You can take it off if you want and that is something of which America should celebrate and you can be proud.  You don’t have to take it off, but if you so choose you can strip that hijab, throw it on the ground,  and put on your skimpiest sand volleyball outfit if you want.  I find it remarkably incongruent that we as a nation of liberty are celebrating the first American athlete to compete with a hijab when on this very same stage are women from oppressive governments who literally have no choice in the matter.  What is the protest here and why is this even a remarkable moment in history?  You come from a nation where religious liberty is at the core of its founding and women are independent adults currently imbued with the same inalienable rights as men.  Perhaps that is something of which we should be celebrating and if you really wanted to make a statement, then perhaps you strip off that hijab and be a role model to the women on the field with no choice.  But as for you, do as you please because you are after all an American.  I’m proud of you for making the Olympics and giving it your best, but I implore you to read this first.

Unprecedented Mediocrity is Not Impressed

First, let’s just get this out of the way.  Lady, you compete in fencing and heck, you’re already covered from head to toe.  It’s literally the one Summer Olympic sport where we can’t see your skin anyway.  What does it matter what you are wearing underneath that mask?  It’s kind of like saying a Brazilian female fencer became the first Olympic athlete to fence without panties on under her suit.  Good to know, fun to contemplate, but much like Makayla from the 2012 Olympics, Unprecedented Mediocrity is not impressed.  In the world of social understatements, this one ranks pretty high as whether you compete in a hijab or duck dynasty dude rag it doesn’t seem to really matter now does it.  If you really wanted to make a statement, then you should have gone sand volleyball like this lady below because she does Muslim modesty in sport like a boss.


I appreciate the effort lady, but it’s just a little underwhelming.  It kind of takes me back to celebrating this nation’s first African-American President as while I might disagree politically with the man it was a clear sign of much needed social progress for a nation that once embraced slavery.  As remarkable as it was, am I the only one who thinks it’s just a little ironic that the first African-American President in history is still half-white?  It’s almost as if America had progressed to the point where we were ready for a black President, but only sort of.  But hey, you have to start somewhere.  However, to the lady donning the hijab, what social progress are you celebrating here?  What exactly was the big moment here because apart from using it as a big middle finger to a particular Presidential candidate, I missed it?


The Huffington Post wrote that “It was a powerful and emotional image to see Muslim woman proudly donning both a hijab and the red, white, and blue.”  And as a lover of religious liberty and the constitution I will say, sure, why not.  That is as long as she knows she can take it off if she wants because this is America and many of her female Olympic peers are not so lucky.  Wearing a hijab might be a “powerful” and “emotional” image, but personally, I’d rather see Muslim volleyball girl above cross the net, strip down to her undies, and join modern liberty if she so chose.  That would truly be social progress of which we could indeed celebrate.

How to Feel Safe in America

As a fellow American, I am proud of you for making the Olympic team and since you seem to be pretty good with a blade I’ll not make any direct attack on you as I live my life with a standard mantra of “don’t get shanked today.”  I am also proud that you are unashamed to represent the religion of your choice, just so long as you again recognize you have a choice in America.  What so many Americans hostile to Islam don’t understand is that the same laws and precedents one would advocate to restrict Islam are guaranteed to be used against Christians in the future.  It is shortsightedness at its best and strikes at the heart of the constitution.

Personally, I first took notice of this story when she reported to the global media that she feels unsafe all the time in America due to her hijab.  However, I must remind you that Americans are not the reason you feel unsafe in America.  Americans are actually the reason you can walk around this country without fear of arrest and forced conversion.  Americans are the reason you can strip off that hijab if you want and no grown man can do anything to you as a result. Yes, some people in America are just total dicks and wear their prejudice on their sleeve like a badge of honor.  But I would argue the man who forces a woman to cover from head to toe against her will is equally a dick.  Nothing to see here below, just Iranian women studying at a University it Tehran before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.


