Gender neutral boot camp

I’m going to be straight up honest with you right now, this article is going to contain some serious thought, a little bit of the absurd, and some less than progressive talk about gender equality. I joined the United States Marine Corps when I was 17 years old and I am unashamed to say that this was the organization that turned me into a man. Did you hear that Sec. of the Navy Ray Mabus, I said man, not person. I then went on to become an infantryman who served with other infantrymen in a war in Iraq where other men were trying to kill me. It was a total sausage fest. However, it was how my entire journey towards becoming a Marine began and I expected no less. With a baby face looking like I was about three days into puberty, I stepped on the yellow footprints to be transformed by a world of men into one of them. But now it would seem that Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has ordered not only for boot Camp to be gender-integrated, but for many of the long coveted titles of a Marine to be gender neutral. And with that, I bid farewell to my beloved Marine Corps.

The Few The Proud The Marines

Now, before people start complaining that I’m just some sort of crybaby and start pointing out that other branches of the military have long had gender-integrated boot camps, let me remind you that the United States Marine Corps has no desire to be like the other branches. In fact, it’s kind of our thing. Our motto is the few and the proud, not hey fellas we’re just one of the gang like you swell people. I am not the hardest Marine you will ever meet by any standard, but I wrap myself in the reputation of all those who came before us.

When the order came out late last year for all combat jobs to be open to women, the Marine Corps was the only one to apply for an exception. That exception was based on the fact that the Marine Corps had long studied the effects of gender-integrated infantry units. And in every case, not just some, but every single case the integrated units performed far below that of their all-male counterparts.  Yes, women should be allowed in the Marines  as they serve with honor, but that doesn’t mean we have any less need for men. Call me old fashioned, but I suppose I’ll always hold on to the idea that it does mean something to be a man.


So pardon me for having the audacity to assume war is a winner take all game. Sports are often used just as a shadow or metaphor for war, but I don’t see anyone insisting that the offensive line for their favorite NFL playoff team become gender integrated. I realize that an NFL quarterback might have a higher monetary value on his life but his existence is worth no more than the average Marine willing to fight for his country. But women in the infantry is old news and I’ve written about that at length over the past year. I’m here to talk about the integration of boot camp and the death of my beloved Marine Corps.

Exactly How Does This Work?

Truthfully I’m not really sure how this is going to work. Because part of me says if you going to do it, then you might as well go all the way and do it Starship Trooper style. That’s right men and women showering together, sleeping together, and building unit cohesion together. Because that’s a lot of what Boot Camp is actually about. When you have drill instructors screaming at you to get more recruits under that one showerhead or two and three deep over one urinal, that type of close sausage proximity tends to build a very strange bond. No eye contact, but a bond all the same.

Gender-integrated Marine Basic Training

Honestly, if Boot Camp were anything other than the process by which men become warrior Marines it would be the most homoerotic thing you ever saw. Showers and urinals aside it is quite frequent for you to line up in a manner that the drill instructors call A to B, which can also be known as A-hole to belly button.  Then there are plenty of times where you sit straddling the Marine right in front of you with the Marine behind you doing the same.  You simply can’t ignore the sausage factor when you operate in that type of proximity.

So I guess what the Marine Corps intends is for men and women to have separate accommodations, so much for building the bonds of Marines early on, but train together under what I can only assume would be gender-neutral standards that will have to be lowered if women are to pass. The men will fall out of their barracks and the women will fall out of theirs and they will all meet up on the parade deck of the recruit depot like some sort of Sadie Hawkins dance.  Currently, a male Marine must be able to do three pull-ups to pass the test. Let me remind you that only doing three pull-ups will also get you a good deal of mockery from your fellow Marines. Women, on the other hand, have to just hang from the pull-up bar for 15 seconds.  Because in war, if you just hang in there in combat, good things will happen on their own right? Or a man will come and help pull you up.

The Title Marine Should Mean Something

I actually still have the Eagle Globe and Anchor that I was handed at the end of the crucible on top of the mountain called the reaper at Camp Pendleton California. It was when I first earned the title, Marine.  As I recall it did not come with an asterisk, because there is no asterisk in war. You tend to come back dead or alive with very little room for gray. As such, either you are United States Marine as those who have come before you or you are not.  No longer will the Corps make better men and better women, but they will simply make a lesser persons and then ship them off to war.

