Be neither quick to defend him or eager to malign him, but simply ask yourself if David Hogg is doing anything to bring Americans together on the extremely complicated issue of guns in America. Oh I don’t blame the kid and don’t accuse me of reverse ageism by calling him kid. I was a kid at his age and I say that despite joining the Marine Corps at 17 and graduating just a month past my 18th birthday. I know Marines make men, but in August of 1997 they produced a little 130 pound manlet kid who happened to have an EGA. Time, experience and faithful service made me a man. It’s not like the gun debate was civil before David Hogg, but what is being asked of him is the equivalent of asking the school hall monitor to go break up the biker fight down the road. Emboldened by his newfound role, he has spoken at gun owners a great deal, but very little to them. Let me say that again. Eighteen year old David Hogg has done a great job of speaking at multi-generational gun owners but he has done very little to speak to them or with them. He has forgone a national conversation and opted to be DJ for popular rage. Sorry David, but the adults threw you to the wolves and it wasn’t fair. You don’t even know the difference between Polymer80 Glock and a 1911 which is less than helpful. You were not ready, but then again who could be. Keep your chin up kid, yes I called you kid again sport. Anyone can excite the mob my young David, but learn how to align the skeptical opposition and you might do great things even if I dislike the things you accomplish. 

Let’s Be Honest with Ourselves

I’m not maligning the role of David Hogg because I am on the other side of the debate. You all know me on this blog as a lover of 2A. Nor are the comments about his age meant to malign him specifically. Age is nothing to brag about to those who have it and nothing to be ashamed of for those who don’t. But he is a kid and there is gargantuan lack of perspective and discernment on his part as to how to proceed. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure his new found popularity with this fellow kids has that kid pulling chicks left and right now. Hey babe, wanna come talk gun control and chill has likely never worked as well as it does now. But he is a kid people and I say that to the 50 something gun supporters who call him horrible names and to the elder gun control advocates who threw him to the wolves. But when David Hogg starts talking AT me as a gun owner and not too me I can’t help but feel like ole Gus from one of the best scenes of Lonesome. Dove.

People often like to talk about the age of our founding fathers and use it to explain his missized role in the modern gun debate. In 1776, the Marquis de Lafayette was 18, James Monroe was 18, and Aaron Burr was 20. This is all true and discernible truth. What is also true is that none of these men had a seat at the big boys table when it came time to draft either the Declaration of Independence or Constitution. By the time James Madison penned the Bill of Rights he was well into his 30’s, Thomas Jefferson wrote the constitution in his 40’s and John Adams along with Ben Franklin had long descended into old man balls territory.

Youth has its role in our society and one that ought to be respected. As does age and wisdom. The constitution enshrines this as you must be 25 to be in the House of Representatives. Think about that. David Hogg must live another 7 years, which at this point constitutes about 40% of his current life before we will let him harass interns, be drunk by noon and take bribes as a Representative. In my personal opinion, I think the adult gun control enthusiast used young David as a send out. They knew the thunder that would descend upon him and much as we send our 18-year-olds off to war they sent him to be the lightning rod.

His Youth is Showing and It’s Painful

Just this week, TV personality Laura Ingraham made some public jabs about the kid not getting into college or something. People kind of derided her for taking a low blow as what young kid really deserves to get derided for college rejections. So she apologized and neither I nor Bea Arthur’s panties care about this debacle. The only problem is that David Hogg then took to twitter, which I assume he has a decent following now and started called for tyranny of the mob. He asked people to start contacting her advertisers because she said something bad about him. Whatever, free speech right.

But what young David doesn’t understand is that he is not hurting Laura. When revenue goes down the first person to get cut is not the TV star. Somewhere in that workforce is a low wage worker happy to have a job that will no longer when sponsors start pulling out. Then, much like Bill O’Reilly, even if they do pull the personality they are rich enough to not care. I am of the opinion that for anyone to create artificial consequences for the sole purpose of silencing speech is nothing more than tyranny of the mob.

Sadly, this tactic has been used by many on the left recently in the wake of Trump. They say speech is free, but speech is not free from consequences. To that end, I agree. If I tell my boss to F off, there will be consequences. If choose to open up the staff meeting with any of the dirty jokes I heard in the Marines there will be consequences. However, when someone exercises free speech and you then artificially create a consequence for that person to silence them that is tyranny of the mob. Rallying a bunch of twitter trolls to attack a person’s source of revenue to silence them is nothing short of that same tyranny. You beat bad speech with better speech my young David. You never try to silence speech no matter how hurtful you find it. Life lesson for free sport.

Thanks but No Thanks

Gun owners like myself willing to come to the table to talk about helpful measures that would tackle gun violence while preserving the right have been pushed away by David’s speech and tactics. I mean the hand raise thing, come on dude, really? You know what, screw it. Kid you were one finger point away from pulling off a John Travolta on stage and I’ll give you credit for that. To those angry with me for still calling him kid and will say I’m part of the problem, I say my conversation was never with David Hogg to begin with. Also, pssst, he is a kid.

My conversation is with you, my fellow adults. David Hogg has taken a willing mass of gun owners and pushed them away from the table for several reasons. One, my kids can come to me complaining about anything under the sun. I will not, however, allow them to talk at me. I’ve lived to much life and they not so much to be lectured and talked at by kids. Much like Gus in the Lonesome Dove video, I’ll not tolerate it. David Hogg began talking at gun owners and for that we have tuned him out.

It just didn’t work out for the whippersnapper and I don’t know that it honestly could. Angry kids pleading with us to hear their case and see from their perspective will have my attention all day long. Kids telling me what’s wrong with me and that I have blood on my hands, well, I don’t put up with dawdling service or political speech. There was a moment and a conversation that really could of been had here. If the gun control advocates really want to engage the gun owners of America they need to put a face on TV of any age that is willing to talk to gun owners and not at them. Sorry there slick, but you just didn’t get it done for me. Best of luck in college. I think you will be very successful in life and as the innovator of the “gun control and chill” I think very lucky.

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  1. Very good read Jeff. These kids haven’t lived life, accomplished anything or failed. You can’t legislate the raising of our youth. In their generation everybody gets a trophy, nobody loses, you have to ride bikes with helmets. Violence is glorified in video games, social media and TV. What about regulating some of that. And if you mess with any of the constitution you’ve opened the door to go after other things, like free speech.

    1. Yes indeed Gunny. Life has a unique ability to inform and its hard to be talked at by those who have not lived it.

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