Facebook Banning Veteran Business Pages is Digital Looting at it’s Finest

Where ever two or more veterans are gathered, one is sure to find crass or gallows humor, instant camaraderie, and the American entrepreneurial spirit at its finest. You know this to be true as military service is, by default, a very entrepreneurial endeavor. With our body, mind, and soul as our only capital, we leverage that capital on behalf of the American shareholder/citizen. Granted, our wages are early arthritis and pickled livers, but it’s an honest exchange of which very few of us truly regret. For better or worse in the years after our individual GWOT experiences, the average American veteran entrepreneur found a place on Facebook to continue that entrepreneurial spirit. We all have our complaints about Facebook and the Zuck, but what is hard to deny is that Facebook became a digital refugee camp of sorts for separated veterans. We connected, continued our gallows humor and camaraderie while many of us picked up our entrepreneurial spirit and made a dollar or two for ourselves. In some cases, Facebook business pages led to the direct employment of countless veterans and in other cases as we supported one another through the grit and grind of life on this side of the uniform, it saved lives. So it is with that in mind that I, Unprecedented Mediocrity, call on Facebook to chill the F out when it comes to banning veteran owned Facebook business pages. If I can borrow a couple of minutes of your time, I’d like to explain the moral responsibility that Facebook has to chill the F out on us.

Burning a Businesses to the Ground is Morally Wrong

I am confident that when Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook at Harvard that he had no idea what he was creating for future veterans. February 2004 is listed as the founding date of Facebook, which means that Zuck was forging his billion dollar idea the year prior when I was walking through the streets of Iraq. As he sits with his billions and I sit with arthritis in my lower spine, it is clear that his life choices have been more slightly more profitable. That being said, I’ve got a decent thing going for me here and Facebook has been a big part of it. I’ve made good money writing as a freelance writer and much of the online resume that allowed me to pick up early jobs was built via this Facebook Page. I’ve created a writing course where I show other veterans to make good money writing and I sell that here at The Veteran Copywriter. Shameless plug, but I told you we were entrepreneurs.

You see, Facebook became the place where many veterans forged their ideas and businesses so that we might build a life for ourselves and pursue purpose. Many of us would have willingly chosen other venues had we know that with the click of a button, our entire digital pursuits could be looted and burned to the ground. I draw no distinction between a violent mob setting fire to a local business and Facebook deciding that any veteran’s professional endeavors no longer has a right to exist. In either case it is woke justice and mob rule.

What brick and mortar business in America would possibly thrive if any private landlord could instantaneously evict said business and burn its inventory to the ground in a split second? Yes, Facebook is a private company, but does not the modern cancel culture that is thriving in America demand that private companies operate within a moral code that they impute on it? So why can’t I impute my own moral code on Facebook and say that it is morally wrong to burn veteran’s digital businesses to the ground. Facebook should understand that these groups and pages are very much businesses, employers, and the means of one to provide for their families. So let’s use some physical imagery to help the Facebook censors see the bigger picture.

Facebook Business Pages are Small Locally Owned Businesses

Take any local business where you know the owner. It could be a restaurant, franchise, liquor store, gas station, or you name it. Now, as is right and just in America, many of these businesses are owned by legal immigrants who came to America to pursue the American dream. I am always inspired by the entrepreneurial efforts of the immigrant community as they surpass that of many Americans whose only American credential is that they were born out of the mother’s red, white, and blue hoo-ha. They don’t contribute a fraction of what these immigrants give to our society. I truly dig immigrants and I even like all the ones from the “sh@%hole” countries too. Welcome to America, glad to have you.

Now, let us presume that through some cultural misunderstanding that the United States Government stormed into said immigrant owned business without warning and evicted the owner right on the spot. Moreover, the government said that the owner could not take any assets(digital assets) with them and that this decision is beyond contestation. The government proceeded to light a match and burn the business to the ground while the owner and their family cried in the streets at the loss of their livelihood. Don’t tell me that this scene would not bring lamentation and anger to your soul at the sight of this injustice.