Women chose the United States Marine Corps because they want the title and all the history that comes with it and they don’t expect it to mean less.  If they just wanted to serve somewhere, they would have gone to the Air Force, I promise you. Women Marines have always had my respect for that reason alone.  So when you make the process to become a Marine less effective, you hurt those women who through fortitude and bravery chose the Marines above all.  It dishonors the standard for the elite club that they sought to join.  If you are a lady or a man, and you want to join my beloved Marine Corps through the easy route, then you don’t deserve it whether you have sausage or not.  Still though, if you want to find the sausage quickly just stagger an 18-year-old male recruit in between each female recruit below in that A to B line.

gender neutral recruit training

It is supposed to suck, it is supposed to be hard, and at times, it is supposed to bring about the natural misery that makes the United States Marine one of the hardest people to kill on the planet.  To do anything less and send them to war is criminal and a great American tragedy for the women and the men brave enough to earn the title of United States Marine.

If You Weep at the Thought of Lesser Marines, Men or Women, Like the Unprecedented Mediocrity Page Below.  Sausage Not Required!

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49 Replies to “Why Gender Neutral Boot Camp Makes Me Weep for My Beloved Marine Corps”

  1. Well said, Jeff. It is truly a sad day for our Corps. But, part of me still believes that this is not the last we will hear of this. The Corps has survived other challenges in the past(It is hard to comprehend that they actually considered merging us with the Army at one time, Really?!?) and I hope the Commandant finds the loophole, or just follows through, without lowering the physical standards and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe, after no women successfully complete the training, then the pentagon will start to really understand why the Corps is, and always has been, different then the other services.

    1. >argument is brought up that women arent held to the same training standards as men in the military so they won’t make it in the infantry
      >marine corps makes women go through the same basic training as men
      >people complain that they are holding women to the same training standard as men

      the knee-jerk reaction to automatically disagree and get pissed off and bitch and moan about this, when the author openly states that he doesn’t even know how things are going to work, is exactly the mindset that is slowly destroying this country. rather than wait and see how it works out, we try to convince as many people through social media to be mad and bitch with us.

      1. Fuck you. How about that? My beloved Corps, not to mention the military as a whole, is not a damn social experiment. It is life and death, mission accomplishment, get the job done…fuck your feelings, fuck your equality, fuck all this shit. Nobody wants this, it is unnecessary and is nothing but unwanted political bullshit.

        1. Be careful, he sounds the kind of guy who might take you up on that offer, probably wouldn’t even have the common courtesy to give you a reach around either. With that being said, the absolutely correct response. I thought about it for 10 seconds and fuck that guy.

      2. They may go through the same boot camp as men…. and the reason they don’t train together os because they take a shipload longer to complete that same training that the men go through. rest assured…. Standards WILL BE LOWERED to accomadate and integrate females with males in training…. This social bullshit WILL affect the overall mission of the Marines….BET ON IT!!

        1. I’m not sure why you say it takes women a “Shipload longer” to complete the same training. USMC Boot Camp is 13 weeks no matter how you slice it between males and females. Women and Men complete training at the same rate.

      3. This is what happens when we have weak leadership in Washington and that is why we need to vote to remove the horrific incompetence out of Washington. I’m just glad that my father and his father are not around to experience what has happened to our beloved country. I put in 20 years in and owe my life to my brothers in arms. Continue to be men and continue to fight the fight. Get everyone fired up about voting and never be ashamed to be a marine God bless you.

  2. Its called science. Sometimes the libs want to believe in it but more often they wish to ignore it. For politics.

  3. Sorry guys, it’s called life. My question is do you really think that the Marine Corps is going to be less then what you think it should be because of these women. I don’t think so! We maybe “the few and the proud”, but you should know that women Marines are the fewer and the proud. I went through boot camp in 1966, and by today’s standards today’s Marines training is easyer the training we went through. Times change and if our beloved Marine Corps dose not change with the times, it will follow in the way of the dinasour. The women ith the corps have earned the title of the United States Marines. Get with the program.

