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Marines have a license to end the beating hearts of our adversaries.  Just a fact.  We can shoot them in the face, drop a grenade in their lap, or perhaps even bludgeon them to death with an Isomat.  Oh how I wanted to be the first Marine with a confirmed Isomat kill.  However it comes to be, there is no doubt that Marines have such authority in war.  And unless you slept through High School Biology, it is a fact that Planned Parenthood has a license to end a beating heart as well.  It is just a fact, a scientific fact.  The recent videos of Planned Parenthood mutilating and selling the organs of babies have drawn the attention, writings, and academic credibility of a litany of Christian scholars.  While I hardly doubt the entire world was waiting for Unprecedented Mediocrity to weigh in on the matter, I really couldn’t just sit silently anymore while a national organization mocks the human conscience.  My writing won’t stop it, but no longer can I be accused of silence while such atrocities take place.  The debate on abortion has unfortunately fallen into two fairly distinct camps with very little mutiny on either side.  Either you are Pro-Life, because who doesn’t love life, or you are Pro-Choice, because who doesn’t love choice.  I am not sure who boiled down my moral imperative to life and choice, but I am pretty sure it is the same people who made me choose between tastes great and less filling.  And yet, for all the rhetoric in the forest that is the abortion debate, America seems to be missing the one tree in the room who is honestly just being a total depraved jerk.  And were I as a Marine to stop a beating heart under my license and do to it what Planned Parenthood does, I would be labeled a war criminal for the entirety of my life.  For even in war, we acknowledge a certain respect for a human’s one existence, even if we just ended it.

Sanitized Atrocity

Society can often accept an evil if it is sanitized enough for them.  War is rife with killings, mutilations, and a litany of otherwise socially unacceptable behavior.  Thankfully for this nation, the burden of committing these acts falls to a remarkable few and mostly takes place in lands far away.  Thus, the horrors of war are never more than a notion in their heads as they trust our professional military to do what must be done with as much civilized dignity as is possible.  The American public knows we are killing people with extreme violence, but doesn’t expect to see the American Military carving off the faces of our enemies and wearing them as costumes in Iraqi Street Theatre.  While it wasn’t exactly professional, America even got a little uppity about some Marines pissing on the dead bodies of some Taliban trash.  The humanity they cried!

planned parenthood selling baby parts

As such, I am sitting here trying to understand why America allows worse to happen to the corpses of babies whose lives were ended by Planned Parenthood.  Now I am not trying settle the abortion debate in America although you could probably guess where I stand on the matter.  I don’t know what I have to offer the nation that they have not already heard after decades of public discourse.  That being said, I am willing to bet even the most fervent pro-choice advocate had loftier expectations for how this process goes down.  I am guessing they probably didn’t think they would see an aborted baby continue to move while its organs are harvested.  They probably thought very little about the baby part market used by Planned Parenthood as a funding stream. Surely, if you cry about Marines pissing on a dead Taliban member that would have happily raped and murdered your family, you have some feelings about what these videos so explicitly portray.

Roe v. Wade and America

I would without a doubt preference abortion didn’t happen in America.  But I am no fool.  We have indeed been given the Miller Light treatment by the political marketing geniuses and choice is here to stay.  But choice people, can’t we all still agree that Planned Parenthood has exceeded the bounds of what even you thought possible.  For an assault on Planned Parenthood is no different than prosecuting that one member of the American military who cuts the faces off their enemies and wears jewelry made of human ears.  Can’t we agree on this point while still being miles apart on the nature of abortion itself.  We don’t have to let the deeply seeded roots of the “life” versus “choice” debate to act a smoke screen for the non-profit Planned Parenthood to get away such an action on the public dime.  We don’t have to stay divided while an organization profits from the distribution of baby organs that they can only take because that same organization marketed its services to women and then stopped a beating heart so the harvest could begin.

Planned Parenthood crimes

I say War is exhilarating and you can call me a barbarian.  But when Private Smuckatelli comes back from patrol wearing the face of his foe, I’ll join you in shock as we mutually acknowledge the horror of what we see. Because, to be honest, Planned Parenthood’s depravity is no different than a war criminal.  And just as I would no longer want to be associated with such a Marine, I am failing to understand how pro-choice could continue any association with Planned Parenthood.  Did they not cross a line?  Do the videos not appall you? Are you really going to allow this atrocity by a single organization to persist for fear of losing ground in a national debate that is not going anywhere? Say what you want about the people who filmed the videos, but the videos are still pretty clear.  I don’t as a Marine get a free pass to wear the faces of my enemies just because Bin Laden himself filmed it.  Truth is funny like that.

Because at this point, the only credit I can give Planned Parenthood is that they didn’t place the fetal tissue on their faces and dance around with their penis tucked in.  That’s it, that is about as much humanity as I can grant this organization for the video evidence supports that they didn’t go full Silence of the Lambs.  They are still playing with human tissue and organs, but they are just selling it for profit, not wearing it on their faces.  Kudos to Planned Parenthood for your morality.

After watching the videos, it is abundantly clear. Go watch them yourself, I dare you.   I say it again.  If our military who has a license to kill did what Planned Parenthood did we would be labeled War Criminals.  If anyone else did it, it would be an episode of Dexter.  And yet, one individual organization seems to be proud of it.  Utterly fascinating and remarkably discouraging for the American soul.  We are better than this if we will just drop our old political hatchets to recognize it.  You have my permission to go back to hating each other when it is over, I’ll even write you a permission slip if you like.  But please, let us not allow the ISIS of abortion to carry on this outrage any longer.  They are literally sawing through babies outside of the womb to get to the best parts.  We can’t settle the abortion debate in America today, but we can end this War crime if we do it together.  We are better than this.

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5 Replies to “If Marines Mimicked Planned Parenthood We’d Be War Criminals”

  1. More every day we are becoming not better than this. Give us a couple more generations and morality and compassion will be near extinction. Good article.

  2. As usual you have done a phenomenal job in boiling down the issue to its essence and exposing the inanity of any argument in support of this heinous practice. I have forwarded this article on to as many people as I can, because I think it is one of the few opinion pieces that actually gets to the heart of the matter, regardless of what one’s stance is on the greater abortion issue.

    I truly hope we start to see a shift in America soon and that this country can pull itself out of the moral malaise that seems to permeate every facet of our society these days.

    1. Thanks Mike. I appreciate you spreading the word and who knows, maybe we can make a difference.

  3. As I’m sure you are aware of now those videos, and the accompanying commentary, were all false and inflammatory. The people who are/were involved in the filming and editing of those videos are in quite the legal hot water bath now. I would have hoped you were aware of this and gone back and corrected your mis-statements.

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