My friends, just because you cannot see a business owner and his family on the other side of a digital Facebook business does not mean that the same scene is not taking place. I’m also going to submit to you that many of the reasons Facebook pages get shut down are because of a cultural misunderstanding between Facebook and the veteran community. Yes, we like crude humor, guns, and all sorts of other things that seem foreign to you. Your lack of understanding and offense does not justify the moral wrong of burning veteran owned digital businesses to the ground. Sadly, I know that I’m just screaming into the wind here and there is little that can be done to fight the Zuck. For the most part, all veteran business page owners are just sitting here during the ongoing purge with impending doom approaching. Not much else to do other than take a sip of whisky and state, “Best Facebook Page I ever had” with the boys one last time.

A Call for Veterans to Adapt and Overcome

Now, lest you think that this entire post has been one long eternal whine, let’s talk about our ability to adapt and overcome. I don’t know whether the Unprecedented Mediocrity Facebook page is going to get “zucked” but by seeing some of the pages getting banned, it is clear than any page is fair game. I also know that some pages, even veteran ones, have gotten involved in stuff that Facebook legitimately doesn’t want to be a part of. So I get that too, but still, FB needs to chill the F out and slow up for a moment. I guess for me, consider this article just myself standing in the blast radius of a nuclear explosion as I stick up my middle finger at the oncoming wall of flames. If I’m still standing when its all over, then great. If not, then at least I went down on my own terms. That being said, I’m not giving up on my entrepreneurial endeavors and veterans can still support one another. So let’s talk about how we can all adapt and overcome.

Chattanooga Marines

If there is a veteran brand you enjoy following, sign up for the email list right now. Zuck is powerful, but he doesn’t control your ability to support veteran owned businesses off platform. Email is one of the few things that are completely proprietary to the owner. So, for example, if you are interested in getting email notifications about new article from unprecedented mediocrity, you can sign up for that email list here. If, on the other hand, you are interested in learning more about how to make good money writing in your spare time, you can sign up for that email list here. You’ll also get the first module for free. Just do all of us entrepreneurs a solid and check your spam folder from time to time. Good stuff gets sent to spam purgatory all the time.

Or, if none of that interests you, I’m a verified content creator with the Brave Browser and you can click on the BAT crypto coin and give me a tip any time you want. If you have the Brave Browser, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t use the Brave Browser you should be. It kicks Google Chrome’s butt and they don’t sell your private information. In fact, they ask your permission to show you an ad and if you click that permission, you’ll actually earn crypto coins for viewing the ad. I’ll never go back to having my private information sold again. Brave Browser, look it up my friends.

A Summary Final Finger to the Impending Zuck

Like I said, I don’t know if my page will get banned, but if it does, the thing I’ll truly miss is all the conversations we’ve had here over the past six years. You all have elevated my opinion of humanity with the way you pursue discourse in an intellectually honest and yet, still irreverent manner. Though my entrepreneurial efforts will continue, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to replace the community we built here at Unprecedented Mediocrity on Facebook. I’m confident I don’t have the energy to start from scratch again and get all excited over those first 100 likes.

I think that is the case for may veteran business owners on Facebook and had we known this digital veteran refugee camp we built on Facebook was so fickle, we may have settle in more stable pastures. If there is a heart, soul, and ounce of moral responsibility at Facebook, I’d encourage you to consider what you are doing to those who fought in the valleys of Afghanistan and the streets of Iraq while Zuck was forging his billion dollar empire. I’m not mad a Zuckerberg for his success and I’m truly thankfully for the opportunity it gave me here. I just wish they would understand what they are truly doing by banning veteran business pages over a cultural misunderstanding. I know we veterans are a strange bunch, but we like each other and Facebook allowed us to stay in touch. Much like our own lives in war, if we die, then we die. I just wish Facebook would be a little less Drago about it.

So here’s to hoping I’m still here when its over, but if not, finger to the sky and its been a good run. Take care to all of you and follow along through other means if you can. It’s been a good run and I’ll say it again, best Facebook page I ever had. You can always send me an email at theveterancopywriter@gmail.com if I can be of any assistance.

Jeff Edwards

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