Chattanooga Marines

I don’t personally know the Marines that were killed in today’s attack in Chattanooga, but as a Marine myself, I do know Marines.  These fallen brothers might have been conducting routine job duties here in America, but make no mistake, they joined the Marines to fight the bad guys, not run from them.  So why on Earth some wannabe Jihadi who only thinks he is tough because he follows ISIS on twitter thinks he is accomplishing anything by this senseless cowardly act is beyond me.  Are Marines supposed to start shedding their uniforms and running for the door?  Or perhaps you think that you have depleted our forces by 4 today and that somehow makes us weaker.  Well, let you me tell you wannabe Jihadi I know how Marines are born and all you accomplished today was to make more Marines.

The Birth of a Marine

Look, I’m sorry but you don’t join the Marines for the pay, the benefits or the luxurious lifestyle.  True of most branches, but most certainly of the Marines.  There is no middle ground about who Marines are.  We are not built for humanitarian assistance although we might do it.  We are not built for garrison although we are often there.  The Marine Corps exist to kill bad guys.  Nothing more, nothing less and it takes a certain kind of kid to step on those yellow footprints and say I want to do that too.

If you look at this incident and it makes you afraid to join the Marines for fear it could happen to you, then I say good riddance.  I promise,  we didn’t want you anyway.  However, if you are a 17 year old kid and the fact that some douchebag decided to attack America doesn’t sit right with you, then it might be a sign.  Thus, if that leads you to put on a uniform of any type that is honorable and welcomed.


But let me tell you.  If the thought of an attack on America make you want to slay the bad guys with the warrior elite, then I have some yellow footprints to introduce.  These are the type of people who pick the Marines and while they may not know it, the Marine in them is slowly being born.  So when an attack of this nature occurs, what started as a seed gives way to roots and those soon to be men step forward and say, here am I, send me.


The bad guys can’t kill the Marine Corps because for every one they might slay, 5 more will rise up in the hearts of such men.  Those who were slain today were themselves such.  I didn’t know them, but they wouldn’t have held the title Marine were it not so.  They might have been stateside, but I guarantee you every one of them would have hopped on a plane today to take the fight to the enemy.  You can’t win ISIS.  You can’t out kill us.  You can try, but every time you kill a Marine, you make 5 more, and ensure the subsequent death of 100 of your little medieval goat raping buddies.

Oh I’m sorry ISIS, did you think you were the only ones who knew how to recruit fighters?  Did you think you were the only ones to come up with powerful messaging under the premise of dying for your cause?  Please fools, the Marine Corps has been doing this for 240 years and yet, we fight with honor, dignity, and unprecedented violence.  I would tell you more about it, but you and your buddies have already been feeling it for the past 13 years and should we come back we will give you a refresher.

attack in chatanooga

The truth is I am angry about this attack and I mourn the fallen.  But it is not me you need to fear.  You need to fear that 17 year old kid you just inspired to join the Marines today.  Because soon, his foot will be on your throat.  You may kill more of us in the future, but if you do, it will be two boots on your throat instead of one.  Your choice.  America is not going anywhere and we will not crouch in fear so long as my beloved Marine Corps exists.  Drink a toast to our fallen today brothers and another to welcome those that will now step forward to say, here am I, send me.

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12 Replies to “Hey Wannabe Jihadi, All You Did is Make More Marines Today”

  1. The fire still burns in those of us who are no longer in uniform. Today was a cowardly act. Meet us face to face here at home.

  2. Semper Go my brothers. Brew warned Isis, We may be older marines, but there are still way more of us than you and god knows we have way more and better weapons than you do. Lol. Btw, wasn’t ISIS the chick in the white toga on Saturday morning cartoons when we were kids?

  3. Sorry, the above comment should not be anonymous, it was written by Michael Clevenger, Sgt. USMC. Old but not dead. Semper Fi!

    1. Old and alive very much welcome here. Not sure about the cartoon I’ll have to check that out, but hilarious if so!

  4. When Mattis was asked about running for President he said no, he’s just here to remind the bad guys there is still someone to fear, or something to that affect. Surely this will not stand. Surely our country will respond. Surely this will not be lost in a non government email server. Surely

    1. Agreed. I loved that quote when Mattis said although it breaks my heart he won’t actually run!

  5. I am the daughter and the mother of Marines. It breaks my heart to hear of this. But be warned cowards… the Marines do not play, they will get you. My father said to me today that if the Corp would take him back he would go, just so he could get a shot at these jerks, he is 75. Semper FI Marines, we have 4 more guarding the gates of heaven.

    1. Your Dad proves the Marine spirit doesn’t fade with age. I am thankful for men like him who paved the way.

  6. This pisses me off and saddens me to see an attack on American soil.. R.I.P to all of those marines.

  7. I am an old Marine, but given the chance I would go to eliminate those low life pukes, and send them the msg. Don’t screw with us, we have an infinite amount of power and 240yrs of dedication to the Corps, the USA and to Kiiling Those Who Threaten Us!

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