Yes, that is a shirtless pic from the GQ magazine spread on Gary Johnson titled “Is This the Sanest Man Running for President.”  Out of fairness and political equality I tried to find shirtless pics of the other candidates but threw up after 30 seconds on Google Image search.  I’m not saying you have to vote for Gary Johnson just yet.  We have a lot of time between now and November and if fear of one major candidate drives you to dimple the chad in favor of your preferred lesser evil, then so be it. So while I’m not asking you to feel the Johnson, I am asking you to look at the Johnson. See what happens when you give it a little attention and if he rises in the polls as I believe he will I’m going to ask whether you felt the Bern or just never felt the Trump, have courage with me and feel the Johnson.  Now, I’m no fan of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton but perhaps the voters I respect most are their respective die hard supporters.  I disagree, but if you are voting for either out of conviction then you get two thumbs up from this guy. But if it’s fear of the other candidate that drives you then have courage and tarry with me just a little longer.  He’s at 12% nationally and that’s before he was even regularly included in national polling.  If there is any integrity left in our electoral process he will be in the debates soon enough.  You cannot continue to bemoan the bi-partisan political system while prematurely completely turning your head at this unique opportunity in history.  It will take courage and you risk your greatest fear stepping into office, but the truth of the matter that could happen anyway.  And yet, I’m going to call the ball and say that if every #NeverTrump and every #NeverClinton felt the Johnson then the Johnson wins in a landslide.  Will you have courage with me to ponder this just a bit longer?

C’mon Trump, I mean, C’mon. 

To my Trump supporters, you know I love you but you have to talk to your boy on this Putin stuff because it’s starting to scare me a bit.  Vladimir Putin is without a doubt one of the most brilliant tyrants of our generation and that should scare Americans of all political stripes.  Kim Jung Un weighed in too this week and offered some support and either the tyrants of the world are trying to play a little reverse psychology on us or they see an opportunity.   And normally I wouldn’t care what some foreign despot thinks about the Presidential elections but then Trump opens up his mouth on the matter and I’m shaking my head in disbelief.    

Great video and if I ever learn how to do those face over videos this blog is going to get a lot more fun.  But in the span of 2 weeks, Trump with his own mouth has suggested it is a possibility we won’t defend NATO members in the Baltic States during a Russian invasion.  Trump said, “maybe” based on those members meeting their obligations.  Now, on one hand, that might sound like savvy negotiation to get more out of member states, but Putin is not a guy who needs anything more than a “maybe” to justify sticking it in.  Life lesson, don’t play “just the tip” with Vladimir Putin because the guy is legitimately scary.  And then today, he said he would consider recognizing Russian control of Crimea and lifting the sanctions. 


Gosh, when a US President offers to legitimize your illegal seizure of sovereign territory and open to the idea of letting you do it again to members of NATO, I wonder who Putin wants to win. Even if you like Trump, I think you have to be scratching your head on this one.   In the span of 8 years under Obama’s watch, Putin has reclaimed parts of the Soviet Empire, shifted the balance of power in Syria, and now has seemingly loosened Turkey from the grips of NATO.  Which is fine because we didn’t really like Turkey anyway, but strategically it’s a really big deal.  And then Trump, who later said he was joking, asked Russia to keep on hacking American interest to track down Hillary’s lost emails.  The closer he gets to the Oval Office the more he is sounding really ill-equipped to handle what this next administration will deal with.  Resurgent Russia into Europe and China’s inroads into the South China Sea will make the ISIS threat he speaks so harshly about sound like child’s play.  The chess pieces are being prepositioned and the next President is going to have to deal with big boy issues on a Cold War scale.  We need Reagan, Kennedy, and Eisenhower, not a Kardashian in the White House so if you love Trump please text him and tell him to start acting the part.  For this reason, will all my #NeverClinton people who don’t really like Trump either listen up.   Will you have courage for just a little longer, and stare upon this Johnson of which I speak so highly.  

Hey Bernie Fans, You Already Felt the Johnson

It’s true.  If you are a fan of Bernie Sanders then Hillary Clinton and the DNC already gave you the Johnson and you felt it.  Sure it might be a different Johnson of which I speak, but you guys got hosed.  And I think if you are honest with yourself, the only thing keeping you behind Clinton is a fear of Trump.  Well, have courage with me for just a little bit longer.  November is a long ways away and I have a different Johnson I want to show you.  Give the Johnson a little attention and see if he does not rise to the occasion in ways you thought only possible by the Bern.  Have courage and do not throw support to the same lady who scrupulously undermined your campaign from the inside.  Never mind, this is the first scandal ever associated with Hillary Clinton so it’s probably just a one-time thing, right?


Bernie already left the Democratic Party today to return to his independent status, so why shouldn’t you?  Check out the Johnson people and try it on for size.  Socially you will find him quite appealing, but I’ll admit fiscally he will roil your feathers a bit.  So you’re right, it’s not like Hillary Clinton has ever been accused of being in bed with Wall Street or anything.  So you’re good on that end. Bernie Fans, I don’t really care what you do with your vote but I am asking you to have courage and consider an alternative that was once considered a kook, outlier, and non-impact because you know something about that.  If you can do for Gary Johnson in the next few months what you did for Bernie, America is going to win in a big way.  Have courage with me Bernie friends, have courage.

Courage America, Courage for Our Friends

Listen up America, the month of November is a long ways away.  If at the end of this season of courage you still fear the other candidate so much you vote your preferred lesser of two evils then so be it.  But I have never met a person who felt the Johnson that I didn’t respect in the morning if they at least gave it a go.  Check it out and I think you will be surprised how appealing two Governors of blue states who ran as Republicans can be in such a dangerous season of American history.  And they both got re-elected.  What if in this season where we are so determined the other side lose we compromise on a ticket with something for everyone to love and everyone to hate?  As is, 50% of America loses out badly but do you have the courage to examine a ticket where 80% of America sort of wins? What if America?


If you love Trump or Clinton, do your thing my fellow citizens and you are no coward.  But I’m more talking to the rest of us.  Those who out of fear are about to fall into the clutches of one or the other.  Give it time and I want you to genuinely examine the Johnson I’ve been feeling for some time now.  Pick a number and if Johnson hits that in the polls will the 80% of America I know exists have courage with me.  Courage for our friends and for America to create a viable third party option in America so we never have to relive the 2016 American nightmare again.  Many would like to pit Johnson as the Ross Perot spoiler, but I have to remind you that Johnson is not the eccentric billionaire with no political experience who says kooky things in this election.  Just saying.  I know the Johnson is scary at first sight, they all are honestly.  But out of it can be birthed a renewed nation, dedicated to intellectual honesty, individual liberty, and one that proves the American people still have power.  If you are scared in November, I still love you.  But have courage with me for just a little longer and examine the Johnson.   In the words of the epic Grease 2 Soundtrack, Let’s do it for our country and feel the Johnson. 

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5 Replies to “Feeling the Johnson Will Take Political Courage in a Very Dangerous Season”

  1. I think you mean ‘kook’….hell, I’d be happy to get a cook in the White House, I’m so tired of lawyers!

  2. If Americans want freedom they need to grab the future by the shaft and feel the Johnson!

    Bro you need a proof reader cause it looked like you were hitting the libertarian approved bong while writing this article.

  3. Voted for him in ’12, will do so again this fall. I’d hoped that Sanders would have gotten the Democratic bid, but have no reservations about feeling the Johnson again.

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