    1. So when were you in the Military? In the infantry? Just curious. Women cannot perform and the same level as men physically so the training will have to be sissified to let with women make the grade. Its going to kill people. Can a woman, who women have posted on the web as losing strength at certain times of the month pull/carry a 200+ pound wounded man out of the kill zone? I don’t give a hoot what you see on TV its not going to work.
      Yeah I was military. Army Infantry. Orders for my CIB (thats Combat Infantryman’s Badge) dates to 1970. No matter what you see or hear for what ever military, women have no place in ground combat. I have taught women to fly and have no problem with women in air combat. They make great pilots. But they are not strong enough nor do the have the stamina to do what I did in VN. It why there are no women players in the NFL or batting for the Yankees or any other pro team. They cannot do it at the leave needed to win. In combat there is no second place. The women the passed through the Ranger school were passed under orders and ALL records then shredded. A Ranger Tab holder member of Congress asked for them and they do not exist. Its all PC drivel. Now people are going to die and it will likely be men because they had to pickup the slack for some female that can’t cut it.

      1. I get a lot of what your saying. And personally I DO NOT want to see the Marine corps or any other branch give in to the pressure of the government. But I will say this and have always said this when it comes to this topic. Most if all women wouldn’t be able to carry someone out that’s wounded or killed. And given I am that 200+ make you talk about. I served with a lot of men, marines, grunts that I was that couldn’t carry me out also.
        Frankly I would like to see them add or develop some kind of testing to get into the infantry that requires tasks like that. If your a man or women, and complete those tasks your in, if not, so sad to bad. Doesn’t lower standards, give in, or make anything but equals. That’s so called what women want, so they meet a basic line of standards and ok.
        Bc like you I assume when bullets are flying past and everything goes to hell all you care about does the person beside you have your back. Whether they are black, white, Asian, Latin, straight, gay, man, or women. Do they have your bk, bc I believe women can do that just as well as a man can.
        Now even with that said, it is proven more army convoys were hit by fire or IED’s bc they seen women on guns or in convoys. Plus I think the public is gonna have a real issue when their “lil girls” start coming home a lot more all blown to shit and in pieces. There are plenty of reasons I think it is an awful, AWFUL idea to let women into the infantry, but to say they can’t do a few things, when most men can’t do those exact same things.
        Besides all that, thank you for your time and service, your generation and the ones before you are the reason why I joined so thank you.

    2. Sorry former WM you do not represent the Marines of the past or present. If our CMC maintains today’s standards this liberal progressive attempt at weakening the Corps will fail in short order. Maintaining standards will naturally weed out those who can’t and the usual 10 percent.

    3. You didn’t go thru bootcamp. I did in 88 my 2 son’s did this year. They still punch you in the face. Every integrated unit in the corps when they run or hump has a long line of females falling out behind them. You look like the spam bot you are spewing thing you cannot relate to.

    4. Of course they can do it. And if “getting with the program” includes lowering standards….which they will. Then I personally am fine with doing away with the Marine Corps……but if that happens. I also have to admit that our country will be threatened in a much more increased manner. Why?? Because the Marines normally handle nearly every flair up around the world when an Army isn’t required……that’s about 100 times more often than any other service branch. I predict that if the President, and his appointed ignoramous idiots continue with this plan. We’ll witness the true cost sooner than later.

  4. As an Army combat infantryman of 7 years, it pains me to say it…. But I’ve always envied the Marine Corps. I loved my time in the Army but the Marine Corps has never made the mistake of pretending their job is anything but combat. Point in fact, the Marines embrace the fact that their job is to kill… For they do it well!

    The tragic truth is that the Marine Corps is too realistic in our modern and unrealistic society. They understand that feelings and good will do not a war win. Whereas other branches have attempted to build ‘corporate structure’ the Marines have always focused every last ounce of effort in perfecting the ancient art of closing with and destroying the enemy. Ultimately, they are a warrior tribe in a civilian society… The unfortunate side being that that society now wants them to conform. Call it anything you want, by neglecting the wishes of the Commandant and General Dunsford, civil society is removing the teeth from their dogs of war and will not realize the error of their ways until it is far too late.

      1. Army Infantry training was not integrated until recently when they forced all combat positions to availability for women. Regular basic for POaGs isn’t really any different than boot camp for fat people.

  5. And don’t give me any crap about the Old Corps and how Vietnam vets had harder this or that. What a bunch of bull crap

  6. Thanks Jeff for a great article, my thoughts exactly and to the nasayers, I went through boot training in 1961, my son went through in !982 and I know kids that went through as late as 2012. In comparing notes with those, there has been little change in training. Don’t get me wrong, there have been changes but they have been suttle and didn’t change the basic concept of what a Marine is.
    Semper Fi

  7. I don’t believe in the tougher years back when… It is tough all the way around. My body weighs 200lbs and another 60 lbs with a combat kit… Men are able to do things physically that woman can’t do… Fact… In addition most guys have interests oitsidenof the military that are more cohesive collectively to fig out physical problems. Combat is not as much about killing… That’s easy… Its about fig out how to stay alive individually and collectively when you are obviously losing.

