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Nestled in the Bible is the story of Jacob and Esau.  Older brother and man’s man, Esau came in from the field where he met his meeker younger brother Jacob making soup.  Famished, Esau agreed to give up his birthright as the older brother for a mere bowl of soup.  He had a hunger and the soup was its immediate joy.  After consuming it, he looked back and realized what a fool he was to give up something as significant as an ancient birthright for the temporary pleasure of a bowl of soup.  And I am here to tell my fellow conservatives that we have given up our birthright which was the merit of conservative thought for the bowl of soup that was hating anything about President Obama.  No matter how much talk radio and conservative social media sites said that this soup was delicious, the day our tummies were full will have passed when Obama leaves office.  And all we will have to show for it, is President Hillary Clinton.  I guarantee it.

Hard Political Pill to Swallow. 

Now, you can get mad at that assertion about Hillary if you want, but in the end it will either be true or it will not. I would preference otherwise, but it will be explicitly measurable.  I plan on being around running this blog a year from now, so follow my Facebook page, hit me up in November 2016 and tell me if I was right or wrong.  In fact, if Hillary is not the President-elect come November, I’ll do the Dougie dance on national TV in a thong.  But just be warned that would be more a punishment for your eyes than an embarrassing moment for me.

The conservative movement, sometime around 2005, began the de-evolution that can only come from incest.  Rather than engage our fellow citizens about the merit of conservative thought, give value to where others might differ, and perhaps make a beautiful baby of compromise to solve real problems, you started looking at your conservative cousin’s butt backwoods Alabama style.  I like the way you Limbaugh, says one conservative to the other.  You can Beck me anytime says a couple of conservatives to one another over tea.  And before you know it, we started making some ugly incestuous babies together.  I mean the kind that in your conservative circles, you feel like you have to say they are precious, but the rest of the world knows the truth.  Think Jerry and Elaine from the below Seinfeld clip.

And what is worse, the conservative party made these ugly kids the poster boys.  While every baby deserves a home, the nation that just elected Barrack Obama twice is not about to adopt the babies that the conservative movement has been creating wholesale.  Because the Republican Party itself is fighting it in like a reverse custody battle. Then, the conservative family started cannibalizing any moderate that could help others see the potential beauty in it. Therefore, nothing new is injected and there is no adaptation.  The Republican Party just keeps inbreeding itself to the point that America hardly recognizes it as a baby anymore.  Certainly not Reagan’s baby, but don’t get me started on that.

I’m One of You, I just don’t Sleep with my Cousin. 

I would classify myself as a conservative as me and you likely agree on much.  I think the 2nd amendment is settled law and not to be infringed.  I believe in the power of the free-market as one of History’s best systems for creating actual wealth for the many. I believe government exist to secure and protect certain inalienable rights given to us by our creator, not dispense them to us like a bowl of porridge in an orphanage where we say, “Thank you, Mr. President, may I have another.”

2016 election

You see, aren’t those worthy ideas to be discussed?  Have not these been our birthright since the inception of this nation?  Then why have we traded the merit of these ideas for the bowl of soup that is just hating anything Obama did.  Were we so foolish to presuppose that there would be no opposition?  Did we think the constituents who elected him twice were just confused or lost?

How has that worked out for us so far?  Anyone with a mind to compromise is jumping ship because they got tired of being forced to sleep with their bucktoothed obese cousin instead of the hottie across the aisle who might have a different opinion on healthcare, but has smoking hot support for the 2nd amendment.  No, Uncle Cleetus says.  You either make a baby with your cousin right now to prove you love your conservative family or we will kick you out for someone who will.  Meanwhile, much of America is all like, “Hey, I love the 2nd amendment and all, but eww.”

The Way Forward

There are responsible conservative elected officials in office right now who are walking around with fake missing teeth and a bucket of artificial drool just to pretend they are one of the few, the proud, the inbred.  I’m a Marine, I can hijack that slogan.  Political cowards as they may be, they reflect a current political reality.  Set them free America.  Stop holding them hostage to what a blogger, even myself, or a talk radio show host says.  Because neither myself or the most famous of pundits has to actually be accountable for anything.  Simply put, constituents of America, presuppose half of America thinks differently about a few matters than you and you will have to work with them.  It’s not hard.

