Facebook Censoring Conservative Sites

Winston Churchill once said and I have used it many times on this blog because I love it, “The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”  The man certainly had a way with words and I am of the opinion that most things sound more compelling with a British accent and a cigar in your mouth.  But for the purpose of this article, I want to focus your attention on the last portion of it.  Because when you say, “in the end, there it is”, it is frightening to consider that the majority of the world will only check two places to find where “it is.”  The truth might be incontrovertible, but if Facebook and Google don’t want you to see it, then you may very well never find it.

Stop Doing it to Yourself

Before we can talk about the tech giants, people need to take a little personal responsibility for their aversion to the truth.  The downside to social media feeds is that it allows us to do what I call masturbate your own brain with images and thoughts that are already your own.  If you are conservative you follow all the conservative sites and if you are liberal you follow all the liberal sites.  And then, apart from any analysis, you see something different from what you believe and you don’t like. You then you unfollow the page or block the friend as you return back to your happy place where the world affirms your genius.

Honestly, it reminds me of Anakin Skywalker’s reaction to seeing Obi-Wan in the clip below.  Think of Anakin as yourself and Obi-Wan is that truthful, yet unpleasant meme you might have just seen.  Then Padme is the page or friend you take it out on for bringing you this truth.  Watch the first couple of minutes and then if you want, the rest is just an awesome light saber duel to get you pumped up for the new Star Wars this week.

We see an unpleasant truth, refuse to believe it is a truth with little to no investigation, then we attack the truth despite all its righteousness.  This is something we are doing to ourselves and it is making us dumber, less tolerant, and intellectually dishonest.  You are supposed to ban trolls, not dissenting thought.  The truth is often unpleasant and at conflict with our pre-existing ideologies, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  Oh, and if you watched the entire lightsaber duel, why didn’t Obi-wan just finish him off.  I mean one little tap on the head with a lightsaber and no Darth Vader.  Honestly, he could have just pushed him with a long stick into the rest of the lava and that would have gotten it done.

Don’t Let it be Done to You

But let’s get back to Facebook and Google.  90% of you reading this article found it on Facebook and my stats verify that.  But would it surprise you that Facebook only lets you see it if they want you to?  For those who don’t run a page on Facebook, you don’t get to see the insights that prove only a fraction of our audience get to see our content.  Now, I am thankful for Facebook and I don’t have much bad to say about them because, well, let me point you back to that 90% stat.  What’s up Zuck, congrats on the baby, please don’t ban me and put me in Facebook prison camp.

Facebook Banning Conservative Sites

But I do have a bone to pick with Facebook banning posts and pages that are honestly just dissenting thought that someone didn’t like.  It happens all the time and particularly oriented towards conservative pages.  I have seen a Bernie Sanders meme get someone kicked off Facebook while a post on an extremist page advocating the shooting of cops remains up for quite some time.  I realize Facebook is a private company and they can do what they want, but I think their likely young millennial staffers who censor this stuff need to be aggressively kept in check.  But we are still cool right Facebook?  I mean what’s a little argument amongst friends right?

The next part is Google.  As a full-time writer, people actually pay me money to write articles for them in order to have Google rank them higher on the first page.  If you own a business and you need that done for you, I’m running a Christmas special where you still pay me lots of money and I just do what I would normally do.  But the point is, the first few links you might see in a Google search are not necessarily the truest or most authentic. They might just be the most popular because someone wrote a bunch of witty articles for them.  There was actually a research study done that proved Google could influence the Presidential elections if they chose simply by deciding which articles to put at the top.  Scary stuff.

Would You Know if They Lied?

Finally to the question at hand, because here is how it works.  You see something on Facebook that seems questionable to you.  Let’s go with an article titled, “President Obama Bans Pork and Institutes Sharia Law.”  Now if you are the type of person who says, “I knew it”, without investigation, please go back and read my section titled, Stop Doing it to Yourself.  But hopefully, you investigate which means you do what?  That’s right, you Google it and the result that pops up in the top results is the one you click. So I ask again, if Facebook and Google conspired to tell you a lie, would you ever know it?  Say hello to Joseph Goebbles.

Facebook Censoring Conservative sites

It is actually a pretty scary scenario that could lead to unprecedented tyranny if allowed.  And the sad part is, we will have ourselves to blame for insisting that 90% of our information flows through two private filters owned by very rich men.  There are multiple ways to combat this.  For instance, you can only see my articles on Facebook if they show you in your feed that I posted a new one.  Or, like much of my audience you can sign up for my email list where I send a notification and preview of each new article.  I don’t spam or sell email list, you just get a preview.  You can sign up above in that little box that drops down when you scroll up.  You can also follow me on twitter @jeffed0311, but I truthfully have not figured out the twitter universe yet.

But on a global scale, we have to start doing two things.  First, stop masturbating your brain with self-pleasuring thought so that you do not have a hostile aversion to the truth.  Second, sign up for email lists, twitter, go past the first page of Google, and I think you can click something to ensure you get notifications for Facebook pages. But you need to have multiple streams of information.  I don’t think Zuckerburg, or the Google guys are trying to control the world and impose tyranny.  I just think they have the power to do so if they wanted and that is some scary stuff.  For I will ask again, if Facebook and Google conspired to tell you a lie, would you ever know it.

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8 Replies to “If Facebook and Google Conspired to Tell You a Lie, Would You Ever Know it?”

  1. So, it’s NOT a profit deal? (think ‘the Jerk’). If it makes you feel better I haven’t figured out how to twitch or tweet either. To me it is more akin to the loss of words as artistic expression. On a brighter side, at least you have a handle and cleverly incorporated an homage to your proud grunt lineage. Well done, young Jedi. Well done, infeed. Will now share your musings on my Facebook page.

  2. Good point, that we get the majority of our results through Google (I don’t use Facebook at all). One loophole in the stranglehold of information is sites linking to other articles and sites. I have many a time followed a line of links to some very strange places without touching Google.

    Still, you do illustrate some of the reasons it is important to try to be aware of when we ignore things we disagree with. “Willful blindness” comes to mind.

  3. Great article Jeff, and I guess Facebook didn’t want me to see it, I got it in my mailbox. I guess if I keep thinking the way I do I’d just as well shut down my Facebook page because its coming to the point that it’s mostly void of anything other than meaningless garbage. Thanks again for an on point article.
    Semper Fi

  4. Great post, Jeff! There’s groups of people (who I found out about surreptitiously) seeing the same thing going on at LinkedIn. They filter who they want you to see – and it’s very obvious. So again, I have to choose those who I want to gain information from and go directly to their sites…

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