Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the stars in the sky, total disintegration awaits humanity.  This obliteration comes in many forms.  Some have the possibility of finding their way to us, but most are simply out there in deep space for us to fear from a distance.  But to be honest, although these awesome forces exist with certainty, we don’t fear them as we should.  They don’t play a role in our daily lives leaving us to fear more trivial but equally deadly things here on earth.

Fortunate Distance

It would only be as we find ourselves approaching these awesome forces that fear would begin to set in.  And fear it we should, for most of the forces we could never actually reach without coming face to face with our own mortality by the effects of these forces millions of miles before we reached them.  How fortunate we are, that these indisputable forces were placed so far from our existence.

Every star in the sky at night represents a glowing hot fireball of destruction.  Sure we can give them cute names by drawing arbitrary lines between them of which the big dipper is about the only one I can agree.  But make no mistake, if you were set on a one way course towards any of these objects fear would set in.  A few million miles from this awesome fireball, the temps and radiation which are merely the effects of the object would easily kill you.  However, if you could some how make it to the object itself, all we know about the laws of nature would indicate that you would burn and disintegrate to nothing.  You simply could not stand the presence and in all reality you cannot stand the proximity to the presence.

Now I am not even getting into all that is out there in the universe.  Black holes, comets, galaxies, colliding galaxies, and all sorts of stuff that Neil Degrasse Tyson would get giddy to tell you about. But they exist.  And the only reason we have to not fear them is the thankful fact that they were placed so far away. But in of themselves, they are no less destructive or awesome.

The Giant’s Workshop

Were any of us to find ourselves, perhaps Jack and the Beanstalk style, in the presence of a Giant’s abode, we would wonder, marvel, and fear at what we see.  Witnessing all the evidence of a larger force, the chairs, clothes, and bed would give evidence that we are small indeed and something else is not.  However, stepping into the Giant’s workshop, we might find ourselves in the presence of some fearful objects. Saws, axes, blades, hammers, nails, and what ever gargantuan device would could imagine.

We would then however, be faced with a question, should we fear these objects or the one who wields them. Perhaps even the one would could make such things. A giant knife on a table far away is of no concern until the who can carry such power comes knocking.  Consider now the workshop in which we exist, namely the universe.

To say that we are small is no exaggeration.  Any one of the cosmic forces that I mentioned above could take out our planet without being so much as a blip on the universe’s Facebook feed. We are small.  Even on Earth we feel small.  How many of you have peered out into a deep and turbulent ocean only to be filled with a little fear and wonder.  Or to stand over a canyon and peer down into its depths.  When earth gets angry, i.e. natural disaster, our greatest inventions seem as nothing to it.  Our only small hope at survival is to flee from its power. We are small in this workshop of a universe and something else is not.


The Creator’s Workmanship

I have made it no secret that I do indeed believe in a creator.  I believe our existence cries out to it and my soul longs for it.  Being a follower of Jesus Christ I believe indeed that this creator is the God of the bible.  Consequently, all these awesome forces that exist in the universe I believe was his workmanship and result not just of his hands but as a result of him simply telling them to be so.  This, is a big God.

Should we fear this God?  After all, isn’t he described as a loving father desiring good for us.  Yes indeed he is loving, but fear indeed we should.  Moreover, the bible commands us to fear him.  Should we fear him like we fear spiders or snakes?  No, I suggest we fear him like one set on a one way course as described above.  There is more to God than fearing God, but don’t make light of who he is.  We don’t fear because God will obliterate us, we fear with reverence as he makes such things that could, float about the universe as common as the sand on the shore.

So if all around us in the universe are things that would make us faint with fear at the awesome power in which we are about to come in contact with, how much more so should we have an awesome and reverent fear the one that made such things.  Consistently in the bible, fear is the universal response when one comes in contact with God. People in the bible who encounter God have but one universal response, I am a dead man.  Not because God said or did anything, but simply because God is who he is, Holy.  Creation without question exist and I submit to you that so does a creator.  One of whom we are indeed on a one way course.

The Good News

People encountering God’s presence have but one problem.  God is holy, and we are not.  To many, God seems so far away and thus not worthy of our reverent fear.  I submit to you that this is a good thing for most.  For if one of God’s created things in the universe could obliterate me, then I presuppose that so too could a Holy God were I to come into such proximity in an unholy state.

I don’t know if you read my article, The Osteens and Me, but I am admittedly lacking in my own inherent holiness.   My lack of holiness and my future close proximity to a holy God sounds like a problem.  But praise be to God he has made a way.  Through belief and repentance with Jesus Christ I get to put on someone else’s holiness.  Namely, Jesus himself.  With Jesus’ holiness given as my own as a free gift, the bible now commands me to approach this creator God with boldness.  Such a premise I can hardly imagine. But this is indeed what the Bible promises, offers to all and this is indeed good news.

The Summary

So the summary of this all would simply be this.  Creation has within it items that warrant fear and respect.  Talk boldly about your lack of fear if you want, but let me put you in space on a one way course for the sun and you tell me if that lack of fear holds to the end.  However, these awesome forces of creation are but the workmanship of something much more.  So I ask again, if you fear these objects, then all the more so, have a reverent fear for the one that made them.  They are but tools in his workshop.


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