Hillary 2016

I like soon to be House Speaker Paul Ryan.  I think he is a principled man who holds conservative thought dear.  However, if all you demand of him is more inbred thought, then we are no better off today than we were yesterday.  We are losing with the current strategy as we are not just fighting a liberal President, but the half of America that voted them in office.  That is why I love the readers of this blog, because we have multiple views and I enjoy hearing from them all.  But for any of us, a failure to adapt today typically means a worse tomorrow.

Hear me now and hear me loud, if you insist the entirety of America cave to what would only be the majority opinion in the most conservative districts in South Carolina, conservative thought is dead.  It won’t be Clinton 2016 that kills us, but it will be Michelle Obama 2024, and then soon to be followed by Bernie Sanders 2032.  Nah, I’m just kidding, Bernie Sanders will totally be dead by then.  But his ideas won’t.  All because you hated Obama so much and spent your time inbreeding on social media with an incestuous like attraction to those who thought the exact same way as you.  Some of you will unlike my page today because you don’t like what I said today.  But for the future of America, I’m all like, what if you didn’t? For I have said it before and I’ll say it again, if the only thought you seek is homogenous thought to your own, then you really have to question if it is actually thought you seek.

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13 Replies to “Every Conservative Should Read This Today Before It is Too Late!”

  1. always a great read. I have been thinking much the same thing lately. my question is what ever happened to moderates of either party? The constant partisanship has made me feel that whoever is elected, no matter what party, will have no chance to make any real substantive difference in their time in office.

    1. Whoever holds the Presidency and a majority will rule as the dems did with 0care. You know, with an Iron fist. You Will Submit and any descension will have an IRS, ATF, FBI investigation with not even a smidgen of corruption…

  2. I remember Reagan and I really miss him. I’m betting it will be Hillary in 16 to and the Republicans will only have themselves to blame. Look at the mostly clowns they trotted out and have running for president. It’s a shame that a few hundred elected fools ruin our country for the rest of us. Hell, I ain’t crazy about my neighbor but he knows he can depend on me when it counts.

    1. Yeah, I was young for Reagan, but the more I read about him, the more I realize he resembled nothing of the current GOP, regardless of how often they like to evoke his name.

  3. Die hard conservative here. I can’t stand Trump. But we’re so busy ripping apart anyone who isn’t 100% spouting whatever we want someone to spout today, that Trump is able to rise up and take the lead. If we can’t beat Trump, then we deserve to lose to him. (And lose alongside him to Hillary in the general election.)

    1. Indeed, Trump scares me in that he has more tyranical tendencies than most candidates that I have seen in a while.

  4. Good stuff here. I lean libertarian these days but have almost always leaned “right”. I can’t stand the concept of purity tests which seem to just minimize debate and simplify things to the point of being juvenile. I grew up in one of the most liberal burbs of chicago and have seen the left try to hunt witches as well. That’s kind of the main reason I call myself a conservative, I don’t like the idea of competitive kool-aid chugging. Everything, repeat everything, is worthy of debate.

    1. I like that last line “everything is worthy of debate” I would add ” and for everything worthy, a compromise can be reached”

  5. This is my first comment on your blog, Jeff, but I’ve lurked for a long time.

    Just wanted to say that I think you’re making a great antidote to polarization here. I lean very left in most of my politics (feelin the Bern, even) and I love reading your blog because it makes me re-consider many issues from new angles. I think coming together across lines of division for substantive dialogue and compromise is vitally important, and often missing in today’s climate.

    So thanks for doing what you do, you’re providing us wacko liberals with an awesome source of non-homogenous thought. Cheers!

    1. Thanks man. I truly love and welcome all viewpoints here, even those that lean towards the Bern! Keep thinking as you are a whole and complete person able to come to the thoughts that define you most. I’m just the springboard for whatever those might be.

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