Confirmation bias is a hell of a thing and only the truly honest can recognize it in themselves.  Often working with emotionally disturbed youth struggling to recognize how they were feeling we would ask them to examine the physical symptoms.  If they don’t know if they are angry, you could ask if they are clinching their fists right now or perhaps holding their breath.  Perhaps unable to describe nervousness do they have a funny feeling in their belly and so on and so forth.  So let me ask you right now before we even get into the article how you felt when you read the breaking story that Trump asked fired FBI Director James Comey to pull off of the investigation into Michael Flynn and by default, the administration itself.  Were you angry?  Did you kick your cat while decrying “fake news sons of…?”  Or perhaps were you elated?  Did you feel excited in your tummy as you raced to retweet it?  What’s your bias on this story?  Because I’m here to tell you that we have reached a point into the saga of Donald Julius Trump where your bias no longer matters.  The train that left the station when the Trump campaign did or did not work with Russia is approaching its destination.  Will it go left at the junction or right?  Once again, it doesn’t matter.  You are no longer the conductor on this train and we should thank our founding fathers that we are not.  And thank sweet Bea Arthur’s panties the founders didn’t have to deal with social media or this experiment we call America may have never come to be.

Here’s What I Think

Now, this is an opinion blog so I’m well entitled to give you my opinion on the matter.  I have no moral authority to do so, but I do own the domain name and if you are already here it’s too late.  It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Trump indeed asked that of James Comey.  I mean, choosing the right words at the right time have not really been Trump’s strong suit.  Love the man or hate the man, but I know more Trump supporters who cringe at his tweets than I do Trump opponents.  His opponents celebrate his choice of words while his supporters slap their heads with a classic Homer Simpson “D’oh!”

And I’m going to go a step further.  I think Trump, if not himself his campaign, had some sort of illicit contact with Russia during the investigation. No, I don’t believe everything the media types but Dr. Seuss himself would have trouble coming up with enough “fake stories” to keep this thing going.  They could not would not in a boat, they could not would not with goat.  It could have been innocent enough on Trump’s part thinking very little of it or even very little of his chances of winning.  But the cards were dealt the day he got elected and this was the scenario he had to play.

But here’s the thing, those are just like my opinions man.  I, like every one of you can merely peruse the various sources, observe the key players and just come to our own opinions.  My opinion or yours ought not convict anyone.  But we then fill up our social media accounts with information leaning towards whatever bias we have developed.  Not a liberal or conservative problem, but more one of human nature.  I think Trump is in big trouble right now and you think he is safe.  But thanks to the founding fathers our opinions simply don’t matter anymore.  How is your tummy feeling?  Are you clinching your fists?

Incontrovertible Fact

I can remember in the aftermath of the election mocking the Trump opposition who exclaimed, “Not my President.”  Despite not being a fan of Trump, I am a fan of incontrovertible fact.  Donald Trump was in fact your President.  But here is the flip side of the coin.  It’s entirely possible that Donald Trump will in fact not be any of our Presidents should the worst be true.  You think its not true, I think it perhaps is true.  But again, our opinions don’t matter anymore.  Thankfully, our opinions can’t sway the path of justice any more.  The train is nearing the station and where it goes, no one knows.  But America deserves a final destination.

The institutions which oversee the rule of law are going to have to take it from here.  There is simply no other recourse and America deserves nothing less.  That’s not saying we deserve a conviction, but we deserve an investigation into what actually happened as incontrovertible fact.  We need an answer and every patriot should demand it.  Yes, I said it.  It is patriotic to ask that this saga be decided where opinion and social media matter not.  Simply, the rule of law.  If Trump deceived America, its hardly patriotic to give him a pass because he beat Hillary. She is an afterthought and truthfully, conservative vision might be more advanced under Pence.  But truth be told, If Trump can’t survive the institutions created by our founders that’s his fault and his alone.  We need not compromise it for anyone.

Congress is currently and will with more aggression investigate.  Despite the firing of James Comey, which was just a bad move, the FBI will continue to do their jobs.  And when it is all said and done, the very people you elected to Congress are going to have to weigh and measure it.  But impeachment is not the end of the road.  After all, Clinton got impeached for trying to hide a blow job and still finished out his term.  But should Trump be impeached, it will head to the Senate.  From there, our other elected representatives will try him in a court of law.  And that’s exactly the way it should be.  Where opinions don’t matter and the President is held to the highest standard for the highest office for which he ran.  The American people save a few no longer have say over the fate of Donald Trump.

