Zimmerman gun auction

The preponderance of evidence would seem to suggest that George Zimmerman was justified in his use of deadly force against Trayvon Martin and I have no problem with the verdict.  However, the notion of George Zimmerman auctioning off the gun he used to kill the young man like a trophy adds to the preponderance of evidence which suggests Zimmerman is a piss poor excuse for a mall cop wannabe.  Lovers of the 2nd Amendment, supporters of Law Enforcement, and people who believe one ought to be able to stand their ground have no obligation, zero, none, to support this piece of trash.  As the news of this auction circles the media there will no doubt be a strong tendency to line up on one side or the other in this broader debate of guns and self-defense.  But as you do so, might I suggest you salute the right to self-defense and gun ownership with one hand and throat punch George Zimmerman with the other.  This man has and will continue to do more harm to the 2nd Amendment loving community if we let this pudgy oompa loompa be our spokesman.  Do not do it, don’t feed his narcissistic need for attention, and do not reward poor character.

The Right to Kill

When the NRA proposes that the world would be safer if we had more good guys with guns, I’m confident George Zimmerman is not what they had in mind.  George Zimmerman was an armed man with poor judgement, not a good guy.  He overreacted to a young African-American man walking through a neighborhood and his refusal to stay in the car at the direction of 911 combined with his inability to hold his own in a fist-fight put himself in a situation where deadly force was warranted.  George Zimmerman pities himself the victim, but he has given no account for the fact that he was the victim of circumstances he created.


But yes, Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman and if we are going to look at it objectively I can’t say I disagree with the verdict that exonerated him.  But I am under no obligation to praise Zimmerman for his actions or support what he did and neither are you.  Nor should we crack a smile while Trayvon’s family watches the gun that killed their son make this man a profit.  I spent over 13 years working in the mental health field with youth in foster care and in residential style treatment settings.  I too have been attacked by 17-year-old youth and no one died as a result.  Once the aggression was over, I also watched these youth shed tears of anguish and remorse indicative of all the trauma they had experienced in their lives.  I have come to believe that kids do well if they can and when they don’t its because they lack skill not will.  But the story doesn’t end there.

I’ve also watched these youth grow up over the years and many came from backgrounds just like Trayvon and worse and then went on to live very successful lives.  You cannot convince me, because I have seen it time and time again, that Trayvon’s future as an adult was set in stone.  George Zimmerman’s actions funneled Trayvon’s future towards a critical juncture where his lack of skill and decision to assault another man proved fatal.  Such a juncture was unnecessary on that given night.  Having worked with teens for years, if Trayvon felt threatened by the weird dude following him at night his decision to assault Zimmerman doesn’t surprise me in the least. It was criminal and fatal, but unsurprising.  Did Zimmerman have a right to defense?  Yes.  Now go suck a fat one Mr. Zimmerman because your incompetence ended a life too early.

The Pride of the Kill

I know Marines who have killed the enemy in war with more humility than George has shown and his auctioning off of the gun proves it.  In war, particularly in the chaos of post-invasion Iraq, it wasn’t entirely uncommon for Marines to make a justified bad kill.  Meaning, it turns out not to be a bad guy but when a car of innocents gets nervous and hits the gas to drive through a squad of Marines engaged in a firefight it often ends poorly for the car.  But what you don’t see are the Marines high-fiving each other at the realization of what was done.  You don’t see Marines auctioning off the M-16s that killed someone in front of their family and you rarely get any account of those incidents as people generally don’t like to talk about it.

Trump Go After Terrorist Families

George is trying to spin this by saying he is going to donate “some” of the proceeds to support LEO against the Black Lives Matter movement, but I’m not buying it and neither should you.  Literally, don’t buy this gun or his excuse.  This is just another poor callous decision in the life of this man and nothing else.  He is not the spokesman for self-defense, the 2nd Amendment, or LEO.  Do not let this man hijack any of those movements and taint them with his poor character.  To this community, Zimmerman should be the 2nd cousin twice removed on our mother’s side but we don’t really know him all that well because he never gets invited to the reunion.

In Conclusion

George Zimmerman technically acted in self-defense that was necessary because mall-cop wanted to play SWAT and that is nothing of which to be proud.  If you insist on being a good guy with a gun, then train for the part and make decisions relative to your skill.  Trayvon Martin clearly had some issues and were he alive he might even be in jail right now.  Or he might be in community college, or perhaps he accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ which can transform the hardest of hearts, or perhaps he is just enjoying being alive because some douche of a man didn’t follow him home.  To auction off this gun as if Trayvon’s death is to be celebrated is beyond reprehensible.  This man does not speak for me and I’d highly recommend he not speak for you.  Go home Zimmerman and suck it.  I’ll even pay for your Netflix subscription if you promise never to leave the house again.

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  1. What a crybaby, for a guy who supports the verdict you sure do love to blame the victim. Because he absolutely is a victim if you agree with the verdict, yet you underhandedly blame him for having to use a gun because ignoring a suggestion from dispatch (which is not illegal nor necessarily incorrect) somehow means it’s his fault for being attacked, he just provoked the poor innocent urban youth. You were attacked and took it like a bitch, so everyone else should to, especially around violent, racist youth who happen to train in mma. Give me a break, he deserves any profit he can get, he was a scapegoat by racist media and a racist administration who protected a thug because of the color of his skin. Go fuck yourself you virtue signalling coward.

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