Without a doubt, the primary reason you are reading this blog today is that four years ago I penned a blog titled Top 5 Reasons General Mattis Should be President. Despite having only been blogging for a few months at that point, the article was read over 300,000 times and some four years later I’ve got a career as a professional writer. Which is remarkable given that I am terrible at grammar as any follower of this blog can testify. In fact, my refusal to pick up my 8th grade grammar book has made my terrible grammar almost a virtue many have come to expect on this blog. That’s right kids, you read it here first. Rather than improve yourself just stay the course until people grow accustomed to your mediocrity. Yet, here we are four years later and what was the pipe dream of my fellow veteran community is now closer to a reality more than ever. The cult following of Mattis in the Marine Corps has expanded to the entire military. He who was once an obscure name in America is now known by every household in America after his tenure as Secretary of Defense. What does a man with a fiercely loyal base, instant name recognition, bi-partisan respect and an intellect that keeps America’s enemies awake at night do now that he has a little extra time on his hands? Save the nation, that’s what he does as it is all he has ever known. Ladies and Gents of the United States of America, say goodbye to Secretary of Defense James Mattis and say hello to Commander-in-Chief Chaos.

We Need Saving from Ourselves

Lest someone take up the opinion that this article is a repudiation of all things Trump so as to insinuate that Mattis needs to save us from Trump let me put your mind at ease. I’ve never been a fan of Donald Julius Trump, but nor have I been his worst critic. Two years into his Presidency, the worst fears of the man have not come true and there is something for most conservative/libertarian leaning people like myself to love and hate. I will always wear my biases on my sleeve on this blog so you know where I stand. My job is not to convince of you of anything per say, but to simply tell you where I am at on the great matters of the world and let it springboard you to your own plane of thought. So when I say we need Mattis to save America I do not in any terms mean we need Mattis to save us from Trump. Rather, we need saving from ourselves.

Imagine yourself on that boat above and it is not really a stretch to say that it represents much of the past couple of years of American politics. What happens to a boat when its passengers run frantically to the starboard or port side in order to over correct? What feels like the safest thing to do in the moment is actually the harbinger of your own demise when the boat capsizes. To say that America shifted right in 2016 is an understatement and some might argue that we did so alternatively to the right. That an over correction to left is brewing is an equal understatement and some might argue that America is planning to so in a massive social way to the left. Were America to realize the peril of over correction and simply steady the ship we might very well avoid political capsizing.

We simply need a voice in the wilderness crying out for us to steady the ship. Perhaps it is the man who told the troops on a field visit to hold the line. Perhaps it is a man who said he doesn’t have much time for ideologues because it’s like they want to quit thinking. Perhaps it is a man who in his highly politicized departure from the post of Secretary of Defense simply reminded the lads and lasses he serves of this quote from Abraham Lincoln. In his final act as Secretary of Defense James Mattis included the following Lincoln quote which read, “Let nothing that is transpiring change, hinder, or delay your military movements or plans. He went on to add his own encouragement to “keep the faith in our country and hold fast.” Those words are neither partisan or controversial but are perhaps the only words to remedy our nation.

Say Hello to CIC Mattis

If the notion of the Socialist over correction that the left is brewing up in Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Ocasio-Cortez frightens you then take heed. If you are conservative who has failed to enjoy the spectacle of having conservative vision become synonymous with the latest Trump tweet then take heed. America is in the throws an epic partisan storm and the answer my friends isn’t more cowbell. The nation is trying to play a song in this great experiment we call America and Will Ferrell is every partisan hack right now from the left or the right.

The answer doesn’t lie in the more of the same that brought us to this point. I’m confident that as the deer panteth for the water so America will long to taste something new. Something fairly nonpartisan whether it lean to the left or the right. The Marines have absolutely adored James Mattis since the first time he told us to “be polite, be courteous, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” The nation has adored James Mattis since when asked as SECDEF what keeps him up or night he answered, “Nothing, I keep other people awake at night.” Trust me, the nation will adore a Presidential candidate Mattis who said “I don’t even know how to spell the word defeat.” Granted, I even know how to spell the word defeat and that’s somewhat concerning given how terrible I am at grammar, but I am sure there are Presidential proofreaders to help the “Warrior Monk” along in his writing.

Let’s Talk Mattis and Syria

Finally, let me address the primary reason so many “conservatives” have magically turned against Mattis in his resignation. For it would seem that far too many of my compatriots are for anything until Trump is against it. James Mattis was not arguing for unending war in Syria with his objection to Trump’s rash and unplanned withdrawal. I’ve been blogging about ISIS since their inception and they are very well nearly defeated. However, don’t make the mistake as to imagine that America defeated ISIS. Ladies and gentlemen of America the Kurdish people defeated ISIS and they’ve got a long list of their own dead to prove it. America was there providing vital support and apart from the Spec Ops community this was primarily a POG’s war as far as America was concerned.

My beloved Corps spends a great deal of time glorifying the infantry and as a fellow Grunt I dig it. I wrote in my article A POG by any Other Name is Still a POG that the Corps is right to highlight the infantry. Our involvement in Syria has been a POG’s dream. From the Air Wing to Artillery to the supply POG in Syria right now writing about his CAR that he got when he saw the smoke from a mortar tube the United States of America did not kick in the doors and defeat ISIS. The door kickers in this conflict were the Kurdish grunts. Respected so much that many warriors from the West were willing to fight and die beside them their own country’s policies be damned.

The Kurds have earned the respect of every grunt to wear the uniform and were they unwilling to enter the breach then ISIS would be victorious or America would indeed be in that protracted war. When James Mattis says we stand by our allies it is the Kurds of whom he speaks. When Trump orders the American withdrawal it will be the Kurds who pay the price at the hands of Turkey. The some 2,000 troops America had in country were there to discourage Turkey from assaulting and slaughtering our best ally in the fight against ISIS. That was Mattis’ protest and it was American honor he was defending and not protracted war. The Kurds kicked in doors America would not because Mattis told them on behalf of America we would be there for them when it was over. Trump ordered Mattis to break his word with no strategic logic and that was a bridge to far for Mattis. In fitting fashion, Trump’s impulsive nature may have been his undoing. Trump forced America to say goodbye to the most beloved Secretary of Defense in recent memory and in doing so he may have been the harbinger of Commander-in-Chief Chaos.

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Oh and if you still choose to comment on the article without reading the article, Bea Arthur still wants them panties back.

8 Replies to “Goodbye to SECDEF Mattis and Hello to Commander-in-Chief Chaos”

  1. Let us all end the pretense and simply ask Mad Dog to finish what Patton would have started …Let loose the dogs of war. Let the fire purify the steel we know we possess. Russia is pretender and China is the threat. We put N. Korea to sleep with two ship collisions. Russia is scared and posturing with a hypersonic missle bluff. Trump has given fair notice to NATO, lets give them something to forget Brexit, Cavanaugh, and Stormy.

  2. Great to have you back Jeff…and I agree, as a middle of the road, slightly libertarian social thinker, I would sign up for a Mattis presidential run TODAY.

  3. Once again…the cultists ignore Mattis’ globalist tendencies.

    Ted Cruz would wipe the floor with him in a debate and Trump will be ruthless.

    Will Mattis run instead as a Dem?


    Hahahaahahaa….not a chance for a Mattis 2020 that way.

    1. Your premise, that Trump would be “ruthless” is laughable at best. Like most bullies the only time he is ruthless is when he isnt scared.

      Furthermore isolationism has never worked. Every single time that America has attempted to practise it we’ve failed miserably. I defy you to show me a single example post Great White Fleet where America remained in isolation.

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