Trump who claims victory over ISIS.  Trump campaigned on destroying ISIS and he’s actually going to get it done.

Honestly, the world is just better off with human beings like this not on the planet.  I’ve never bought into the idea that Trump’s rhetoric makes people join ISIS.  Look, if you were just a tweet away from joining a child raping goat loving murderous organization then you had some serious issues to begin with.  I’d actually prefer you go ahead and join ISIS just so we can be clear about what’s going on in that messed up head of yours.  That’s right ISIS, all you accomplished was bringing twisted perverts into the kill zone that was Syria and Iraq.  Better they die there than on the streets of the West.  At an end your rule is, and not short enough it was.

A Special Message to the Iraqi Army

Finally I want to sum up this article with a special message to the Iraqi Army fighting to take back the last parts of the region.  Hey Iraqi Army, taking back urban cities is like really hard stuff isn’t it.  So perhaps MAYBE DON’T LOSE THEM NEXT TIME A-HOLES! Did it ever dawn on you that had you had the gumption to stand and fight when ISIS poured in it would be those pricks trying to go house to house and fighting through ambushes?  Clearing a city is like totes harder than defending one.  So once you get all your cities back what say you just stick around to defend them this time.  But kudos to the Kurdish and Iraqi grunts slugging it out now.  I pray this crisis solidifies your need and resolve for a lasting military culture that can fight.

And finally to ISIS, suck a fat one.  You literally accomplished nothing of lasting value in this world. Your lives were wasted and your Caliphate will never be.  Yes you killed some people in the west but so do cows.  We literally have this water borne brain eating amoeba thing emerging that terrifies me way more than you.  Death comes to us all, but James Mattis is going to put the last remnants of you on the express train.  At an end your rule is, and not short enough it was.  Looks like I’ll have to find something else to write about.

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  1. I kind of suspect that with some of Trump’s latest antics, there will be no shortage of subjects from which you can select. I only have one request, don’t quite, I like the way you think.
    Semper Fi

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