Lady, you are safer walking the streets of America as a Muslim woman than I am as a white man walking down the streets of Tehran, Baghdad, or Kabul.  And a white woman who wants to let her hair blow in the wind?  Please, don’t even get me started.  I truly am sorry as my fellow citizen that there are times where you feel unsafe because of your religion.  However, the simple fact remains that Muslims are remarkably safer in America than Christians are in Muslim lands and there are mass graves to prove it.  Let one of the Iranian female athletes proudly convert to Christianity in Rio and see how safe she feels when she lands back in Tehran.

In Conclusion

Americans, your fellow citizens, are not the ones co-opting the name of your religion, it’s prophet, and then murdering massive amounts of human beings in said name.  Oh I know, people of the Christian faith commit mass killings too, but tell me the last time that happened and the killer was screaming “Jesus is Awesome” the whole time.  I can’t help the fact that barbarous people stuck in the 7th century are killing women and children while being overtly specific about why they are doing it.  Sucks for you as a peaceful Muslim, but Americans are simply trying to wrestle with these deep truths and it’s not easy when terror attacks have become a weekly occurrence in the Western world.


But Americans are the reason why you can wear that hijab, or not.  I’ll never let women in America be treated the way I saw women treated in the streets of Iraq as a Marine.  Lady, you can wear a hijab or itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini if you want because that is your choice. Look across the stadium at the 4 female Saudi athletes who just last year, in 2015, gained the right to vote and ask yourself if they are so lucky.  Perhaps it would have done you better to speak proudly of your country rather than lecture it.  We are not perfect by any means, but we are the land of life, liberty, and the pursuit of whatever you want to wear.  You want to know what courage looks like?  The picture above is women in Iran posting pictures to social media of them WITHOUT a hijab.  Now tell me who is in more danger, you or them?

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9 Replies to “To the Female Muslim-American Olympian Wearing a Hijab”

  1. You’re a putz. She’s not making a fashion statement but, rather, a personal one. It matters not to you actually. If you want to bitch, moan, and complain, go to those fanatical countries and do it there. How far in Olympic competition have you gone? What? I can’t hear you.

    1. I’ll have you know in the High School district Tennis tournament, myself and my doubles partner upset the number 2 seed in the tournament. Pretty much the same thing as the Olympics as far as I figure. I actually did go to a Muslim country, Iraq in 2003 and saw how women and children were treated. Watched a grown man beat an Iraqi woman with a cane so that she would retrieve the livestock in front of our post. We had him sighted in, but ROE meant we could do nothing. Watched little girls get smacked around by older boys and the whole lot. Couldn’t do anything because of ROE. But since I’m back in America, there is no ROE on my 1st Amendment rights to speak my piece and I act accordingly. It matters to me because I’ve seen what would otherwise be beautiful happy girls destined for a life of servitude and abuse.

  2. Your thinly disguised sexism and faux patriotism are showing through, “Mister”! Maybe yourself should spend even more time on the tennis court and less time pontificating on the motives of this champion athlete.

  3. Some of you don’t get it……she’s free to wear whatever she likes! Celebrate her. But she is not forced to wear a hajab in America….yet.

  4. Fuck you man, come back to earth. This article is terribly written. People like you give the US a bad image.

    Also, I bet you’re voting for Trump. Scumbag.

  5. I get the point you’re trying to make. I don’t understand why you said it like you did. It does sound sexist.

  6. I completely understand your article and agree with you. Sexist? Putz? Who are these people?? Americans really seem to have no rational view of life outside of the U.S. They seem to think it is populated with Disney princes and princes all singing songs together. His point of her feeling unsafe being a rather ill-founded feeling is something people of a certain world-view will never comprehend.
    Keep it up, Jeff. Though I don’t always agree with you, your articles are thought out and not just emotional outbursts, as some of the comments are.

  7. Excellent article. Those insulting you and calling you sexist have completely missed the point of the article. These people are so narrow minded that intelligent ideas and points being made can’t squeeze through. No sexism in this article…just the opposite, and espousing freedom and pointing out to the Olympian that she should be celebrating her freedom, not bemoaning whatever irrational fear she feels living in America.

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