  8. They cannot do it, not only in training. USMC Bootcamp was definitely not any harder than any other time…maybe you got slapped around alittle more back then. Next you will be saying the “Combat” is much safer these days too. S/F.

  9. Corpsman here. 2007-2012. The navy has integrated platoons in boot camp that has both men and women. When I tell people that, they are so confused. The only things male and females do together is eat chow, go to classes, drill, PT, ranges, and that’s really about it. Think of it as two all male or all female platoons who meet up to do these things. Each platoon sleeps in a completely different squad bay from each other so sleeping, showering, going to the bathroom, etc is done away from the other gender.

    With that being said. The Marine Corps doesn’t need it.

  10. I went through boot camp in the Coast Guard, which is gender neutral. My company of 98 was about 1/3 female. They stayed in a separate squad bay, obviously, but we did everything else together. And I can honestly say that IT DOES NOT WORK. Guys dragging their feet and sand bagging and the CC can’t call them out cause there’s females that are even slower than them, but at the same time, CCs can’t call them out by comparing them to the guys. Males and females had separate physical fitness goals, but all the bullshit and punishment. company runs, death marches were all hobbled for the men cause they could only push us to the females limits. Add to that, during evening patrols, you’d find the occasional couple fucking an an unoccupied squad bay. I’ve personally caught 2 when I went through boot.

  11. I guess your accomplishments can be taken away by change in the USMC, especially to a name. That my brother is called being insecure. And if females can’t hang, then what is the issue in letting them try so they can fail.

    I’m sure when gays were allowed to serve openly you wrote a cool blog story in how this was the end, but last time i checked, it has made no impact on the USMC to include grunt battalions.

    Have no fear brother. You’re still a big bad tough grunt no matter what changes are made the our Corps! Semper Fi!

  12. Brothers and sister Marines, it is not about can they or can’t they care a 200 pound Marine out of the hot zone. The problem is that most Marines are where they are because their Mom and Dad raised a person with high standards and a sense of what is right and wrong. When your team leader is captured and used to lay a trap for you and that leader happens to be female all bets are off the table. We were taught not to hit women and to protect them, even the Marines can not unteach years of social programing. In every test the services have tried units that have emotions stuck in the way do not work, feelings have no place in war. Hence, if this is the way they are going to go the units should be divided into Male, Female, units. Gay units will never work because the emotions and relationships will always be in the way to protect your loved one. Marines work because we are all on a even playing field…. throw love, egos, envy, showmanship and jelousy in the mix and what the hell kind of cohesion will we have?

    1. I agree. Our young men of this country are taught to protect women from the time they are small. And then you add the code of a Marine, adding women to combat will do much more harm than good. The instinct of our young men are to protect females. Having to second guess during certain circumstance and having to think twice because there is a female in danger, will get our Marines killed. The instinct to protect will get a Marine killed. I think there are many things women can do as well as men, but being in combat as a Marine is not one of them. Just by them being there, puts our well trained Marine Corps in danger.

  13. Chesty has GOT to be spinning like a top in his grave these days…
    Whats next?..
    Make us cut our dicks off so we can conform more effectively?..
    FUCK all this political correct bullshit…
    After all,, your NOT going to “discuss your feelings” with your enemy as they try to kill you on the battlefield…
    And by the way…
    I’m a Reagan Era Marine back then before the pussy-fication ( yeah I said it!!!) of political correctness and talking about gender equality and your feelings that mountain was NOT called ” the reaper” ,,
    It was Mt. Motherfucker. I know that because I climbed it
    We need to get the Marine Corps back to its original battle plan..
    Be the fiercest fighting force on the planet and just the threat of sending us in makes the enemy crap their pants or robes or whatever…and run.
    I’d have to say that Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus needs to grow a pair of hairy ones…
    But Hell,, he’s prolly too busy reading Cosmo on how to please his partner in bed to take notice of the damage he’s doing to MY beloved Corps and the Country we took a oath to defend..
    Semper Fi Brothers and Sisters
    Respectfully Submitted,
    K. Barten
    Beirut Veteran

  14. There are some females I have seen out there(and I am a POG) who can put some dudes to shame, but very very few. As long as standards remain the same, there will be no issues, if a female hack it with the current standards, more power to her, but it can still become a problem, namely the fact that lessons we learned from back in the good ol days(WW II era) that extreme psychological stress is caused when men see a dead woman in combat. More importantly, the fact that the federal government is so intent on being so PC on all things military is going to hurt the military more than it will ever help, just my two cents.