In Conclusion

Nothing is settled by far and it is entirely possible that both the FBI and Congress come to the conclusion that this was much ado about nothing.  That’s a conclusion I am happy to accept as my opinion hardly raises to the standard of judicial investigation.  But cries of “fake news” can’t save Trump anymore.  The news will no longer be driving this train.  Nor will you or I with our social media posts.  The train is heading right where it should be in that the institutions which oversea this experiment must weigh in.  It’s only been 4 months of this administration and I don’t think the country can truly proceed without a final non-opinionated verdict.  Thumbs up or thumbs down on Trump, American needs it from our government.  You can still hate Hillary and you can still hate Antifa and you can still demand justice for your President.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this whole matter also followed by whether you support a definitive and final investigation to put this baby to bed once and for all.  You could say, “my opinion is…, but yes we should investigate.”  Or perhaps, “my opinion is… and I’m leaving this blog you Bea Arthur loving cuck”  To those who would leave my blog because I shared my opinion, I bid you farewell in honor of the late Powers Booth.

But to those who can stand the sight of opinionated dissenting thought, welcome back which I honestly assume is 90% of you.  After all, our opinions don’t matter anymore about Trump.  The train is approaching the station and trump is guilty or he is innocent.  That much is incontrovertible fact.  It’s about time we knew it in a more official capacity than the Court of Mark Zuckerburg’s creation.  I’ve shared my opinion and I’d love to hear yours.  Unless you are already gone, then see above.  How is your tummy?  Are your hands shaking?

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10 Replies to “Fortunately or Unfortunately, Impeachments Are Not Tried On Social Media”

  1. Dude! My opinion is… The problem Trump has is that he doesn’t see Russia as an adversary to the US. Because of his business dealings there (see quote from Trump Jr), he still thinks of them as close allies. That didn’t change when he became POTUS. He’s still thinking about his pockets. And that’s gonna be the detriment. I’m not sure he colluted to win the election although I vaguely remember him asking the Russians to hack Hillary during one of the debates. And it seemed like every time there was negative news about him, more hacked emails were released. I’m surprised he has pardoned Julian Assange yet. ;). As a lover and defender of democracy, I watch this administration and shake my head. I’m not sure what emotion that is. You have to laugh to keep from crying.

  2. Not my country, not my president. But America represents a lot of different things over seas, and right now the thing that your country represents is bat shit crazy, intolerance, hate and corruption

  3. sorry my opinion is that its a great big nothing burger. Flynn was your culprit, and I honestly think that him getting fired was a good thing…the rest is media driven hysteria because Trump will not play nice with them.

    Trust me the Dems do not want Pence as the president…..he is very, very conservative and will be the bane of their existence if president.

  4. Jeff, as always, good, solid, non-biased, blogging. I am always excited when I get an email with one of your posts. I don’t always agree. but i respect that you don’t ask the reader to agree, just think. As a teacher it is my goal in life to get people thinking. well done. As to this particular post. I agree we need a definitive guilty or not guilty, I am concerned it will not satisfy the opposing opinion and cause more controversy. excellent impeachment connection mentioning Bill Clinton, many forget that particular episode. anyways, keep doing what you do.

  5. I see you support the role of America still in a Cold War with Russia. In that instance, it is better to have your enemy within contact and on semi-friendly relations than no contact due to “Cold War” tactics. I think America has bigger enemies than Russia and somehow it is okay to have contact with them. As for President Trump, I am glad to get someone in office who is willing to shake the establishment and, hopefully, get rid of the establishment in Washington D.C. What America needs much less of is career politicians who talk to your fact and stab the American citizen in their back. I am glad to get someone in office who loves America and her citizens and not their own pocketbook. I am glad he plays the media for a tool. In general, I am just glad he is MY President. Is he perfect? No. Is he better than anyone else that ran for President? Probably, because he won and they did not. Does he love America and you, her citizen? Yes–and asks God to bless America and means it. So–we best help and guide President Trump–because the alternative is the direction Obama and the Democrat Party are pushing.

  6. The situation has been and is being investigated. To date, nothing has been found or reported as illegal or illicit (maybe unseemly or unethical, though) – that’s not to say that the continuing investigation may not find something.

  7. What if President Obama asked Jim Comey to stop investigating Hillary and then fired him for not doing so?

  8. I think you’ve been sniffing Bea Arthur’s panties again Devil Dog, Trumps got nothing to worry about!!

    Semper Fi

  9. As usual, good writing Jeff. President Trump’s problems are compounded by his tweets. Just this morning his tweet about it being the largest witch hunt in history, I recalled the McCarthy hearings of the 50s, which are still recalled on different occasions as the biggest witch hunt ever, and ruined far more lives than anything Trump has to offer.
    Semper Fi

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