Never in my lifetime have I seen a Presidential candidate for whom both disenfranchised Democrats and Republicans have every reason for which to vote.  Personally, I often still dream of the home that could have been if General Mattis had set up shop in the White House, but I then wake up to the nightmare that is our current reality.  Even if Freddy Krueger haunted my dreams at night I’d rather sleep than live the reality of what is sure to be, A Nightmare on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  And for that reason, I have wholeheartedly embraced my choice and recipient of the highly coveted Unprecedented Mediocrity endorsement for President, Governor Gary Johnson.  To be clear, I don’t agree with everything Governor Johnson says and it’s not even close.  However, you don’t either with Hillary or Trump so deal with it.  But more than a vote for Gary Johnson, I’m voting my belief and conscious that we are at an unprecedented moment in modern Presidential history.  For just a moment, a glimmering moment in time, a scale has been loosed on the fiery dragon that is the two party system.  And though the odds be against us and the road long and hard, with all that I have and with complete abandon I will cast that black arrow at the heart of the dragon with a vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Rock Bottom Commands Radical Action

It is often said that an alcoholic will not change his ways until he hits rock bottom and I’m submitting to you America that we have hit political rock bottom.  Like an alcoholic with an empty bottle of tequila in one hand and his own vomit in the other, he considers eating up his own vomit on the off chance there is a little alcohol left in it.  A system that provides Hillary and Trump as our only two choices simply cannot get worse and if it did it would be because of the two party system.  We…must…. kill it.  Not them, the system, chill out Secret Service reading this blog. We cool?


And yet, oddly enough, this radical action of which I speak that much of America seems to be unable to fathom is to elect two Governors who ran as Republicans in Blue States, elected twice by those people, and represent two very diverse parts of this nation.  New Mexico and Massachusetts getting together for some bi-partisan government. Crazy talk, right?

I mean, the Presidency of the United States is the Chief Executive Government position in this nation.  Why on Earth would we elect the only two people in this race who have actually served in the Executive Branch of State Government?  Why, in such a politically divisive season in American history would we elect people who are socially liberal and yet fiscally conservative?  The truth is that whether Hillary or Trump wins, 50% of America loses badly but the Libertarian ticket is perhaps the only one in modern history where 100% of the people sort of win.  My goodness, fathom what a win/win could do for this horribly fragmented nation.  Crazy radical right, I mean, like far out there man.  Take a look at the video below.

But He Said……

Look, I heard things in that video I didn’t like.  Serious issues over which I disagree, but we have to be really honest with ourselves at this moment in history.  A candidate’s position and his ability to influence change are two drastically different matters.  Just as a quick example, for my pro-life friends out there, just how much do you trust Donald Trump’s view on abortion?  In 1999 he was decidedly pro-choice and now with the election, he has vaguely come out against it.  And even if he were staunchly opposed, exactly what could he do about it?  There is no and I mean absolutely no Pro-Life candidate in this election.  Abortion is a moral issue of the heart and politicians will never ever serve as the catalyst for that change and asking them to do so is an exercise in futility.

With the Johnson/Weld ticket, there is a host of issues with which an individual might take issue but again, that is no different than Hillary or Trump.  If you trust Trump on guns in America, then I have a garage full of snake oil I’m selling for $99 a bottle.  It eliminates debt, takes fat off your body, and causes Justin Bieber to spontaneously combust.  Pick it up now while it lasts.  When it comes to the 2nd Amendment, Gary Johnson is the only guy with a philosophical track record that can be trusted.  I know Bill Weld had some less than stellar approaches in Massachusetts, but the VP doesn’t do jack squat anyway.  Hillary will kill the gun industry and Trump, I guarantee it, will fold like a baby after the first mass shooting of his Presidency and you know it. Google Trump holding a gun and you’ll find more pictures of Vladmir Putin with a gun than Trump himself.  Seriously, I did it.


But again, with Johnson and Weld it’s not even about the issues because there is no candidate that fully represents you in 2016.  I believe in the candidate who wants to limit the role of government in our lives be it social or economic.  I believe in the candidate that has successfully governed before in a bi-partisan manner.  But more importantly and above all, I believe the two party dragon can be slain and I’m all in on that approach. If not now, then when?  Like an alcoholic saying he will quit drinking tomorrow after this last bottle, when will the American people regain the courage to actually take their country back again from the grip of government?

The Path to Victory

Despite all the calls from Hillary or Trump supporters that a vote for anyone else is a vote for their opponent there is in fact, a path to victory.  It was the same one discussed during the dream General Mattis scenario and it is plausible.  If no candidate receives the required 270 electoral votes the Presidency is decided by the House of Representatives.  That’s right, all Johnson has to do is win a little bit and the election will sit in the hands of a body who dislikes Clinton and was only waterboarded into supporting Trump.  Ladies and gentleman, the scale on the dragon has been loosed and who will risk all with me to strike at the heart of it?

You could faithfully support Trump or Clinton and you could faithfully lose by their side anyway and the only difference is that nothing in America will have changed.  Why not cast a vote that could transform America for centuries?  Without a viable 3rd party movement we are in store for decades of the political status quo.  If not now, then when? Share this with your friends whom you know dislike both candidates but are about to eat their own vomit anyway.  Share this with your friends who are considering not voting.  Share this with your friends who were going to write in General Mattis and this absolutely breaks my heart and may the General ever forgive me, sobbing, tell them the voice and vote of dissent is no longer Mattis, but Johnson. Even if you longed to feel the Bern, might I suggest you come with me and Feel the Johnson.  Yes, I know how that sounds.


You will never ever regret casting a vote of courageous dissent, but we all could eternally regret the coming Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue horror movie that is to come.  A vote for Gary Johnson is not a vote for every position he holds or even the man himself.  A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for those who have had enough.  Gary Johnson has all the quirky tough talk you love in Trump, just search for the YouTube video where Johnson called Trump a p*&%y, and yet a more stellar resume as a government executive and leader than Hillary Clinton. The two most qualified men are being dismissed as nutjobs and if so that is a terminal diagnosis for liberty and enlightenmentnt in America.

Why is this such a radical idea?  Well, I’m all in.  I’m riding the dragon like a hobbit ready to slay it, I’m standing above the fires of Mount Doom ready to throw the two-part ring of power into the fires of Mordor, and I’m ready to vote for the one third party candidate who has a chance in our lifetime to win.  Who will join my fellowship for I may not know the way to Mordor myself but together we can make it happen?  Whatever may come, I’m all in.  Who’s with me?

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