  15. I made the same “Starship Troopers” reference the other day after reading about what the SON wants to do to my beloved Corps. High and tights for EVERYONE. If female Marines are held to the same standards, very few will earn the title. I was in FAST Company and F2/5. There were men who couldn’t hack it, especially in the fleet. That’s not to say that there aren’t capable WM’s, but I believe that the number of qualified WM’s who would actually be able to enhance the combat readiness of a Marine Infantry unit wouldn’t number anywhere near 1%. War is not the time to experiment with gender neutrality. While I can see a tactical value to having female Marines involved in some types of wartime operations, the type of WM who would be able to be equal with her male infantry counterparts would most likely lack any sort of qualities that would classify her as feminine. I’m not trying to get into the “grunt” vs. “POG” argument but MALE Marines are not always equal in their capabilities. This doesn’t even address the large number of sexual assaults on female service personnel and what fully integrated units may mean for that serious problem.

    Personally, I hope the CMC pulls out all the stops. Men & women in the same bunks, showers, etc., with the same shaved heads held to the same high standards that make Marines. That’s the only way I see this working.

    BTW: WTH is “The Reaper”? Is that formerly Mount Motherfvcker or 1st Sgt’s Hill?

    Strange times we live in.
    Semper Gumby.

  16. The Marine Corps should just shrink back to being Warfighters and Direct Support. If you get rid all of the non-basic-rifleman mos’s then the idea would be that every Marine WILL experience direct combat in his life. You get rid of stupid MCT and make every Marine go through SOI to actually satisfy being basic riflemen, and then they go to their MOS school. If women are not allowed in direct combat, and only a small percentage of them can pass SOI–you can make a good claim to some Democrat that the overall shrinking in numbers of non-important MOS’s will out-weigh the droppage of women in the Marine Corps.

    1. Fuck you. How about that? My beloved Corps, not to mention the military as a whole, is not a damn social experiment. It is life and death, mission accomplishment, get the job done…fuck your feelings, fuck your equality, fuck all this shit. Nobody wants this, it is unnecessary and is nothing but unwanted political bullshit.

  17. okay gonna piss some off on this. My husband served in the Air force 24 years he came in during Vietnam and retired out in Desert Storm. A whole lotta diference in the way he was treated coming home from Vietnam and coming back from Desert storm. Be that may he has nothing to say good about weekend warriors except they get good men killed. Now our oldest daughter was also on the Air force she retired last year she was a radio operator and flew. She was damn good at her job and would have shot Saddam between the eyes without blinking but…she couldn’t have pulled up another full grown person and carried them to safety she knew that and went into the AirForce,Our son on the other hand went marine no way in hell could our daughter go thru that nor did she want to but our son loved it…. our next daughter went Army as a cook and got out after 4 years to become a wife and mother. Our next daughter ( can you see the pattern here folks) went AirForce but she was raised on our farm here she could throw 50 lb sacks on each shoulder and carry 2 bails of hay she was barely 5 ft tall but we would stack her against anyone any service we raised tough polite kids. our next daughter went to collage but married Army our next daughter just signed delaid entry for the AirForce yep we had a lot of kids but before you get your pants in a wad 5 of them were adopted 3 bio. Carrie is just 4 ft 11 but she wants to do her duty. we got 2 more at home we shall see if they choose military. Our favorite here is put your big girl panties on and get it done.

    1. I think you’re lost ma’am, the discussion about the Air Force is on the web page with pretty pink bows, where everyone has long hair and their belly hangs over their belt.

  18. Agreed. I honestly feel as though the Marine Corps is under attack, or the thought of this makes me so F’n pissed off to the point that I feel there has to be a hidden agenda. Picture this…..some asshole wakes up and thinks “today would be a great day to ruin the U.S. Marine Corps….I know I’ll push for equality of the sexes, that gets them everytime!”
    Obviously it’s a stretch, but it is going to be the ultimate cluster fuck.
    I was proud to graduate from 4th Battalion and continue to be proud of ALL Marines. If anything, adjust any standards that are seen as unequal in training without coed boot. Or put a female battalion in San Diego……I’m so tired of the reaper vs. sandfleas arguement…lol. I wish I had a chance to finish the crucible by climbing that F’r.
    The training, traditions, and history of the Corps combine, composing a comradery unique to any other branch. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Or in this case *don’t ruin it!

    FYI. A large number of female Marines (that I know) also strongly disagree with this crap because they too value the honor and traditions of what it means to be a Marine. But for some reason when a civilian female speaks against coed boot camp I want to punch them in the jugular…must be a Marine thing.


  19. To assume that there would be lowered standards is wrong. There should be one standard, the current men’s standard, period. It is hubris to state that women cannot achieve and maintain the current men’s physical training standard. Can all women? No. Can all men? No again. If you have a problem fighting next to a woman who has achieved the same standards as you, then your problem is your own, sexism. Are you less of a man or less of a marine just because women have been let in? You’re probably not much of a man in the first place if that is how you think. – Signed a US Army Veteran

    1. Thanks for showing your ass. Rhonda Rousey couldn’t get through Marine Corps boot camp and SOI, let alone a 4 year hitch. She’s an awesome shape, but she lacks bone density found in men and she has the frame of a woman. I was the smallest man in my platoon and I weighed 165 lbs, which is a big woman. But even a woman that size would wind up with stress fractures and more injuries than I can think of. Don’t believe me, just read what Rousey and other female MMA fighters had to say about fighting that dude-er-chick, er whatever it is. They won’t do it.

  20. C. Loyola – The problem is the standards WILL be lowered. Marine Corps research and research of other countries who have let females in combat arms MOSs shows that less than 2% of females can meet the MINIMUM physical standards for a combat MOS. Of those less than 2%, the females can’t maintain the MINIMUM performance standards for long periods of time without being physically injured I.e. Broken bones, stress fractures (mostly in the lower body). When politicians see this they’ll say the standards are “unrealistic” and must be “adjusted” to let women remain. This in turn will lower our ability to fight and win against current and future enemies. Unfortunately, the politicians who are making these uninformed decisions won’t be around to be held accountable for their orders.

  21. What do you expect from Democrats who never served in anything and believe in “selfish” over “selfless”. Our leaders in DOD have become nothing more than a bunch of Baghdad Bob’s and collectively have destroyed what was once the greatest power in the world. We are at the end folks. Not sure what the end is, but it’s coming soon.

  22. Standards will be lowered to avoid the embarrassment of failure. Liberlism 101. They will triple down on failure due their unearned hubris. There are women who can do it. They are called Olympians. This would mean Senator daughters would be draftees and not debutants. Wed draft our daughters and mothers. Do not fool yourself. Marines have been coed in many fields and have already experienced the double standards. Male Marines have always endured unequal standards. In the end, this is not about equality, but about destroying another sacred American institution.

  23. In my opinion “If” the training remains as is, and women join and pass, honor them as you would your brother. It will only be a true negative if the training is modified for gender. In war, gender matters. To ignore the fact that women and men naturally excel at different things would just be ignorant. There is always the exception of course. No matter what race, color, gender, background … All should have to go through the same training and pass without modifications.

  24. I sometimes wonder if any one takes a look at the psychological conditioning that most men undergo throughout their childhood. They bond to their mother and over time, become a protector of her beliefs. This is amply reinforced by just about every movie of the day and by commercialization. So with all this imprinted behavior patterns printed on so many man, how are they going to react when a somewhat skilled female warrior is horrifically wounded/raped or killed in battle? Will they ignore her screams and continue to fight or do you think that they’ll take a moment to register the depravity of their inaction to protect the feminine species.

    That hesitation or inaction will get him killed… maybe only him… maybe many others. They (the women) don’t belong on the battlefield as front-line troops. There’s just too many psychological issues to overcome and it’s just one more major item that the fighting man doesn’t need clouding his senses.

  25. i could not imagine mixing nor can i comprehend why do we have an age weight health requirement your breaking guidelines that were in place and are not broken.

  26. I agree with this writer. I am a 20yr USMC veteran from Viet Nam. If we had had WM’s in combat units we would have lost more than we did. I served in 1/9 as a combat demolitions.It wasn’t my primary MOS but I filled a need. Women had no place in the jungle.

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